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Chapter 12

Full Circle

"95, 96, 97, Come on I know you can do better than that! Push!" came an angry female yell.

Yeah yeah, keep your panties on already" Yelled Naruto while he looked at the mud under him.

Ino looked over at Naruto as she did her own push-ups. "Naruto shut up! You know what will happen if you..." There was a splash over washing over all three genin. "...argue." she finished.

Sakura was dripping wet as she was doing her own push-ups, but she was a little happy that her hair was short now or it would be laying in the mud below her. "Would you both shut up, this is hard enough without your bickering!" Sakura was moving for another push-up, when her left hand slipped in the mud making her face-plant in the mud and making both Ino and Naruto groan.

"Fail! Now you know the drill. Naruto, Ino; Sakura was injured in battle. You both must get her to the evac point. You have ten minutes before she dies, and if she dies you don't eat now get going." Anko said pointing to the village as Naruto and Ino fall in the mud before rolling over and moving toads Sakura.

"I'm sorry guys, I just slipped." she said looking down at her muddy clothes.

Letting out a heavy sigh Ino shook her head. "Don't worry, we know it wasn't on purpose."

"Succeed as a team and fail as a team." Naruto said picking Sakura up from the left and Ino grabbing her right.

"Oh gag me, can you get any sappier? Just tell her to strip to be lighter and easier to move." The fox's laugh echoed in Naruto's head making the poor boy blush.

Hana dropped the bucket she was using to throw water on them and spoke. "Remember Sakura you're hurt and can't move, you help them move you at all and you will have a spar with me again."

"Yes ma'am." Sakura droned out with respect, but there was an undertone to her voice that said "shut up".

Anko grinned as she walked over to Hana and watched her team leave. "I wonder if we're being too hard on them, I mean they did catch the cat, and Tora is no joke."

Hana grinned over at her partner and elbowed her lightly. "Is the most ruthless kunoichi in this village getting soft on me?"

"Cha. You wish. All I was saying was that I felt sorry for the brats, they have to stay at the gate and work on chakra control while I'm on guard duty at night and then making them chase Tora every time the damned thing escapes. Maybe we should give them a day off."

"But you're the one that makes them stand there all night with you. If you feel bad for them just let them go to bed." Hana was going to continue when she thought it was time for a change of topic. She smiled and kissed her girlfriend's cheek. "So, do you think the brat heard us this morning?"

Anko laughed as she shook her head. "I don't think so, even after we did it in the shower."

"And the bedroom." Hana said kissing Anko lightly.

"And the kitchen table." Anko added hugging Hana's hips. "He's too much of a deep sleeper to be a ninja."

But I think he might be starting to suspect something, I mean he's been leaving with us for a week now." Hana said in a whisper.

"Well then I guess it's time, but if we tell him I want to tell the girls too." Anko sighed and looked at the setting sun. "You know, if you had told me that we would be telling a bunch of teenagers about our relationship I would have called you a lying bitch. Hana… what if they laugh at us or hate us? What if they think we're discussing?" she asked looking rather upset.

"Anko relax you know they won't. Yes we only just met them two weeks ago, but anyone can tell that they already love us. Hell, Naruto treats me more like a sister than Kiba ever did. And the girls look up to us as if we were Tsunade. So relax, okay baby?" Hana hugged Anko tightly.

"You're right, now let's stop with the fluffy BS and go see if the brats will make it to the evac in time, they only have 3 minutes left." They both vanished in a swirl of leafs only to reappear in front of their little apartment.

"I don't see them coming. I guess the pushups really got to them. Well I know Naruto could have done a lot more but still, they're normally here by now." Hana said looking over the road.

"Now!" came a loud shout from behind them, as both Anko and Hana turned around just in time to be hit with a wave of water that knocked them on their butts in shock.

"Oh my god! I can't believe we got them!" Sakura said jumping for joy as she dropped her bucket.

"I know I never thought it would be so easy." Ino said as she high-fived Naruto. "I thought for sure that they would have ducked."

"You're telling me, that was too easy!" Naruto laughed louder.

Sakura looked back to her teachers and went pale because they were both gone without a trace. "Umm, guys?"

"Did you see the looks on their faces!" Ino said loudly.

"Guys…" Sakura said spinning to look behind her, but saw nothing.

"I know right? They were in shock, it felt so good to get them back, that will teach them to toss buckets of water on us!" Naruto added in.

"Guys! They're gone!" Sakura shouted this time and all smiles on the two blonds died.

"Formation Delta!" Naruto yelled as he and the girls went back-to-back in a triangle.

"Okay, we all knew there was a 98 percent chance they wouldn't just let us get away with this. So now we have to find where they are and find a path out of here, any Ideas?" Sakura asked scanning around.

"Yeah, how about we kick Naruto in the balls and leave him here as bait." Ino said grinning.

"What? What the hell did I do?" he said, turning to face Ino and breaking formation.

Turning around herself she grinned. "Nothing, it was just an idea so Sakura and I could..." All three of their eyes shot open as they all felt hands around their feet and before any more words were spoken the three of them found themselves pulled underground to the point that their chins were touching the dirt and they were all facing each other no more than six inches apart.

"Well I am glad you like playing games. But seeing as you three thought it was a good idea to play with us, it's our turn to play a game with you." Hana said somewhere from the right.

"And we even upped the stakes as well, you see you are in the head hunters jutsu, and it was going to be the first jutsu I was going to teach you next week, but I think we can start now. So now you all have to find a way out to get yourselves free, and you have to do it in this order with Naruto being first then Ino and Sakura last, if you break the order I will put you right back in the dirt with a snake on your head." Anko added.

"Oh and let's not forget that you all lost your dinner tonight as well, so there is no real need to hurry. You're not going to be missing anything." Hanna said walking away.

The three gennin all stood there trapped in the ground with looks of dread, before Naruto smiled and asked a question. "So do ether of you have any idea how to get out of this?" his answer was a twin shake of the head. "well at least it can't get any worse right?"

"Oh I almost forgot." Anko walked all around her kids so they could see that she was holding their clothes. "You're all stuck in only your little faggy boxers and your panties I even took your socks. And Ino I love your choice in panties! It's a little racy, even for me."

Sakura was red with both rage and embarrassment and Ino looked ready to pass out, but It was Sakura's anger that showed more. "It's a crime to strip minors, you sick, perverted excuse of a sensei!"

At Sakura's little outburst Anko's smile got brighter. "It's a crime? Maybe, but guess what, you're not kids anymore, you're my solders, my weapons. Ninja die, ninja kill. Kids play. The moment you put on that headband you became an adult in the eyes of the village and every ninja in the world. Now tell me Sakura, do you like getting mud baths at the spa? " Anko asked sweetly and Hana plied.

"No she wouldn't dare go that far." Hana said to herself as she looked on. "Would she?"

Sakura was taken aback by the question and looked confused, and seeing as she was looking at her teammates she knew they were confused as well. "Umm yeah, but I don't see…" Out of the coroner of her eye Sakura saw Anko melt into mud and into the ground, then she screamed bloody murder as Sakura felt her panties being removed.

The scream scared Naruto and Ino. "Sakura what is it?" Naruto asked, trying to move.

Ino stared at their sensei as she came back up from the dirt behind Naruto when a look of pure shock and now knew why Sakura's face was so red. Anko who was standing behind Naruto spinning a pair of blue and pink striped panties on her finger. "Sakura are those…"

"YES!" Sakura yelled. Anko leaned down and dangled the panties in Naruto's face.

"Yes Ino, I hold Sakura's panties so now Sakura is 100 percent naked." Naruto's face was as red as Sakura's. "Now because you like to argue Sakura you now have to get out before your other teammates and after you get out you have to do 100 jumping jacks before you can help your team out." That was it, Naruto's brain shut down as his head hung limply to the right with a bloody nose.

"Well he lasted longer than I first thought." Hana said, tapping Naruto's head with her foot.

"Anyway, only after all three of you are freed I will let you have your clothes back." Anko took a few steps away and looked back "But it looks like ether you don't want the brat to see your goodies… Well, not yet anyway ." she bent down and put Sakura's panties on Naruto's head covering his eyes and half his face. Sakura was horrified beyond belief. She had never been so pissed and embarrassed in all her short life.

The sun hads been down for an hour. Hana had gone home saying something about a clan problem, leaving Anko sitting in a tree watching her students, even if they thought they were alone.

"Come on Sakura you have to at least try." Ino complained as she moved her head.

"Like hell I do! I'm naked and I will not do jumping jacks in front of you and Naruto."

"Look, he's still passed out and on top of that he's blindfolded." Ino said trying to help Sakura calm down.

"Yeah you're right, he is blindfolded, with my own panties! You have no idea how humiliating this is! I can never look him in the eyes again." She was close to tears.

In Naruto's mindscape Kyuubi was grinning as he looked down at Naruto who was lying on his back. "Panties… I have Sakura-chan's panties on my head..."

"Take a big deep breath there kit; this is the first step in becoming a man!" Shrugging his shoulders Naruto did as he was told, and let out a deep happy sigh.

~Back in the waking world~

"Hmm this smells good, It even smells better than ramen?" Naruto said in his sleep.

Ino's mouth fell open as she looked at the red-tipped blond in pure shock and tried hard not to laugh outright. 'Who would have thought he was such a perv?' But her train of thought was cut short when she heard a mind-shattering scream.

Sakura was now thrashing her head and screaming while she cried, her emotions overflowing. Without the ability to cover her ears, Ino winced as Sakura screamed in her face. "Well it's about damned time. I was starting to think I would have to leave you here all night." Anko dropped from the tree she was in and walked back to the girls before pulling Ino out of the dirt, then dropped a blanket over Sakura's head before pulling her out as well.

"What are you talking about sensei?" Ino asked only to get smacked in the back of the head.

"How many times do I have to tell you it's just Anko, and Let me ask you something. What is a ninja to do with their emotions?"

Sakura was still pissed and trying to compose herself, leaving Ino to answer the question. "We are supposed to kill our emotions so they don't get in the way of our missions."

"Yes very good, but what you were taught is nothing but a load of horse shit!" Anko snapped. "Why they teach that is beyond me. Tell me Ino, what makes us human?"

Ino looked confused, but thought about it. "Umm, the ability to chose, and, to… umm..."

"Feel." Anko finished. Sakura was paying attention now as she held the blanked around her body. "If you kill emotion, then you can't regret killing, you can't cry when you lose a loved one, no laughing, no love." Anko said sadly. "If you kill your emotions then you're nothing but soulless murderers. I want you guys to use you emotions, make them work for you. Your emotions can be your best weapon, or your worst mistake. Sakura, I am sorry for doing this to you, and if you want I will ask the Hokage to place you on another team I will understand. I just want better for you kids."

Sakura looked to her teacher before she reached up and grabbed Anko by her collar and pulled her close. "I don't think so. You made your bed sensei. And now you'll damn well sleep in it. I will have revenge on you and that dog woman. And With Ino, and the pranking devil Naruto on my side, you will know when the wrath of hell falls upon you, and you will know why." Sakura's voice was slow and very dark, and Ino didn't know whether to laugh or hide.

Anko simply smiled. "Any time, any where pinky, I will be waiting with a smile."

"Hmmm Ino-chan, you have to try this, Sakura-chan's ramen is really good." Naruto mumbled in his sleep.

Ino's moth fell open and she blushed redder than the sun.

"RRAAHHHH!" Sakura yelled with fire in her eyes. Sakura's arms then shot out and went right for Naruto's neck with the intent on ending the blond's life. She would have done just that if Anko had not grabbed her arms.

"Ok kids, you can't kill your pets. Now get dressed the both of you, I'm waking the brat in 1 minute whether you're dressed or not. Do you want your panties or are you going to let your boyfriend keep them?" Anko asked pointing to the boy.

He is not my boyfriend…* Sakura growled out as she glared at the older woman and snatched the panties from Naruto's head and marched into the woods. I am going home… See you at your place Ino."

"Sakura wait." Ino was about to move after her when she felt Anko's hand on her shoulder.

"Best to let her go for now Ino, she needs to cool off." Anko said watching the pink-haired girl leave.

"Sen…Anko why did you do that to us, I know you said you want better for us. But the way you do things, and your training measures seem odd, do you hate us? Did you not want to be placed with a team?" Ino asked looking over to Anko who was pulling Naruto from the dirt.

Anko laid Naruto on the ground and dropped his clothes on his chest. "Ino the truth is I asked for you, all three of you specifically. Did you know that on paper this team is the worst in the history of the Leaf? Ino was surprised at this news, and looked rather depressed too. " Hell, the other jounins were more than happy to let me take you three. But I know that you Sakura and Naruto all have the potential to be the strongest ninja in all the great elemental nations. Deep down I know you will be stronger then any Kage, or any Sannin. Ino I am only pushing you because I know you will all be fine and better for it, and if you all end up hating me then so be it. It will be a small price to pay."

Ino smiled and moved up and gave her sensei a hug. "Thank you for believing in us Anko. I will do all I can to make you proud and if I know billboard brow and the idiot as well as I think I do, I know they will too."

"Thanks brat. You three already mean so much to both Hana and myself." Anko broke the hug and stated walking off to the north gate. "Now tell the others that they have the night off and to go ahead and eat, OH! And to be here at 7 am on the dot, or you'll be swimming in a lake and it won't be a normal lake ether." As if the weather itself was on Anko's side, a cold wind blew over Ino sending a chill down her back. "And if you tell anyone about that sappy moment, you will be the one that's naked." She called out as she was halfway down the path leaving her alone with Naruto.

It was about that time Naruto woke up on the ground and looked around but when he looked up he saw that Ino was standing almost right over him, and was still dressed only in her bra and panties. And her thong giving Naruto the best view any one had ever had of her tight ass.

Ino turned back to get dressed when she saw her blond friend staring intently at her ass, and now crotch. She was about to kick him in his face but the thought of Naruto checking her out made her smile and feel a little warm inside. And it wasn't his fault she was in her underwear, so she stepped up a bit and smiled down at him. "See something you like whiskers?" Ino asked in a cheery tone.

"I ummm tha..I umm…. I'm Sorry! " Naruto stammered a bit before scooting away agents a tree as if his life depended on it. "Please don't kill me!" He begged

Ino smiled. "Don't worry Naruto, I'm not going to kill you, it's not your fault that I have a great ass." Ino poked her butt out a little bit and smacked her right cheek before bending over slowly and picked up her skirt. As she moved, the thong seemed to ride up her ass more and more right in front of him. "Now keep this our little secret and I won't tell Sakura that you got a hardon while looking at my ass." She said with a wink.

Naruto's mouth fell wide open, even the Kyuubi was too shocked to say anything, so Naruto nodded his head. "Good!" Ino nodded after putting her skirt on.

"Umm Ino? Why are you being nice? And ...well, sexy?" he asked blushing and trying not to stare too hard.

"We're teammates, duh. And I'm your friend Naruto. And I know you're a decent guy, even if you dream about me." She grinned. "But I also trust you. And any girl could do a lot worse than you."

"Thanks Ino-chan." He smiled gratefully as he stood up and walked over to grab his pants.

But thie time it was Ino's eyes that went wide and her cheeks red as she looked down before looking back to his eyes " Umm yeah, I can see how thankful you really are." She said pointing down. Following her finger Naruto looked down and blushed, quickly covering up his semi-erect member making her laugh as she put her shirt on and started to leave. "We'll see you later Naruto-kun! And don't let that zipper get you!"

Naruto just waved like an idiot not getting what just happened, after Ino was out of sight Naruto put his pants on and walked back into Anko's house and sat down on his bed/couch.

'What's wrong with you! She was asking for you to take her right there in the front yard!'

'What? Did you say something?' Naruto asked, trying to ignore the horny demon, only to have Kyuubi force Naruto to re-watch Ino bending over again and again making him pass out.


Across town Ino and Sakura walked in the back door of her family's shop and looked around making sure no one was around before sneaking right to the refrigerator. She was hoping to sneak a snack and cheat on her diet before dinner, due to all the training she had been undertaking which had made her a lot hungrier lately. Once she was in the fridge she spotted a big piece of chocolate cake. "Hello there you chocolaty devil." With a smile she grabbed a piece of cake and moved upstars, and that's when she heard her parents talking in their room.

"Did you get the right herbs yet?" her mom spoke.

"Yeah, he overcharged me like you wouldn't believe. But they should work on him just fine. Not only will we get our revenge but also the clan name will be set in the books for many years to come!" Mr. Yamanaka shouted with glee.

'What are they... Are they talking about Naruto again?' Ino thought with worry as she leaned in and listened to her parents, the piece of cake forgotten.

"We're still going to have Ino do it, right?" her Mother asked her father.

"That's the plan, our little girl will be a hero." He laughed as his wife joined in. They started moving to their door, making Ino dash to her room shutting the door behind her.

"Damn, that was close." Ino said with a sigh of relief.

"What was close?" Ino jumped and tossed the cake at the voice and saw a wet Sakura dressed in nothing but a towel and cake all over her face. "God, forehead don't do that to me!"

"You throw cake at me and then tell me not to do something? What the hell, pig?" Sakura said with a tinge of anger as she wiped some cake off her face.

"Well you snuck up on me, be lucky it was cake and not a kunai!" The blond said crossing her arms.

"Well why are you so jumpy anyway? Its not like you were the one stripped naked." Sakura said walking back into Ino's bathroom. Ino walked over and leaned on the door frame and slid to the ground as the water started up.

"It's mom and dad again."

Sakura stuck her head out of the shower. "You mean this plan we keep hearing about?" asked a worried Sakura

"Yeah, the more we hear the more I think they're planning on hurting Naruto. This time they were talking about some herb, I think they might be planning on poisoning him … I, we need to talk to Anko and Hana about this." Ino sighed out looking rather up set.

The water shut off again and Sakura came out still in her towel. "Ino, do you really think that your mom and dad would really do something like that?"

"I don't want to think they would. Nevertheless, you know how stupid some of the villagers are. They even started treating us like Naruto just because we're his friends. I just don't know what to do. They are my parents, but you and him are my best friends." Ino choked back a tear. "I can't let anything happen to the two of you."

Sakura knelt down and hugged the blond girl. "Calm down Ino. Let me get dressed and we can go see… Anko." Sakura said the name with anger, making Ino laugh a bit. After Ino calmed down she told Sakura about the talk she and Anko had and Sakura looked up thoughtfully as if she was thinking deeply. "Well okay, I won't be too mad then. But I will have my revenge." The pinkette rubbed her hands together and shifted her eyes left to right like an evil genius making Ino laugh out.

"Ok, ok you do that, just don't get Naruto and I caught in the crossfire. Now get dressed, that is unless you want to walk around naked again." the blond laughed at Sakura's red face.

"Fine I'm moving already, and crossfire my ass, we're a team. You will both help me or so help me I will shave you bald in your sleep," Ino looked at Sakura in disbelief before nodding her head slowly.

"Good piggy." Sakura patted Ino on the top of her head before getting dressed in clan clothes.


At the west gate Anko was leaning on the wall listening to what her students had to tell her about Ino's parents and what they thought was going on. "Great, more bullshit to deal with. Why do people have to be so stupid?" Anko said rubbing the bridge of her nose.

Ino was looking down as if she felt shamed by her parents. "So, what are you going to do Ino?"

Ino looked up to the voice to see Hana standing in a tree, only she looked like hell, her eyes were red and puffy and looked ready to kill if anyone so much looked at her wrong. Anko saw her lover and was about to ask what happened when Hana held up her hand stopping Anko for speaking. "I asked you a question Ino. What will you do?"

"I… I don't know. I don't even know what my parents are planning." Ino said looking away form her sensei.

"Then let me ask you one thing. What is the right thing to do?" Ino's eyes snapped wide open to the simple question, already knowing the answer. Hana continued. "Even the kindest people in the world are capable of the greatest evil. Just look at the orphanage, the former matron was kind and found homes for countless kids throughout her life. But when she received Naruto she beat him, starved him, and poisoned him. And the worst thing is that she hid him away so no one could adopt him. So tell me Ino. For all the good that she has done, does it give her the right to do to anyone?"

"NO! Nothing gave her that right. It was wrong, but, but… You're asking me to turn on my family. How can I do it?" Ino looked back up to Hana with tears in her own eyes. "Would you do it! Would you turn your back on your family?"

Hana took a deep breath and hung her head down in sadness. "I already have, Ino. I am no longer of the Inuzuka clan." Anko looked shocked as she watched Hana shed new tears. But even while crying Hana's face was still like stone. "And it was the hardest thing I have ever done. Nut I did because it was the right thing to do. Ino, I hope you don't have to make that choice I really do, but if you do, remember no matter what you do, you will be the one to suffer the most. And do you know why?"

Ino had fallen to her knees as tears rolled down her cheeks. But it was Sakura who answered the question as she draped an arm around her friend's shoulders and gave her a hug. "It's because you're a good person Ino."

"That's right Sakura, because she has a big heart. And I hope with all that I am that this problem is nothing more but a misunderstanding. Now the both of you go home. Anko and I will look after Naruto and report this to the Hokage and Ino?" Ino slowly looked back to Hana. "No matter what any one says or what happens after this, you did the right thing."

Nodding, Ino stood up and walked away with Sakura right at her side when Ino stopped and looked back. "Why did you have to leave Hana?"

"I can't say right now. I need some time to think about it, I'm sorry but I will tell you soon." Hana promised.

Nodding Ino started walking with Sakura again. As soon as the younger girls were out of sight Anko dashed out to Hana's side. "What the hell happened!" she asked worriedly as she looked Hana in the eye.

With Ino and Sakura gone Hana dropped the act and hugged the purple-haired girl tightly. "It was Kiba. He made his move and convinced mom and the clan elders that being with you was dragging the clan name through the mud... And that if I can't produce pups that I am unfit to be the next clan head. They told me to choose you or them. They… They banished me." She cried out gripping Anko.

"Damn it… Hana.. I'm, I'm so sorry. But why, why did you choose me? I'm not worth it." Anko said rubbing the back of the brunette's head.

"Because like I told Ino it was the right thing to do." Hana calmed down a bit and pulled back a little and gave Anko a sad smile. "And if you're not worth it, then you'd better get your ass moving and make yourself worth it. Because if you don't I'll just have to kill you." Hana said cupping Anko's cheek then pinching making the other girl yelp.

"Okay, okay you win, I will be worth it…" Anko whined pulling Hana off her cheek.

"Good girl, Now get ready, I'm going to go to the Hokage and get you a replacement for tonight so we can talk about what to do with Naruto." Hana kissed Anko and jumped to the trees.

Anko waited until she knew that the brunette was gone before letting out a little sob. "Just for being with me... and her family turns their back on her… I swear to you my love I will do whatever it takes to make you happy."


Sakura was starting to get worried. Once they made it back home Ino had opened the flower shop and walked in to the green house they had in the back and proceeded to sit down. "Hey Ino are, are you going to be alright?"

"Sakura. Why did it all change so fast?" Ino asked looking at the night sky/

"What are you talking about?" Sakura asked sitting next to her friend.

"It was just a few months ago that you and I were fighting over Sasuke, ignoring Naruto, and I was going shopping. My biggest problem was breaking my diet, or having daddy chase away a boy. But now, now it seems like I'm fighting for my life, but it's not my life I'm worried about." She looked over to Sakura. "It's yours. And god help me Naruto's." she said with a little laugh.

"I know what you mean Ino. two weeks ago I had a home and a mother that I thought loved me. But then I learned that she doesn't care about me at all. I'm starting to wonder if she ever did. But you know what? I'm happy. I'm happy because of you, and Naruto, you two are the best friends anyone can hope to have, hell even Anko and Hana are like big sisters. Psycho, sick sisters, but sisters none the less."

Ino laughed at that one as she leaned back on the wall. "You know if she heard you talk like that she would make you run laps for being soft right?"

"That's why we're not telling them that" Sakura grinned and elbowed Ino lightly.

"Sakura, I don't know what to do. What if, what if they really are going after Naruto? How can I pick between them?" Ino said leaning her head back.

"Ino, I can't tell you how or who to pick, my mother picked for me…" Sakura said with a sad sigh. "But what I do know is Naruto is the jinchuuriki of the nine-tailed fox. A decision that was made for him. He was the dead last in our class, and he's louder then you on your period. But he's also a great guy, kind, supportive, helpful, and protective. He is my best friend just like you are. But your parents are respected in the village, and have a great many friends. Your mom always let me in and talked with me over milk and cookies even when we were fighting. Your dad is a great ninja and has put his life on the line for the village more times then I can even guess. They're both great people, and it's hard to even think of them as someone to do this, but fear and hate can make good people go bad."

"Why are you telling me everything I already know?" Ino whined.

"What I do best, now from what I can tell there is only one thing we can do." Ino looked at Sakura hoping that she was not going to suggest what she thought she was going to suggest. "We need to ask them."

"Damn it forehead. I knew you were going to say that but, you're right." Standing up Ino let out a heavy sigh. "Well best get it over with." She said walking to the door that lead to their kitchen. But when they walked in they both froze in their tracks.

"Ino, Sakura! Where have you two been? Dinner has been ready for almost 20 minutes!" Naruto chimed while sitting at the table with Mr. and Mrs. Yamanaka.

"Naruto! Wh… What are you doing here!" Ino yelled out.

"Ino, don't be rude, he's your teammate after all." Her father said with a grin as he patted Naruto on the shoulder.

"You know we've been planning this dinner for a while now." Her mother said as she started dishing out the pork chops and corn.

"Oh, umm it's just that you never said when we were going to do this, Sakura and I are still dirty from training, and I'm just a little surprised is all. Come on Sakura let's go wash up." Ino took Sakura's hand and pulled her out of the room.

"This is bad. This is really bad." Sakura said really fast as her hand ran through her hair

"Would you just stop it!" Ino snapped looking just as stressed out. "Look, the bottom line is that he's here and my parents really want to get to know my teammate or… Or they want to kill him." Ino looked away and started for the bathroom.

"But what are we going to do Ino? What if this…" She was cut off as she received a hard look form the platinum blond.

"I am going to do the right thing for me and my family Sakura." Ino's eyes were hard and showed that she knew what she was doing even if she was spilling tears as she walking into the bathroom.

Sakura was scared, she was scared for Naruto and what would happen to him, She knew she would not be much help if any if the family of mind walkers did try and kill Naruto. She needed help. Leaving the bedroom Sakura made her way down the steps and for the front door. "Sakura where are you going? Dinner is ready?" Mrs. Yamanaka asked with a sweet smile.

"Oh, I just want to get some fresh air is all." Sakura said looking over her shoulder.

"Sakura honey, what's wrong? You look distressed? Is something wrong?" Mrs. Yamanaka asked walking over to the rosette.

Sakura forced a smile to her lips and turned to face the older woman. "No, I'm fine. I just had a long day and sensei is proving to be a lot tougher then I thought she would be."

Mrs. Yamanaka frowned and crossed her arms over her chest. "I'm sorry you have to have that woman as your teacher, the thought of her anywhere near Ino and you makes both Inoichi and I sick. That traitorous whore needs to be put down like the bitch she is." Mrs. Yamanaka's eyes slowly widened before smiling again. "You know what, I think that we can fix that soon. All you have to do is wait a bit longer sweetie."

"But Anko-Sen…" Sakura never got to finish what she was saying before Mrs. Yamanaka raised her hand.

"I know what you're going to say, but she is not here and you don't have to worry about her punishing you, so hurry up and go sit down to eat." Mrs. Yamanaka said walking back into the kitchen.

"Well you heard mom, it's time to eat, Sakura." Ino said, walking down the stairs with a big smile.

"Ino, Tell me right now what is going on here? You're acting like you're all for this plan." Sakura's voice was low and angry.

Sighing heavy Ino looked Sakura right in the eye before speaking. "Sakura "I'm going to do what I...I have to do, don't make me lose both of you Sakura, please." Taking another deep breath Ino smiled and walked into the kitchen leaving Sakura looking at the front door but moved to the kitchen not wanting to leave Naruto alone.

"About time, Ino your mom would not let me eat 'till you both got back." Naruto whined out making Mrs. Yamanaka force a giggle.

"Boys will always be boys it seems." She handed her husband his plate followed by Ino then Sakura before handing Naruto his plate before she sat down herself.

"Why don't you tell us about yourself Naruto, what do you have planed down the road?" Mr. Yamanaka asked as he cut into his pork chop.

"I'm going to do what ever I can to become Hokage, and with the help of Ino-chan and Sakura-chan, I know that it's only a matter of time until that dream becomes a reality." Naruto said proudly as he smiled at both his teammates, but his smiled faded when he saw the look in Sakura's eyes, she was scared. "Sakura? Is something wrong?" he asked putting down his fork.

Sakura's mind was running, she knew in her heart that Naruto was in danger, and that she had to help him, but if she said anything would they turn and attack her? She saw that all eyes were on her now and that adults in the room had worry in their eyes. "Naruto you need to…"

"Relax more, Sakura is just tired and we worked a little too hard and is stressed out from it, she just needs a chance to rest a bit more, right Sakura?" Ino intruded while kicking Sakura in the leg at the word 'chance'.

Sakura just nodded her head knowing that Ino was right, she had to wait and see if things were as bad as it looked. But she was still rally worried. She was starting to think if there was anything she could do, then she thought the two can play the same game as the adults. "Dinner is really good Mrs. Yamanaka, did you use that new herb you were talking about?"

Both the older Yamanakas stopped eating an looked at their pink-haired house guest. "New herbs, what do you mean Sakura?"

Keeping her cool Sakura put on a small look of confusion, and was rather surprised that a seasoned jounin like Inoichi failed to pick up on it. "Earlier today I heard you talking about it, I think you called it ummm, what was it again, something-bane?"

While Mr. and Mrs. Yamanaka were telling Sakura about how the herbs they used were for a fresh flavor, Naruto was starting to feel something was wrong, but it was too late he started feeling rather tired and slow. He also noted that all the colors in the room started to lift up and float around him. 'What, what's going on? I feel so heavy.'

"Not good! Naruto get out now! That's Demonsbane you're eating! I know it anywhere!" yelled Kyuubi in a panic but all Naruto heard was a light whisper

Seeing the way he was acting Mrs. Yamanaka smiled and knew that the poison was working and tapped her husband on the shoulder and pointed out Naruto's condition. "Tell me girls, what do you know about the Kyuubi attack 14 years ago?" Inoichi asked leaning on the table.

Sakuka gave an angry look at the older blond while Ino froze in her seat. ' No, please don't do it daddy…'

"Other than the evil demon came and attacked the village on October 10, and that the Yondaime Hokage gave his life to defeat it. I know that there are some people who think the Kyuubi was tricked into attacking the village." Sakura said slowly as if she was talking to a kid.

"Tricked, Sakura dear I'm afraid that you have been the one that was deceived. You see, demons corrupt those around them making you think they're not evil." Sakura was getting angrier at this man as he spoke of her friend.

"W… What's this about anyway Dad? Its not like there are any demons in the village." Ino said waving her hand trying to dismiss the talk.

"Wrong Ino, There is a demon in our great village, and it's sitting right there." He pointed at Naruto who was now slumped in his seat with a glazed-over look in his eyes and white foam leaking from his lips.

"Naruto!" Sakura swiftly moved form her seat and ran to Naruto's side and checked his pulse. What she found scared her to death, his skin was hot and he was sweating profusely, his heartbeat was so fast she knew his heart was at risk of failing. But what scared her the most were his eyes, they were moving and looking at her, letting her know he was aware of everything. "What did you do to him?"

"Its bodies defenses are too strong, so I mixed in a little cyanide into his drink to help pacify it." Mrs. Yamanaka said standing from the table.

"No! Stop! This is wrong, Naruto is not the Kyuubi!" Sakura yelled and moved so that she was standing in front of the blond but keeping herself in between him and the others. "Naruto is not the fox! He never even had a say in the matter!" Sakura yelled with rage as she looked right at Ino.

"Sakura you poor thing, this beast has brainwashed you, and made you turn your back on you own family. We're doing this for you and the village. We love you and we won't let you be that demon's whore." Ino watched her mother walk closer to Naruto and Sakura.

"Sakura trust us. This is for the good of the village and for you. Once we're done you and Ino will go down in the history books as the ones that finished what the Yondaime started. You can make your mother regret casting you aside. Don't you want her to tell you she's sorry and that she loves you?" Inoichi spoke evenly and smiled at the girl as she moved closer to her.

"I… I want…" Sakura was shaking. She did want that more the anything but she didn't want to kill Naruto for it. Stamping her heels she looked up with cold eyes, but before she could speak she was kicked hard in her stomach and sent into the wall.

"Sakura!" Ino ran over to her gasping and looked up at her dad. "Dad why did you do that? She didn't do anything!"

"Sweetie, your mother and I know what we're doing, trust me when I say we don't want Sakura hurt, we love her as much as we love you. But this beast has corrupted her mind and made her into his slave. She will be fine as soon as we..." He looked at Naruto and grabbed a fist full of hair and gave him a closed backhand to his jaw before dropping him like a sack of rocks. "As soon as we kill it."

Ino looked at her dad and laughing mother in shock looking down to Sakura, when they locked eyes Ino smiled sadly and that made Sakura nervous. "Sakura, mom and dad are right, monsters like this must be put down." Ino stood to and moved over and looked into the hurt eyes of Naruto. "A monster has no redeeming qualities. All they do is kill and take what they want. They don't care about what's right or what's wrong, all they want is more. More power, more money, and a higher standing in the eyes of their peers, and they will kill anyone to get what they want, right… Dad?"

"That's right sweetie. They're nothing but a blight and we have to stop them at all costs!" He said proudly to his daughter as he handed her a kunai only to shut out in pain and shock when she stabbed him in his side with the same weapon he had given her.

"Your right, There are some demons that are evil. But Naruto is not one of them! But…" Ino's eyes were full of hate and sorrow as tears fell from her cheeks. "But you and mom are. You talk about the greater good of the village, but all you want is money, fame, power, and worst of all, you wan revenge for what happened to uncle Mike when the Kyuubi attacked. Naruto wants none of these things; all he wants is to be left alone and recognized for his hard work. Naruto may be a demon, but he is one I will fight with and fight for. She choked out a sob before looking her dad in the eyes. "I am sorry…"

Before Mr. and Mrs. Yamanaka could do anything the front door and kitchen window were kicked in as the home was filled with ANBU The Hokage, Tsunade, Jiraiya, and both Hana and Anko. Within seconds the ANBU had taken the elder Yamanakas into custody and Tsunade was already working on purging the poison form Naruto's body. Ino had slumped to the floor and sobbed while Sakura held her for all she was worth.


"Kakashi, what are you doing here, I have not summoned you." Danzou asked while sitting at his desk, his finger was already hitting his alarm.

"They're not coming Danzou-sama. But you don't have to worry about that." Kakashi said as his hand started sparking with lightning.


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