'Scented or unscented?' JJ pondered. She was in the mall, shopping for Henry, who was asleep in his pushchair. She was considering baby powder. 'What do you think?' She asked Henry. In answer he gurgled and yawned. 'Thanks'. JJ smiled.


JJ spun round. She was greeted by the smiley face of her boss, Aaron Hotchner. Jack was clutching hold of his hand, clearly bored of shopping. She smiled back at him.

'Unscented eh? Why?'

'Not sure' said Hotch, raising his eyebrows, 'Hayley always bought it.'

JJ smiled again and pulled the unscented powder off the shelf.

She paid for her items and she and Hotch walked out of the shop together. Jack was taking a closer look at Henry. 'He has a lickle nose' he said, prodding it. Henry stirred, grinning at Jack, who started to laugh.

'Can i have one daddy?' he asked, pulling at his father's coat, 'Can i have a little baby? I'll take good care of it!'

Hotch smiled, steering clear of the question by saying 'Do you want a new teddy?' Jack nodded franticly, forgetting all about the baby business.

'That was close' he smiled at JJ.

They walked along together to the door. They stood for a while at the TV store. Hotch stood for a moment looking down into the baby's pushchair. 'You take care of your mum now' he murmured, smiling at him.

Then out of nowhere, a man shoved into him, pushing him into a window. He turned around to see what the guy was playing at and was greeted by a scream from Jack, who was in the arms of a great big man. 'No!' he shouted. He heard JJ scream; a man was pushing little Henry away, sprinting out of the door with him.

'No!!' he shouted again, running out the door. There was no sign of him.

A car screeched past and Jack pressed his face up against the window screaming for his daddy.

'No Jack!!!' screamed Hotch. He ran as fast as he could, following the retreating car as it sped off.

'No No No!!' he stopped; he couldn't run fast enough.

He heard JJ stop beside him. 'Hotch, he's gone, he's gone! What are we going to do?!' she screamed in hysterics. Hotch tried to calm her down, pulling her into a hug.

'I'm gonna find them. I'll call the team and we'll find them.' He reassured, blinking back tears. He held JJ close as he watched the car as it sped off into the distance