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Booth stirred as morning sun seeped through the open blinds. He rolled over to glance at the clock and saw that it was 10:00am. Crap, Cullen is going to kill me. As if on cue his cell phone began to buzz in his pocket: Cullen. Carefully untangling himself from his sleeping partner, he got up to take the call. Shutting the bed room door behind him, he flipped the phone open before it had a chance to go to voice mail.


"Agent Booth, where the hell are you? Someone came forward about that girl you found in the woods, and has been waiting here nearly an hour! "

"I'm sorry, sir, some personal stuff happened last night and I ended up sleeping in," Booth explained, deciding that it was better to be honest. Cullen was a good guy, one of the best he had worked under, and the least Booth could do was to show him the respect he deserved by being honest with him. Even if it meant he was throwing himself under the bus.

"We will discuss this later. Just get down here ASAP and bring Dr. Brennan. "

"Yes, sir," Booth replied, but Cullen had already hung up. Shit.

With a sigh, he headed back into Brennan's room, hating himself for having to wake her from the first solid sleep she had gotten in days. "Bones. Hey, Bones. Time to get up, we have a witness now at Hoover."

"What time is it?" She murmured groggily.

"A little after ten. Hurry, chop chop!" He left the room to go put coffee on while she readied herself for the day.

She dragged herself out of bed, groaning at the stiffness in her neck where she had fallen asleep half sitting up against her partner. She felt ashamed at having him see her like that, so vulnerable, but she had to admit to herself that it had felt good to be in his arms, protected. She finished dressing quickly, I can't believe I slept until 10 and went to join Booth in the kitchen as the smell of the dark roast coffee reached her bedroom.

"Good morning, sleepy head," Booth greeted her, handing her a cup of coffee and flashing a charm smile.

She sipped the coffee, sighing contently when it tasted exactly the way she liked it. "So we have a witness?"

"Yup, Cullen says she has been waiting for us at the office for over an hour, we better get a move on before he has my head, if he doesn't already want it." Brennan noticed Booth looked worried but she wasn't sure if the worry was for her or about Cullen. Probably a little bit of both.

The car ride to the Hoover building was quiet, both partners lost in thought. Booth broke the silence as he pulled his SUV into his usual spot, "What do you say we talk to this witness then go to the diner and get some pie?"

"Okay," she replied. Booth noticed that she was very distracted; she didn't even make a quip about pie! This ends this afternoon. If she doesn't talk about this, it is just going to get harder for her. I wish there was some easy way to make her see that.

It turned out the witness had been a party to the death of the girl, and after a brief interrogation from Booth, confessed. Thank god for an easy close, Brennan thought. She needed time to relax and put her mind back together.

"Hungry, Bones?" Booth asked, walking out of his office. He didn't wait for an answer and continued to the elevator, knowing that the answer was probably "no", as always. Funny how she says no, then ends up stealing all of my fries.

The partners enjoyed a rather long lunch, when Booth suggested they take the rest of the day off and watch movies. "Destressing" he had called it. Brennan had no idea what that meant, but it sure sounds nice.

20 minutes and a stop at blockbuster later, Booth and Brennan were settled onto his couch with a bowl of popcorn. "What did you say the name of this movie was?"

"Space Balls," Booth replied as he hit "play" on the remote.

"What's it about?" She asked as the opening sequence began.

Booth chuckled, "It is something you just have to see, Bones. Shh, it is starting."

She turned back to the screen, but soon found herself lost in thought. She was aware of her partner laughing every few minutes, but wasn't paying attention enough to understand why. Dammit, Brennan, focus on the movie. Booth wants you to watch this, and he says it will be "Destressing". Stress didn't even being to describe how she felt. Even though she hated psychology she understand that emotions were real (due to chemical reactions), and the best way to deal with them was to approach them in a logical manner. She decided the best way was to start with a list that she could then tackle systematically. Tired, scared, lonely, drained and mostl,…"lost…" she didn't realize she had began thinking out loud.

Booth's eyes immediately darted to Brennan. She was still looking at the screen but he could tell she wasn't actually watching, she is so deep in thought, she probably didn't even realize she said that out loud. Tread carefully, Seeley, don't let her close up on you. He took a deep breath, "Bones?"

She turned to look at him and the look of compassion and worry in his eyes was just too much for her to fight anymore. "I feel totally lost, Booth. Everything I knew about myself, my parents, my childhood. It was all lies – " she broke off as tears began to fall silently down her face. He wanted to badly to reach out and touch her, to hold her as he had done in the barn, but she was finally talking and he didn't want to do anything that might stop her.

"And I can't sleep, all I keep seeing is his face, taunting me, pointing out all the lies, calling me Joy. My name is Temperance. Temperance Brennan. Not Joy Keenan – except even that is a lie." She was fully crying now. "How am I supposed to act when I don't even know who I am? My entire life has been fake, living as someone else, with someone else's birth certificate. And what of the real Temperance Brennan no one will never know who -" Brennan was talking faster and faster, becoming almost hysterical.

Booth had had enough of watching her torture herself, and gently but firmly grabbed her wrist to get her attention. "Stop. " He took a deep breath collecting his thoughts. "Look at me." He waited until her tear filled eyes, met his…


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