In the grasslands and and plains of Africa their is an abbundance of life.

Creatures of many kinds inhabit these lands. From the giant elephant to the tiny ant.

In one protion of these lands a pride on lions rules over all the other creatures. They are the kings of that land

Yet just because they are at the top of the food chain and ruling over some silly animals dosen't mean your number one.

Their is another creature. A very unique, powerful creature. It walks on only two legs, has apposible thumbs, has little hair on its body, and is by far the most dominant living thing on the face of the earth. What is it's name?


The worlds most destructive creation. A beinning that is capable of creating and using tools of death made from parts of the earth. A creature with knowledge that exceeds all other creatures

And it's comming to the kingdome of the lions

Let's kill some kitties


The ultimate challenge is on its way for Simba and his pride

Who will die?

Who will live?

And will the hyenas be in this fic?

All will be answered...