Kovu continued to run back to his home, he had to warn the lionesses to flee.

"These are cold blooded monsters, they don't care, they just destroy," Kovu said as he tried to hurry home with the injury that had been given to him

Just then he heard the sound of somekind off large machine. He turned his head to see the hyena trio followed by the humans in their truck

"They'll follow me to PrideRock and kill us all!" Kovu thought "I've got to stop them somehow,"

Kovu then ran in another dirction away from Priderock in the hopes that the humans and hyenas would follow him and keep his people safe. Yet instead they just kept going toward the pride

"Run! Get out of there!" Kovu yelled out to the lionesses. Sadly his words of warning were drained out by the sound of the humans truck

The lionesses didn't know until it was to late

"No!...Kiara...Vitani," Kovu said as he wated in horror. Suddenly felt pain in his shoulder where the bullet went in. The young prince fell to the ground "No..." and then he died

"Damn boss we hit the jackpot!" Jan said

"We're going to be rich!" Dave added

Kaz was more oppupied at the moment with a little meerkat

"Help," was Timons last word as Kaz threw him into Shenzis mouth, eatting him in one bite

"Ha did you think these lion had a chance at beating us?" Jan asked Dave

"Ya...If this was a fairy tale. Which it's not," Dave laughed

"Ya this is the real world, and in the real world. Shit happens!" Jan said

"Oh man I'm full...burp," Banzai said

"That was amazing," Shenzi said as she rubbed her full belly

Ed laughed as happy as ever

The trios life would contiue on to be living in a zoo and being fed good every day until the day they died

At least some good came out of all the death, but not for the lions! Muwhahahahahahaha!

(I'm a cruel man aren't I?)

The End