This is the biography of a Flame Witch, one with amazing powers of Flame that ruined her childhood and gave her trouble throughout her life. What can she do with these powers? Is she good or evil? Why would Voldemort want her to die? These questions and many more await you. Enjoy.


I grew up in a small neighborhood. Everyone knew everyone else and their problems. Mine began early when I realized that fire was only one temper tantrum away. I had no idea how to control it, and my father left soon after I began revealing this. My mother was devastated, and I was soon locked into a room of my own. It was in our house's basement. Food and other necessities were dropped through the laundry shoot and books were given to me for schooling. I spent these days alone, trying to figure out why my family would send me into a dungeon.

My powers were very comforting to me. I would create creatures out of the fire and send them throughout the area. I smiled as I caught them and let them fade into my hand. My hands would never be burned, but I would often catch other things on fire, like my hair, but everything was fine. I did not know that this would soon be my last thought. Letters began coming from this school, and my mother did not care what kind of school it was, so she sent me there…permanently.

After three long, pleading letters to the headmaster, he gave me a family to stay with. My mother groomed me up and sent me within one day of the letter to this family.

The youngest members of the family were making things move, but I was still afraid of my powers. They broke up my entire life, but that did not seem to matter to these wonderful people. I was given my own room since I was the only girl, and I was treated like a living person. I was taken shopping for supplies for my new school. I was expecting spiral notebooks, ballpoint pens, pencils, paper, arithmetic books, etc., but I was given quill pens, ink, scrolls of paper, a solid black owl, and a long 'wand.' I had no idea what kind of school I was going to, and my host family picked up on this.

"You are a Witch, my dear. You are going to receive training to become powerful, just like our children, one day."

So, I was given black robes. I was given another outfit for the Christmas break. They would send me something, I knew, but they wanted me to continue to study throughout the break. I was fine with this, and I was soon hugging them all goodbye at a very strange train platform where you had to run into a mysterious column just to get to it. Then, a large magnificent train sat in waiting for all of us. An attendant helped me load my items into a storage compartment. I then found a cabin in the very back. I was alone and no one joined me until after we had begun to move.

"Do you mind if we sit here? The others are full," a girl whispered. She was with a dark looking boy with long, black hair. I thought he looked like he needed something to eat to help him get a little more…alive looking, but he seemed perfectly fine as he talked to this girl.

I learned that they were both from the same town. The girl had a sister, who apparently hated her because of her powers, which was more of moving things. The boy, who definitely appeared to fancy her, lived in the area also and he is also the one who caused much of the trouble. I felt sorry for him, and I remembered his very look, until the cart came around.

The cart had every candy a wizard or Witch child would ever need. Neither the boy nor the girl had money to spend, but I was given a bag and I needed help in getting some jellybeans, so the boy helped me figure out the currency.

"You must be like Lily here. Who are your parents?"

"I never really knew them. As soon as my powers started, my father ran and my mother locked me away. I'm living with another family right now," I whispered.

"What was so bad about your power to make them go that far?" Lily asked. I looked at my hands. I emptied them.

"Stand back," I whispered. I then thought of my mother locking me away. Two large fireballs formed in my hands, causing Lily to hold her hand over her mouth to keep from screaming. The boy just looked in awe.

"What's your name?" he asked.

"Chrys Pyronson," I whispered. He nodded.

"I'm Severus Snape," he whispered. I locked that name into my head. "I'm going to be in Slytherin."

"Slytherin?" I asked.

"There are four houses at Hogwarts: Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, and Slytherin. You look like you could be a Slytherin, but you could be a Ravenclaw. You seem smart."

"Thank you," I whispered. I felt my cheeks burn a little.

"What family are you staying with?" he asked.

"The Bryans; they are a wizarding family, just like yours," I whispered. He shook his head.

"I'm half-blood. My mother's a Witch and my father had no idea what he was getting into," Severus whispered.

"I can't figure out if I'm half-blood, but I do know that my mother insisted to Professor Dumbledore that I be removed from her house. It was a treat," I whispered. I felt emotional and stopped talking.

"We'll be there soon. You two can ride in the boat with me."

"Boat?" Lily and I asked at the same time.

"Of course," Severus grinned. "First years travel across the lake by boat. Oh, you should change into your robes now."

I went with Lily to a back compartment for girls. Many were putting on makeup too. Some looked a lot older, but Lily and I said nothing as we dressed and quickly returned to our car, or so I thought. A car full of boys called for Lily and she went to them. I sat awkwardly in the car with Severus.

"Where is she?" he asked. I shrugged.

"I hope you ride in the boat with me. I'm terrified of water," I whispered. Severus grinned with laughter. He brushed some hair out of his eyes as I began eating a jellybean. I immediately spit it out.

"When they say every flavor, they mean every flavor. I found some once, but I don't too much care for those," he whispered as the train began to slow. "What animal did you choose?"

"An owl," I whispered. He nodded.

"Me, too. What color is yours?"

"Black," I whispered. He nodded in agreement.

"Have you named yours? I haven't decided what to name mine yet."

"I thought I would go with Midnight. It suits him," I whispered as the train stopped, sending me forward a little. I touched his hand as I caught myself with the seat. I blushed as I looked to the isle.

Excited chattering filled the air and many people passed by. I wanted to wait, but Severus pushed us through the crowd. We were given our animals and then we were sent to the boats. Severus and I were given dirty glances as the rest of the boats filled. Lily was nowhere to be found. Severus looked worried.

"I'm sure she lost us in the crowd," I whispered as chanting began and a few boats began rowing forward. We all were soon going, and that only meant that the chanting grew louder.

"Snivillus! Snivillus! Snivy, Snivy, Snivillus!" the boys yelled. Lily was crammed in between them, covering her face from Severus's view. He saw her anyway as I became angry, causing a fireball to form, scaring many. I tried to put it out quickly, but many had already seen it. Severus and I said nothing as the chanting continued, including, "Fire breath! Fire breath!" I ignored it as much as I could as Severus and I exchanged embarrassed glances. Luckily, the castle was coming into view, ending the chanting and replacing it with gasps.

The castle was very large and had many towers and windows. Severus smiled a little.

"I thought I would like it and I do," he whispered. I nodded. We were all soon too entranced by the castle to talk, and only little whispers came around as we were led ashore and into the castle. Our animals were left in the lobby as an older teacher came out to greet us.

"Welcome first years, and keep quiet. Your bags will be taken care of, so stop worrying. Inside, the other students are already here awaiting your sorting into the four houses, who flags are hung over each table. They will cheer for you when it is announced. Come promptly when your name is called because we cannot have much delay. Enter in two lines and listen for your name. Also, do not be afraid of the hat," the man said in a monotone, yet nasally voice. Severus and I lined up beside each other. Many were called before us, including Lily, who was sent to Gryffindor. Severus tried to hide his anger as I was called.

The hat was old and ragged, just like the stool. I tried not to appear nervous as whispers of 'fire breath' flowed through the first years. The hat was then placed on my head. It moved awkwardly.

"Slytherin, Slytherin, Slytherin," I thought heavily.

"No, I cannot put you there. You are much too…good for them. Ravenclaw!" the hat called. I cursed the hat inside my head. "No complaints," it whispered back as I looked to Severus. I was accepted by some of the older Ravenclaw members, but my eyes still wandered to Severus, who was announced as Slytherin immediately. I was happy for him, of course, but I was sad that I had already lost a friend.

"Hey, fire breath is at our table," a boy laughed. His friends laughed heavily as a prefect broke up the raucous.

"You will not talk about your fellow house members!" she yelled. I thanked her inside my head, but I did not show weakness. I knew that Severus would not unless it was too much to bear, and I knew that a name meant nothing as Professor Dumbledore, our headmaster, stood.

"I will not hold up your feast for long, but I do have one thing to say: dragon scale!" he smiled. He sat as the food appeared. Everything was in feast proportions and it was made beautifully. Everyone began eating and chatter began to try to get to know the people you would spend the rest of you Hogwarts career with.

"Why do they call you that, kid?" the prefect asked. I looked to her and whispered, "I have the ability to create fire without my wand."

"That's a cool power. You look down, so just remember that they are only jealous because they don't have the power," she whispered.

"Then why do I hate it?" I whispered.

"You hate it? Well I want it!" she smiled, accepting a chicken leg from someone down the table.

"It makes me an orphan," I whispered.

"You killed with it?" she whispered.

"No, they just…freaked out over it. My father left and my mother locked me away. Only a cool power could do that, right?" I asked sadly. I looked to my food and ate it quietly.

We were all soon led to our rooms. We were given the password to our common area and we were told where we could sleep. Luckily, I stayed close with the prefect. I found a secluded bed away from everyone and settled in. I looked out a nearby window and sighed. I wanted Severus to share this time with me.

After a week of classes, I knew that Severus and I had no classes together. Lily and I saw each other every now and then, but I did not speak to her. She was busy talking with the same boys who messed with me, and I often saw Severus giving them dirty glances. I knew that they were all in the same house and could plan against Severus, and me when the time came.

In potions, my worst class, they would often try to send curses towards my cauldron, but I deflected them with my hands instead. At least they call me Flame Witch instead of Fire Breath. Truly, I like the name. It suits me. Severus probably knew about it by now because the Gryffindors all started chanting it one day in Transformation when I turned my owl into a fireball and back again. Midnight was used to being on fire, though, since I was starting to do tricks with the fire. I taught myself how to juggle and I even taught myself how to trigger the power without being angry. I used this often in potions because many potions required heat, even though it would never matter. I was horrible at the subject, but Severus was constantly getting rave reviews from our professor.

One day after class, the professor held me after class.

"You are having some heavy troubles, Chrys. I would like for you to be tutored by Severus Snape. Meet me today after dinner and we will start," he smiled. I nodded and mentally prepared myself throughout the day for our meeting. I wondered how they were treating him, even though the look on his face in the corridors was obviously disturbed. I felt that he had a very hard life outside of this school, just like me, but I often wondered if that was the true reason. Lily was either with him or ignoring him throughout the days, and I was sure that he was frustrated about that.

Soon, my wondering had to cease because we were both inside the potions classroom.

"Good to see you again," he whispered.

"Same here," I smiled.

"I see that you just need overall help with measuring, chopping…the basics."

"Pretty much," I grinned, blushing a little.

"I see that the heat part is perfect," he grinned. I nodded.

"They don't call me Flame Witch for nothing," I whispered.

"I heard about that. I thought that you did not like the power that much."

"It ruined my childhood, so why would I enjoy it? Anyway, I am training myself in it. I have more control. Do you want to see?" I asked. It was just us in the room, so he nodded. I stood on top of the table. "Stand back," I whispered as I made two fireballs and began tossing them into the air. I then added a third, fourth, fifth, and six fireball. I caught them all in a pyramid formation and spun it around in the air as the professor came into the room.

"I don't think that was what I wanted you in here for, Chrys. Begin your potion for the night," he said sadly. I came down from the table as Severus and I worked on the potion. It was rather simple, and with him explaining the meanings and ingredients, it went quickly and smoothly. At the end, a small pop and some steam came from the potion, summoning the professor. We all stood in front of the cauldron.

"Are you ready to test it?" asked the professor. I nodded as he took out my flask. He took it to his desk with Severus and me closely behind him. He took out a twig and dropped a little of the potion onto it. He then quickly potted it as a root system grew, along with more leaves. I smiled as it became a sapling.

"You did a good job," Severus said quietly.

"We did a good job," I smiled. "Thank you so much!" I smiled happily.

"I still want you both in here every Thursday night, alright?" the professor asked. We nodded and gathered our things. We then walked out to the hall. We sat at a bench to talk.

"How are things going?" I asked. He shrugged.

"As good as they were ever supposed to be, I guess," he whispered. I nodded.

"Are you staying for Christmas?" I asked. He nodded.

"My mother hasn't written me, so I have not written back. What about you?"

"They want me to study through the break. You can help me, if you'd like."

"I can. Lily is going on a trip with her family and will be gone, so I won't have anyone else."

"You're the only one I talk to. A prefect tried to take me in, but she heard all the rumors and stopped talking to me. At least I have my own little area to sleep so that I won't be disturbing them. It's where I practice my power and things like that," I whispered. He nodded.

"Do you write to your host family?"

"No, but I get these newsletters from my mom. It's something for circus freaks. I burn them every time, but I haven't got the courage to write back with a piece of my mind," I whispered. He nodded.

"Hopefully she'll learn," he whispered. "I have to get back to my room."

"Me too. I'll try to get better on my potions," I whispered. He nodded and we went our separate ways. The next day I watched for him more carefully. He was with Lily through most of it, and I even saw him eyeing the room for me a few times, but I always seemed to be looking down at my food when he looked to me. We said nothing to each other in the halls, mostly because the boys had found a new way to mess with him. Often a curse would fly through the air towards him, nearly missing many others in the process. He had a deep look of sorrow and thought on his face as he walked onwards, and this look was present in our next meeting. He said very little and the professor was pleased with everything we did as I received another successful potion. I was happy and we both stopped to talk in the hall.

"Christmas will be coming soon," I whispered. He nodded.

"What are you getting from your family?" he asked. I shrugged.

"It will be my first Christmas, really. My parents never got me anything, except maybe a candy cane or something. I was hoping for a sweater. It gets rather cold in the towers at night," I whispered. He nodded.

"I want a notebook to write down my notes in," he whispered. "Potter and his friends ruined the other one I had."


"He and his friends are the ones who always pick on me. Lily is with them a lot," he whispered, deep in thought.

"They mess with me too," I whispered. He nodded.

"Lily told me that she wanted to talk with you about that. They say that you conjure demons or something," he whispered, still deep in thought.

"Is something bothering you?" I asked. He shook his head.

"Just trying to figure out why the boys keep sneaking away from the school, that's all. Look it up tonight when you get to your room. Lily told me not to worry about it, but I know that it might be something…odd," he whispered. I nodded and we went to our rooms. I immediately went to the window and looked towards the lake, where a fire was lit. I tried to focus harder on the shadowy figures, but it was impossible due to the glare from the full moon.

Christmas came with a large snowstorm. Many students left, despite the vast amount of it, including Lily. Chrys found me in the library and told me what she saw.

"There was a group of people by the lake that night. They had a fire with them; that's how I knew, but the glare from the moon was too much for me to see, but they looked to be struggling with something," she whispered. I nodded, taking notes in a notebook that mysteriously came from our prefect. Chrys was wearing the sweater I had gotten her, along with a bright, orange amulet.

"Where did you get it?" I asked, pointing to her chest.

"From my father, believe it or not," she whispered. "It helps me focus on my power, for some reason."

"I think it was your father's power, and he ran because he did not want your mother to know," I whispered. She gave me a strange look, but she soon wiped it away and looked to her sweater. "I have no idea where this gift came from," she whispered. "A girl somehow knew my name and gave it to me, but there was no name on the "from" part. Maybe Midnight ate it off because it looked ripped."

"What did your host family get you?" I asked. She shrugged.

"I don't know if they sent it yet, but nothing so far," she whispered sadly. I nodded as the lunch bell rang. Every house was combined to one table, so Chrys and I took the last two seats at the far end of the table. None of Potter's friends were there, but I had a plan to beat them at their own curse.

"Did you ever eat a big Christmas dinner at home?" I asked. She shook her head.

"Never," she whispered. "When they locked me away, they would only send down partially opened cans of certain things, a flask of water, that sort of thing. They never let me know what the day was, or the date. Everything I ever knew of those years were books. Those were the only things they ever sent down that actually made me feel better. I plan to read many of the books from this library this break, and throughout the year, well until finals."

"My parents would argue and yell at each other all the time. It was like they couldn't see me, and they definitely did not care about my well-being. My father was furious when he found out what my mother and I were. I was told everything my mother thought was necessary before I came here. It looks like your father would've done them same if he could," I whispered. She touched her amulet a little.

"I wonder why he left, though. That was the only reason why I was put into the basement in the first place: he was the only thing keeping her from doing it. I wonder how he knew," she whispered.

"We can get your records and see his blood status. Maybe he came here one day, but he might be a Muggle," I whispered.

"What's that?"

"They are those who do not have powers, like my father and your mother. They can sometimes, but very rarely, produce children, and if they produced a child with powers like you, I can understand perfectly why they would be scared."

"Thanks for the confidence boost," she whispered. "I'm sure that every Flame Witch needs to be told that their entire blood line would think of them as a freak," she said angrily. She finished her pumpkin juice quickly and left the table. I did not try to stop her as a chant of "Flame Witch" came from some Gryffindor boys. She continued to walk as I finished my food. I then went the library to find her.

In a back corner, she sat. Candles were lit to help her read and a large stack was blocking her almost entirely.

"I'm sorry," I whispered. She glanced at me.

"I know," she whispered angrily, "But you know how I am."

I glanced to her amulet, which was bright red.

"Look at your amulet," I whispered. She did and gasped.

"How did it do that?" she asked. I shrugged and sat beside her quietly.

"I wanted to make it up to you though," I smiled.

"No, it's fine."

"Are you sure? I was hoping you would be more prodding about a certain…item," I grinned. She glanced at me.

"Alright, but only because you seem so enthusiastic."

"Well, I got you the sweater," I smiled. She smiled.

"I got you the notebook, but I was given it before I came. I think I might have used it, but I can't remember. Writing is one of my things, but I haven't been able to use it. I used to make a flicker on my finger and burn things into the wood of the basement, but I think they found it somehow. I might've hit a pipe," she smiled. I grinned.

"I hope you and your father can make it up to each other. You need the guidance, I think," I whispered. She didn't say anything for a minute, but then she looked to me.

"I wanted to be in Slytherin, but the hat told me that it would not work and immediately put me in Ravenclaw. Why would it do that?"

"You are very smart. Ravenclaws are known for their smarts, and the hat could tell that you were good with education," I whispered. I saw that she was a little confused. "Well, think about it. You taught yourself control, you taught yourself not just give up on anything because you were abandoned, and you could probably teach yourself anything with the right hand. Slytherins are the same, but we are darker. You, despite the Flame, are a good person. Slytherin might turn you towards something you're not."

"Severus, can I write all of that down?" she asked. I shrugged.

"It's what you choose to remember, so of course."

"I just feel like…you should hear it again. I want you to stay good like me, okay. You and Lily both, even though we don't talk that much."

"She cares about you. She knows that, despite your powers, you are a good person. Gryffindor tends to be…smart but they cannot think. Those boys have no knowledge of how to be sympathetic or any of that," I whispered. She nodded.

"And you care about her," she whispered. I was stunned that she knew this, and I was a little taken back by someone noticing, but I could only nod. "It's nothing bad, Severus. Things happen, and no matter what other people think, you should care about her and she should care more about you."

"What do you mean?" I asked. I wanted to test her, really, and to see if she saw the same acts that I saw many times.

"She goes off with people who taunt you. A true friend would never take sides with an enemy, even if it is something as small as being friends with the bullies in your life," she whispered.

"You are wiser than any Gryffindor would be," I whispered. I looked to her stack. She picked up a black book.

"Never read this, Severus," she whispered.


"It is all Dark magic. I read it last night and I was truly horrified. They have one that literally crushes the skull of its victims."

"If I ever read it, it will be in the name of education on the subject," I whispered, holding up my hand.

"You have to take an oath, Severus," she said sternly. She lit a small flicker on her finger. "As long as this scar exists, you will follow that oath. Promise?" she asked. I held out my hand to her. I nodded and watched as she made a "C" on my hand. It hurt very badly, but I clenched my teeth and held it as she nodded.

"Can you do something, Chrys?" I asked. She nodded. "Write your father because he needs to know you got your gift."


"I can help you, but it needs to be done," I whispered. She nodded.

"But only if you find time to talk to me. We will meet every night in the library, and Lily can too if she wants. We can study for finals together."

"I'll be there."

After taking his oaths, and I mine, Severus and I met and talked every day. He helped me write a letter to my father.

Dear Father,

It's me, Chrys. I received your amulet in post and I want to thank you. It suits me perfectly and I wanted to know the history of it. I feel like it has something to do with my power.

I also have something else to ask of you, and Mother as well: why is my power such a burden to both of you? It is a wonderful power, and it is very useful for many reasons, such as defense and potions class for when a little extra heat is needed. I want to know more about my power from you, or from Mother, depending on whose it was. I understand the whole Muggles and Witches thing, and I would love to know more about the family you both never gave me a chance to know.

Please know that this letter is not a sign of forgiveness, fore you both can never be forgiven for the hell you have put me through, but it can be seen as a window to get to that point and to give you a successor. I am smart, just like a friend told me. I am in Ravenclaw, if that says anything. Please, answer this letter and my questions, and know that I am happy here and I am not troubled in life because of you, it is all because of my power, despite my love for it. Thank you, again, for my amulet. It is beautiful and I would love to know what kind of stone it is.


Chrys Pyronson, Flame Witch

Severus proofread it for me before we tied it to Midnight's leg. As he flew off into the dimming light, a train whistle was audible through the sound of falling snow, along with the knowledge that I would finally feel as if I belonged since the beginning of my journey to Hogwarts Academy.

Lily was very fond of me, and she loved my amulet and new sweater. She liked our study session idea and they both helped in any subject where help was needed. I actually found myself helping Severus in Astronomy. He thanked me deeply for the help and showed me his test grade to prove of my teaching abilities.

"Typical Ravenclaw help, right there," he smiled. Lily nodded in agreement with a confused look on her face as I passed her a book called Hogwarts Houses: A History. She nodded and promised to read it over the next weekend. Severus promised to check out the book himself once he finished with some books on other academies across Europe. I enjoyed them very much and I felt happy when Severus accepted them.

Over the next few weeks, I watched every morning for the mail, hoping to see Midnight in the swarm of owls, but I never saw him.

"Your father is probably trying to talk to your mother. It is very hard once they run out," Severus smiled.

"They separated?" Lily asked. Severus nodded sadly. "When was this?"

"I received the letter this Monday. My father was asking if I knew my mother's address because she took quite a few of his things. I just assumed that she had walked out on him," he whispered. Lily then glanced at his hand.

"What happened to your hand?" she asked. He glanced to me and I shook my head slightly and looked down to my paper.

"Just an accident in potions, but I like the design it left, so I decided not to get it healed."

"It looks like a 'C.' How did that happen?" she asked sternly.

"Like I said, an accident. I was probably moving when it happened. Right, Chrys?"

"Yeah," I whispered. "Can you help me on this Transfiguration spell? Since Midnight is gone I can't do it right," I smiled as something landed on my shoulder. "Midnight!" I smiled. He hopped onto the table and Severus took the letter off his talon. "Then you can help me, boy!" I smiled, rubbing his feathers.

"Chrys, look at the seal," Severus whispered. A seal was burnt into the paper, and I knew it was from a Flame Witch power.

"You can read it when we're done, once you're alone," Lily whispered. I shook my head quietly as I turned the letter in my hand.

"Severus helped me write it, and he can read it when I'm done," I smiled. I then broke the seal.

Dear Chrys,

I am glad that you like the amulet. As you assumed, it is a family air loom. I wanted to tell you about that, but I had to be careful to send out this letter.

I am happy to hear that you are in Ravenclaw. I was in Slytherin personally and your mother was in Ravenclaw. She may not seem like much of a Witch from the outside, but she was very powerful in her day. She wanted me to tell you that.

I wanted to explain a few more things than blood to you. Yes, I am the one who gave you the power, but that was not what ruined your time with you and us. You see, I am a Death Eater for You-Know-Who. I was just starting things with him when you came along, and your mother hated it because she knew how valuable you would be to him. You are a pure blood all the way, but you are also, just like you call yourself, a Flame Witch. Your mother was so afraid after I decided to leave, so she hid you away. Your name could not be changed, so we wanted to see what would happen once Hogwarts contacted you. The host family was our best option, and despite Dumbledore's knowledge of your history and your need to learn to protect yourself, he saw, through spies of course, that the family was the best route for you. Your mother and I do still care about you, but the danger is real. Please, take every step you can to take your Defense Against the Dark Arts to the best it could ever be, and please, be watchful. I have but a small part in You-Know-Who's fan base, if you catch my drift.

I hope your power becomes greater in time, sincerely,

Jonathon Pyronson

"You look stunned," Lily whispered. I nodded.

"Well?" Severus asked. I shook my head. "What did he tell you?"

"Yes, my parents split up, and it was about me, but not in the way that I always thought. My father is a Death Eater," I whispered as quietly as I could. Lily looked confused, but Severus lost what color he had.

"How is that possible? You're in Ravenclaw."

"I know, but that is because of my mother."

"Your mother? You're Pure?" Severus asked. I nodded.

"And what difference does that make, Sev?"

"None, but from all she told me, I just assumed that…"

"That one of them was a Muggle?"

"One with good tastes, maybe. Listen, it makes no difference," Severus stammered. I realized, at that moment, that he had problems saying the right things to her. Somehow I knew that I would always be number two to him, even though he and Lily would loose touch. Somehow I was right.