Severus and I had a son, who I named Severin Albus, just as Severus and I agreed. We spoke over the connection, but soon he was here, right here, just as the baby turned a month old. Severus and I were finally together, and we would stay that way: a family.

One night, I felt hot and I woke with fear. My amulets were all burning, and I used my powers to see their signal. It had died. Severus and I both knew what that meant: Father had died, portraying Severus. He took Severus's place, and now he was dead. I was devastated. When the papers arrived the next morning, we received an entire list of the dead: one thousand Flame Witches, with most being in an offset battle away from Hogwarts, but with the rest being within the school itself. Among the names were students Severus and I both knew well, but Harry Potter was not among the list. Severus smiled at that part.

"I thought you couldn't stand him," I whispered.

"I loved his mother, remember? He had her eyes," he smiled dreamily. I turned his head towards mine.

"You have me now, Sev, and Severin. What about us?"

"You're better than that brat, but at least I held up my bargain," he replied. I nodded and turned back to the paper. His name was on the list.

"Severus, how are we going to move on?" I asked.

"Flame Witches are moving here and becoming people who have died. We'll become permanent vacationers. We'll stay here and help add to the numbers."

"Will we?" I asked with a smile.

A couple of days later, we received this letter:

Dear Chrys and Severus,

I am going to die, but it is with good intentions. Severus, I have known for years that Voldemort would kill you, and I knew why: He was a power-hungry bastard who would even kill his best men to better himself. He knew all of your secrets, and He knew of your abilities. I knew that those abilities would come back to haunt you, and that is mainly why I took your place. Also, I wanted Chrys to stay with you. She's lost many things in life, and having you by her side will help her forget of those losses, even if it is only for a moment.

Know that I love each of you, and Severin, and know that I will always be with you, either in spirit or in your heart. I will miss every moment with you, but you should live your lives to the fullest. There is much left, and with Voldemort gone, you can live easier.

Now, go enjoy life, my treat. Enclosed is a check for one million I received from your mother's insurance policy. She became a Muggle in her last years, and she promised me the money, but I have decided that you need it more than me. Besides, I have passed away now. All of my assets are your assets. Also, so are my memories. After fulfilling Severus's only request (yes, Chrys, I told him and swore him to secrecy), I decided to do the same. In the canteen are all of my memories, of your mother, of my parents, of everything, skipping certain ones of course. Either way, enjoy seeing my life, fore I have enjoyed seeing yours. I love you both, and goodbye. We'll be together soon.


After the sadness passed, I watched his memories. He and Mother were young lovers, but without the conflicts Severus and I had, to an extent. We learned nothing from them, until the end. He did a very good job playing Severus, but mostly after the many hours of practice. I had no idea, and I also got to see that he was the best at giving advise to anyone, particularly me. It ended my sadness, and his loss seemed lesser.

After we received that blow, Severus and I returned to life as normal. We conceived three more children: Lillian Christina, Jonathon Maxwell, and Cameron Severia. They each had two children, but Severin Albus became one of the founders of a sister school of Hogwarts. The sister school was located on the estate of Severus and me, purchased with my inheritance. Today, it reigns as one of the best magic schools in American, but we are still no match for Hogwarts. Either way, it was Severus's dream, and he died with it. I will pass away last, mostly because I am the one who leads the magic school, and the students are allowed to practice healing techniques on me. We plan on opening a special magical hospital, but after my death of course. When I pass away, I plan to spend eternity with the one man I had to fight to attain and my father had to fight to keep alive: Severus Snape.


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