Hi guys this story is set just after No Way Out when Edge won the World Heavyweight Championship and the night he was flaunting it around yelling "wrong" at the crowd :P

I decided to make it the next in my Maybe Something More series since it seemed to have a similar storyline to the others.

It was a request for JoMo Fan_Spot so JoMo I hope you enjoy. There should be quite a few chapters.

It was Monday Night, the night after No Way Out and Edge, aka Adam Copeland, was driving everybody nuts flaunting the title belt around in the locker room. He was strutting around with it on his shoulder doing that stupid head wobble thing. He looks like a Goddamn rooster strutting around the barn, Randy thought as he shook his head at the pathetic sight and tried to get changed. It was time to head back to the hotel and get some much-needed rest. After his No Way Out match and his match tonight with Shane he was in desperate need of some R & R. But Adam's antics were distracting him.

Paul Levesque walked in and Randy groaned as Paul told Adam to "shut the fuck up" and Adam didn't take the hint, instead walked up to him and said he'd do as he "goddamn liked".

As Paul clenched his fist preparing to hit Adam without Adam even realising the danger he was in Randy stood up and grabbed Adam away from Paul. "For god's sakes Adam just can it alright? We're all tired and just want to go back to the hotel. Just get changed already and shut up," Randy hissed at him, trying to get him to take the hint.

"Oh are you jealous Randy? Is that it? I won a belt and you didn't even get a title shot" Adam scoffed.

Randy rolled his eyes and replied "I didn't 'win' a belt because I wasn't scripted to 'win' a belt – I don't fucking care if I have a belt or not!" He used air quotes whenever saying the word win just to emphasise the word and irritate Adam further.

Then he hoisted his bag onto his shoulder and went to leave the locker room. Unfortunately for Randy Adam chose to follow so he could continue taunting Randy in the hopes of pissing him off.

"As if you don't care – real or not everyone wants to be the man wearing the belt Randy. You're no exception Mr Cried-when-I-became-the-youngest-champion"

"It's different the first time. That's when you know you made it big and you're over with the fans and the company" Randy shrugged. "After that it's just a belt"

"Well right now it's my belt, and I've seen the way you've looked at it. You can't fool me I know you wish you were me right now"

Randy just laughed and kept walking as if it was all a big joke. Dammit! He's not getting mad like everyone else Adam thought to himself, intrigued that Randy didn't seem to be taking the jibes aimed at pissing him off when it worked for everyone else. Adam loved to annoy the crap out of people just for fun.

Since words didn't seem to be working Adam started dancing around Randy with the belt as they walked. "Would you cut that out?" Randy snapped, finally starting to get annoyed.

Adam grinned seeing a crack in Randy's defences and continued dancing and then added a little song. "I am so great, I am so great"

Randy growled and stopped walking. "You know what Adam you're a fucking Joke that's what you are! Great my ass! You drive everybody nuts. They hate you! Stop kidding yourself thinking you're some great champion. If anyone deserves to hold that belt then yeah It's me! I could out wrestle or out promo you any day of the week!" Randy shouted finally losing his cool.

Adam couldn't help but be insulted. "I'm a joke? A joke? I have been the one keeping Smackdown from going under for the last few years! I've worked damn hard to entertain the fans, keep them watching. It's me they tune in to see. Out promo me? I don't think so! Out wrestle me? Maybe if you got me on a bad day. Pfft! Yeah right – in your dreams!"

Randy dragged Adam into the nearby men's room and then held him up against the door and whispered harshly "If you don't want to get your ass beaten up by someone like Mark Calaway I would stop saying shit like that Adam. Jesus Christ you have a mouth on you!"

Adam just smirked and said "I bet you wish it was on yours"

"What?" Randy asked with shock.

"I said I bet you wish my mouth was on yours" Adam repeated slowly.

"You're insane!" Randy growled and went to push past Adam and out the door only to end up with Adam's lips crushed against his and Adam's hands on either side of his face so he couldn't escape the kiss.

Damn if Adam didn't have the softest lips he'd ever felt. He groaned and found himself kissing Adam back. Soon he was the aggressor, pushing Adam back against the door again so he could plunder his mouth more deeply, his tongue plunging in to taste Adam and he moaned. Fuck he tastes so good Randy admitted to himself as they kissed passionately.

"Told you that you wanted me" Adam panted arrogantly as they broke away.

"Shut the hell up for once in your life" Randy replied breathlessly before he kissed Adam again.

Soon their attention turned to their clothing and they fumbled in their hurry to undress each other before finally ending up naked enough for Randy to bend Adam over the sink and slam inside him. The sounds of skin slapping against skin and their heated breaths echoed around the room as they fucked. Randy's hands pulled Adam's hips as close to him as possible as he pounded Adam relentlessly. "Shit you're tight" Randy groaned as he drove himself into Adam, his eyes closed tight as he fought to stay in control long enough to take them both over the edge. "And you look so fucking hot… fucking me" Adam panted. Randy looked into the mirror to see Adam was watching them through it. They did look hot together. One look at them was enough for Randy to lose it and he groaned as he flooded Adam with his cum. Watching Randy cum was enough to make Adam cum too and he finally closed his eyes as his orgasm hit him. "Oh fuck! Randy!" He gasped as he came all over the sink.

They stood there panting for breath for a moment before they started to dress again. Randy couldn't get over how intense it had been. He'd screwed Adam… and liked it. He shuddered. Sure he was gay, but Adam wasn't his taste in the slightest.

Adam looked at him like he was unsure of what to say or do next and Randy realised he'd finally shut the Rated R Superstar up. His work now done he left without another word, embarrassed he'd been with Adam of all people.

Adam sighed with disappointment after he'd left. He'd thought maybe there was a connection between them worth exploring, but obviously Randy just saw what had happened as a bit mistake.

He hadn't set out to tease Randy that way… hadn't meant to kiss him… but Randy was so hot, and finally having his attention solely fixated on himself, well it had been a major turn on. He hadn't wanted it to end…. And who said it had to? He already wanted Randy again. Wanted to feel Randy inside him. Damn, he was getting hard just thinking about it. Sorry Randy but I'm not finished with you just yet Adam thought to himself, smirking as he walked out and headed for the carpark.