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Later that night after Adam and Randy's matches Adam was strutting around the locker room with his belt over his shoulder doing his famous head wobble. "Who are the big men around here now ha? Ha?" He was saying to Cena as he tried to dress. Randy watched on adoringly as he held his own belt. He'd already finished dressing and was waiting for Adam to get around to it.

"Adam shut the hell up. You've banged my man up badly the least you can do is let him get changed in peace!" Shawn yelled before turning to Randy "Good god how do you put up with him?"

Randy shrugged and said "I love the guy". Shawn shook his head before putting and arm around John and helping him limp out of the building.

Adam came up to Randy and stole a quick kiss. "I'm feeling Randy tonight baby" he said as he rubbed Randy through his pants and giggled at the double meaning to his words. "Get changed then so we can go back to our room and celebrate already" Randy encouraged, removing Adam's hand before he got too excited. Now was not the time or place.

Finally Adam was ready to go and they headed back to the hotel. When they got through the door Randy went to kiss Adam but he ducked and said "uh uh uh. Not yet. I'm just going to slip into something more comfortable" before he went into the bathroom with his bag.

Randy shrugged and started getting undressed until he was sitting on the couch naked. A few minutes later Adam came out in nothing but the belt. "You like?" Adam asked as he walked towards him. "Oh yeah I have a new appreciation for title belts!" Randy said as he grabbed Adam's hips. Adam removed Randy's arms and did a little Santino (Or Santina) style dance being silly. "Yeah dance for me baby" Randy moaned as he watched.

Adam smirked and turned the silly dancing into a full blown lap dance, grinding his ass against Randy's cock until Randy couldn't take his teasing anymore. "Oh fuck!" He cursed before he grabbed Adam and threw him onto the bed and took off the belt. "No more teasing I need you now!" Randy panted. They kissed hungrily as Randy prepared Adam and then he was plunging inside, Adam's legs over his shoulders as he deepened the angle of his thrusts. "Yes! Randy! Fuck me hard!" Adam moaned and wrapped his legs around Randy's waist. "Like this baby?" Randy asked as he slammed into Adam so hard the bed was rocking. "Yes! Shit you're so deep!" Adam whimpered. Randy groaned and captured Adam's lips for another passionate kiss. Adam's nails raked down Randy's back and his teeth bit into Randy's shoulder but all he could feel was his cock burrowing in and out of Adam's tight hole. He grabbed Adam's cock with one hand and started stroking knowing he was getting close and wanting Adam to come with him. "Oh Shit! Randy I'm gonna cum!" Adam moaned as Randy started hitting his sweet spot so stars danced before his eyes. "Randy!" He shouted as he came, coating their stomachs with his sticky cum. "Fuck! Adam! Oh yes!" Randy groaned as he came deep inside Adam, holding him close as he came down from the high.

Randy rolled to the side with much effort and then lay there wondering if he was dying. He couldn't seem to move a muscle.

Adam went into the bathroom and came back with a wash cloth and started washing them both while he kissed his way down Randy's neck and Randy realised there was still one muscle that could move. He grinned and pulled Adam's face to his to steal a tender kiss before he broke away and tried to sit up. "I've got something for you" Randy yawned. Trying to play down the importance of the moment.

Adam, now intrigued, raised a brow and sat up too. He watched as Randy fumbled around trying to find something in his bag before he came back to the bed and gave it to him.

It was a small box of some kind and he suddenly realised what it might be. His heart went in overdrive beating like crazy as he opened the box with shaky hands. In it was what looked like a very tiny championship belt but when he pulled it out it was a gold ring designed to look like a belt. Randy watched Adam's eyes light up with comprehension and realised the small fortune he paid to get it custom made were worth it. "It has some engraving too" Randy pointed out and Adam read the words on the inside of the ring. "You'll always be champion of my heart love Randy"

Adam burst into tears and Randy kneeled on the bed before him. "Adam I love you even though you drive me and everyone else mad. *Ahem!* Anyway I just wanted to know will you.." Adam tackled Randy back onto the bed and covered his face with kisses as he yelled "yes yes yes!"

"Wait! I haven't asked you yet!"

"Well you better have been asking me to marry you mister!"

"Of course I was"

"Well I've already said yes so there's no need to ask me" Adam replied then when Randy went to speak again added "Less talking more sexing" And kissed Randy again.



The next Friday night they announced their engagement to everyone in the locker room. Glen, who had been standing by the door slipped out seeing the way Phil's eyes lit up. No way was he doing a renewal of vows AGAIN! Everyone was happy for them, although bets started on whether Adam would turn into a bridezilla and cause them to break up before the wedding.

But they proved everyone wrong when the wedding went off without a hitch. Mainly because Randy had just let Adam do whatever he wanted and gone with the flow.

After the wedding the newlyweds took off for their honeymoon leaving everyone to party the night away.

The talk of the night was on Jay Reso (Christian) and Jake Hager (Jack Swagger), who were caught eyeing each other off all night. Bets were made on who would be the next to tight the knot and Jay and Jake were strong favourites…