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Our Son

Chapter 1: Sixteen Years Ago

"Tears are words the heart can't express." Anonymous

Letty woke up on her hospital bed in the maternal ward, looking for her newborn baby. She called out, "Excuse me," to a passing nurse, when she noticed that the crib wasn't occupied. "Where's my kid?" asked Letty, she really wanted to see her kid, the person she had carried, cared and provided for for seven months.

"Um…maam, I'm going to go get your doctor, please wait up a second," said the nurse and then presumably went to retrieve the doctor that had operated on her. Letty wondered what her kid looked like, if it was a he or a she, but most of all she wondered how Dom would react to the news that he was a father.

You see, Letty hadn't exactly been able to tell him because he'd been out on a project for six months, with no contact, and she'd found out she was pregnant five months ago, a month after he'd left. She was pulled out of her internal monologue by the arrival of the nurse and a pretty, blonde-haired lady, who she assumed was her doctor, in a pink blouse and brown, Capri-length, gaucho pants.

The lady, proving that Letty was right, said, "Hi, I'm Dr. Bell and I performed you C-section."

"Hi," said Letty, impatiently but not rudely, "Where's my baby?"

Looking truly sorry, the young doctor replied, "I'm sorry to say that your baby's dead," with these words Letty's world performed a three-sixty, her baby was dead. She was so lost in her grief that she almost didn't hear Dr. Clock say, "We got him out fine, but he was two months premature. We though he was fine, when we got him out, but he died after his first hour. The doctor, who was new at working in the NICU I think, said that he died and that they already cremated him."

Letty was incensed, they had cremated her baby without her permission before she got to see him! Like a hormonal woman, which she probably was, all her anger suddenly turned into sorrow, her baby was dead and he…, "My baby was a boy?"

With a sympathetic expression on her face, Dr. Clock said, "Yeah, he was adorable even though he was all pink. He had beautiful blonde hair…." Here she paused as if just remembering something, "I'll be right back," and with that she headed off to God knows where, and was back before the minute was over, this time carrying a Kodak package in her hand. Handing the package to Letty, Dr. Clock said, "Open it."

She smiled at the surprised gasp Letty gave at the contents, it was pictures of a baby Brian (although Letty didn't know it yet), "These are pictures of Brian we took right after we got him out and it was safe for him. It's hospital policy we always take these pictures incase parents want to buy them, but I never thought it could be this useful."

"Brian?" asked Letty, wondering who had named her son exactly what she had wanted to name him.

"Um…I named him that, I saw it circled on that notebook right there and…and I didn't want him to die without a name. I hope I didn't cross any boundaries." She looked scared, as if scared that Letty would actually be mad at her for not letting her baby die without a name.

"It's okay, you didn't cross a boundary, in fact, I'm very thankful. Besides you shouldn't be worried, the hospital should, they cremated my baby without my approval!" Suffice it to say that Letty's earlier anger had returned.

Five Days Later

Letty sighed as she walked out of the hospital, she couldn't believe that her son was dead and that she hadn't sued the hospital for cremating her son without her consent. Letty had wanted to do it with every fiber of her being, but the part of her that loved Dom didn't want to put him through the same grief that she was going through, the grief of losing your child. She knew that if she had gone through with it, it would have turned into a big story for the media, announcing her story to everyone and Dom would know. So, for the rest of her life, Letty would have to live with pictures of her son and not the real thing and deal with the sadness that though generated.


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