Author's Notes: I really need to learn how to turn down a challenge. This story is being written as a challenge from 'grumpywinter.'

now if only you did another NarutoxRosario vampire cross with Tsukune paired with Moka and Naruto paired with Kurumu or the snow girl in it

So here it is another story written because of a challenge.


The world was on fire! All around him the buildings burned and crumbled beneath his paws. A few ninja attacked him but were no match for his power. Screams filled the air as ordinary people ran for their very lives. He pulled his head back and roared. Blind hatred consumed him. He couldn't remember what it was that had sparked him all he knew was that he wanted to destroy! Opening his jaw he sent out a stream of fire. Fresh screams greeted him and his heart leapt in wicked satisfaction.


They had come here to rescue him. To retrieve their friend and teammate and bring him back home. But he had greeted them with contempt and indifference.

And with a sword in his hand.

"You don't understand Naruto," he'd said with that calm Uchiha certainty. "I could have killed you then, I spared you only on a whim. But this time, for a whim, I will end your life."

And in the blink of an eye Sasuke was standing in front of him with his sword. Naruto could have dodged but he deliberately chose not to. He had to believe that despite his words the bonds between them were still there. That somehow they still mattered to Sasuke just as they always had to him and Sakura. So he stood his ground.

Sasuke did not hesitate and aimed for the heart.

"Sasuke no!" Sakura cried out and leapt into the way.

The sword stabbed into her chest and through. He blood splattered onto Naruto's face and Sasuke's hands.

She was facing him, Sasuke, the boy she had loved once and still cared for. She looked into his red eyes and searched for something; regret, love, sorrow, anything.

But he looked into her dying face with only an impassive disinterest. "Goodbye Sakura." He yanked his sword out and leapt away.

Sasuke, she thought.

"SAKURA!" Naruto screamed and caught her as she fell back. Her blood was pouring out onto his jacket. "Sakura-chan! Sakura-chan! Hold on please!" Yamato and Sai were kneeling beside him as he held her in his arms. "Please help her!"

"She's the only medic nin here Naruto," Yamato said sadly. "And it wouldn't do any good, it's a fatal wound."

"I am sorry Naruto-kun," Sai said with his painful lack of expression.

"Na… ruto," Sakura whispered. "It's all right," she gently reached out and touched his cheek, wiping his tears. "Don't cry for me."

"You can't die Sakura-chan! Please! Please don't leave me!"

"I'm so… sorry Naruto, so sorry for so mu… much," she gasped and a trickle of blood came from her mouth. "Forgive me…"

"Sakura," he wept. "Everything, everything was forgiven a long time ago. I love you! I love you Sakura–chan!"

"I… love … you too. Naruto… he…. Sasuke, he's not worth … saving…" She gave a final gasp and as he watched the light left her eyes forever.

"Sakura! No, oh Sakura no! Please no! Sakura!" He held her close and held her.

"Ku, ku, ku what a touching scene," Orochimaru called out from the ruins above them. At his side were Kabuto and Sasuke who was calmly wiping the blood from his sword.

"Why are you crying Naruto?" Sasuke called down. "Do you think she would want you to dry over her?"

Naruto looked up at the calm figure of Sasuke cleaning his sword, wiping away Sakura's blood like it were some sort of filth. Sasuke who had become like a brother to him, for whom he had done everything over the last three years. "Why?" He called up in a shaky voice. "Why?!"

"I didn't mean to kill her, I meant to kill you. But what does it matter? You were all dead the moment you decided to come here."

"We came here for you Sasuke!!" He screamed. "Sakura-chan and I, all we wanted was to save you!"

He shook his head. "Then you were both fools. I told her the night I left the village and you at the valley of the end that it was too late, that I had made my choice. You should have listened."

"How can you say that?! You KILLED her Sasuke! Doesn't that mean anything to you?!"

"No, nothing at all. I told you Naruto I have severed all my bonds except for one. You and she are nothing to me."

Naruto stared up at him and felt the unbearable rage building inside. "You're right Sasuke; I never wanted to believe it until now. I believed that the bonds we made could never be severed. That they were too strong for that. I believed that right up until the moment your sword went into her. Now I finally understand. You're right; the bonds between us are gone. You are not my brother, my teammate, or even my friend. All you are to me now is a traitor and an enemy."

Sasuke nodded approvingly. "It's good that you finally see the truth, I just wish it had come sooner."

"Me too." He gently laid Sakura down and stood up. He then took off the Hokage necklace and handed it to his sensei. "Yamato-sensei, Sai, please give this back to the Hokage and return Sakura for proper burial."

"Naruto what do you think you're doing?" His eyes widened. "You can't be thinking to use the fox again."

"Please get out of here sensei," he said calmly. "I don't want you or Sai hurt."


"Please go now!" he growled. His eyes had become red and the red chakra was seeping out of him.

Sasuke smirked. "That won't work Naruto."


Sasuke found himself standing in a sewer before a cage with a seal on it. "So you are the Kyuubi," he said calmly.

Behind the cage two eyes opened and teeth smiled down. "An Uchiha with the vile sharingan. It is long since time you and your cursed clan became extinct."

"Don't bother with threats," he said idly. "You can do nothing to me."

"Oh I'm not the one you need to fear."

And before he could respond Sasuke felt pain stabbing through his back. His chest exploded as a hand with a rasengan forced its way out of him.

"Burn in hell you traitor." Naruto spoke from behind.


Without warning Sasuke staggered and collapsed.

"Sasuke-kun! What's wrong?' Orochimaru cried out. "Kabuto!"

"Yes Lord," Kabuto hurriedly examined him.


In his mindscape Sasuke vanished in a puff of smoke. "Arrogant bastard did he think he could come into my mind and control me?"

"He could have had he not been forced to use the sharingan's power to limit me." The fox chuckled. "You do know he's not dead right?"

He will be in a minute," Naruto said.

The fox laughed. "He nearly kills you and you forgive him. He kills the female and suddenly you're hungry for his blood."

"Shut up! Sakura wasn't just anyone! She was the girl I cared about! And I'll never forgive him for killing her!" Naruto looked at the fox. "I want power! Lots of it! I'm killing Not only Sasuke but Orochimaru and Kabuto too! Give me all the power I can stand!"

The fox roared with laughter. "Done."


Yamato felt the power surging through Naruto and knew instantly there was only one thing for him to do. He scooped up Sakura and fled. "Sai run!"

"But Naruto-kun?" His teammate was now covered in red chakra.

"There's nothing we can do now! If we stay we die!"

Regretfully Sai fled and followed his captain.


As Naruto transformed he lost all conscious thought ort control. As before when he had turned to four tails.

Only this time he didn't stop at four.


Naruto opened his weary eyes. "Where?" he felt exhausted and sore.

"Naruto you're awake! Thank kami!" A familiar voice cried.

"Nice to have you back kid."

Naruto turned his head to see Tsunade and Jiraiya both sitting next to a small bed. He recognized where he was immediately. "How'd I wind up in the hospital?"

"Yamato brought you here after… after you were done." Tsunade said uncomfortably.

"What's the last thing you remember kid?" Jiraiya asked.

"Sakura," he said weakly. "Sasuke killed Sakura."

"Do you remember anything after that?" Tsunade asked gently.

Naruto tried to think. "No, nothing. What happened?"

He saw baachan and ero-sennin look at one another nervously. "Don't worry about that for now," Tsunade said. "For the time being you just rest and recover your strength. We'll talk later. And here, Yamato said you wanted him to give this to me for some reason." She held out her necklace to him.

Naruto stared at his with a painful, expression on his face. "I can't accept that."

"Why ever not?"

"Because it wouldn't be safe, the curse would get me since I'm not going to be Hokage anymore."

"What?" They both gasped.

"What the hell are you talking about kid?" Jiraiya demanded. "Since when are you giving up on your dream?"

"Since I failed to save Sasuke," he answered quietly. "Someone who can't even save his best friend has no business becoming Hokage."

"Naruto that's…" Jiraiya began but Tsunade put a hand on his arm and gave him a wary look.

"We'll talk about this later," she said.

"Baachan, before you go I need to know one thing, please."

"What is it Naruto?"

"Did I kill him? Did I kill Sasuke?"

Tsunade looked at him and slowly nodded. "Yes, you did."

He leaned back in his bed and shut his eyes. "Good."

The two Sannin shared another wary look before quietly leaving the room. Out in the corridor no less than ten ANBU stood guard. Given all the death threats they'd received from both within and outside Konoha security was exceedingly tight.

Returning to the Tower the protesters were still there keeping it under siege. There had to be at least three or four thousand of them. All of them demanding the same thing.

Naruto's execution.


Inside the Tower a haggard looking Shizune was waiting for her. With her spending most of the last two weeks in the hospital by Naruto's side Shizune had been left to try and deal with the mounting fury. She told her apprentice that Naruto was finally awake which brought a momentary smile to Shizune's face. The happiness was too short lived as she was forced to bring the Hokage up to speed.

"The representatives from Iwa, Kiri, and Kumo are demanding another audience with you." Shizune told her.

"They can go to hell!" Tsunade said angrily. "How dare they come in here and demand I put Naruto to death!"

"They say that if you don't comply then they will go to war with us," Jiraiya said quietly.

"Temari, the ambassador from Suna was here too and she repeats the Kazekage's promise that Suna will support us if we're attacked."

"Well that's good and I appreciate it, but I'd rather not plunge the whole continent into another Great Ninja War." Tsunade said. She reached into her desk for a bottle only to see it was gone.

Shizune frowned. "I've gotten rid of all the hidden alcohol in this office. You need to be sober Lady Tsunade, now more than ever."

"Wrong, I need a drink now more than ever."

Grinning Jiraiya produced a small metal flask and handed it over. "Here you go."

Tsunade accepted it with an eager grin. "Thanks, I take back almost all the bad things I said about you." She took a healthy swig before turning back to a disapproving Shizune. "All right, what else do you have?"

"Danzou is trying to pass a resolution through the Council to have Naruto forcibly inducted into the ANBU for, 'proper training and indoctrination.'"

Tsunade snorted. "By which he really means brainwashing."

"He hasn't gotten enough votes yet but he is close and working very hard on the remaining members." Shizune said.

"I don't give a damn how many votes he gets. I run this village not the Council. What else do you have?"

"We received another petition to have Naruto executed; this one has over twenty thousand votes and was put forward by the merchant guilds."

"This aint a democracy and it's not up for a vote!"

"Since all the other countries but Wind have begun a trade embargo the guilds are suffering."

"If they try anything with Naruto they'll suffer a hell of a lot more. What else?"

"The ANBU have foiled four more attempts on Naruto's life including one by a nurse who was trying to poison him."

That news made Tsunade turn pale. Since becoming Hokage she had worked closely with the staff there. She trusted those people! If some of them wanted to kill Naruto… "Who was it?"

"Lady Tsunade?"

"Which nurse tried to poison him?"

"Rinko," she said sadly.

Tsunade closed her eyes. "Damn it, she's been there more than a decade and I really liked her."

"What do you want done with her?"

"Same thing that's done with all the people making attempts."


"Shizune, I can't play favorites about this."

"I… suppose you can't," she admitted.

"What else?" Tsunade asked and took another drink from the flask.

"We… we've received a message from the leader of Akatsuki."

"What?" Jiraiya said. "Their leader Pein contacted us? What about?" He still knew next to nothing about the mysterious leader of Akatsuki.

"He… he says that if we will hand over Naruto to his organization he will guarantee his safety and sign an alliance and non-aggression pact with us."

"Liar! Sure they'll keep him safe! The way they did Gaara and the other jinchuuriki's they've captured. Does he really think me so stupid?" She tried drinking again and found the flask now empty. "What else is there?"

"Those cover the major events," Shizune said.

Tsunade nodded. "All right, thank you, I want to talk with the pervert here alone so no calls and no visitors. As soon as Shizune had left the office she turned to Jiraiya. "What the hell am I supposed to do?! How do I protect Naruto when I have three of the great powers, the council, and most of my own village screaming for his blood? How did we get in this position?"

"We're here because Naruto lost control of himself and unleashed eight in order to kill Sasuke, Orochimaru, and Kabuto." Jiraiya sighed. "If he'd stopped there everything would be just fine. But he didn't."

"From what you've told me the fox would have been fully in control at that point, so I don't suppose he had much choice."

"I don't imagine that's much comfort to all the dead Grass ninja and civilians."

Tsunade had nothing to say to that. After killing three traitors who more than deserved to die the fox had not been satisfied and had attacked the nearby village hidden in the Grass.

And destroyed it.

Over thirty thousand civilian dead along with about six hundred Grass ninja who had died defending their village. When the news had got out that the Kyuubi had done that everyone had started screaming that Naruto was too dangerous to be left alive. She was faced with the very real possibility of armed invasion by three of the powers and had to use her ninja to put down riots in Konoha's streets. The assassination attempts here mounting and she felt her authority was being slowly torn from her hands.

"What do I do?" She asked again.

Jiraiya looked at her and spoke with grim certainty. "You have to send him away."

"Jiraiya! How can you…"

"I don't like it anymore than you do damn it!" He said sharply cutting her off. "But we need to face facts; you can't keep him here much longer. If you do the village will explode. The other villages really will start a war or you'll be overthrown by Danzou and the Council or one of the assassination attempts will work. For his sake as well as the village's he can't stay."

Though it broke her heart Tsunade knew he was right, there was just no other way to keep him safe. "Where will he send him? Do you want him to travel with you again?"

Jiraiya regretfully shook his head. "I can't keep him with me. I have to investigate Akatsuki and having him with me would only put him in even greater danger."

"Where can we send him then? Where will he be safe?"

"I know a place," Jiraiya said. "It's hidden way in another dimension and almost impossible to reach."

"Another dimension?" She asked dubiously.

"There's more than one world Tsunade, and more than one existence." Jiraiya said. "The great sage told more of other dimensions. One earth, but an infinite number of alternate variations of that single earth. Ion one of these there exists a special hidden place that might actually be able to help Naruto gain control over the fox. I've helped him as far as I could, obviously it wasn't enough."

"Will he be safe in this, 'other dimension?'?"

"Safer than if he stays here."

She stared at him sadly. "Will he be able to come back?"

"Of course! Once it's safe for him to do so. Though given the way things are right now that may be years."

How did it come to this? Damn you Sasuke for what you've done, to him and to Sakura. "All right, we'll send him away until we can recall him. What is this place called?"

"Youkai Academy."