Gladia took out her diary. Each Solarian was required to keep one. Every day, a robot would come to teach her to read and write. Before that, a robot would record it. Even though they were her thoughts, she wasn't allowed access to them. She'd been told that each week, they would be taken back to the farm.

Klorissa Cantoro returned to her own estate. She had spent the day at the farm, training, she'd been chosen as assistant to Delmarre. She wasn't particularly happy about it, but said he needed someone dependable and capable of taking on such an important job. It wasn't a particularly pleasant job, having to endure personal presence, and dealing with children, but it was an important one. Klorissa would one day be in charge of weeding Solaria eugenically. There were only a small number of Solarians who unfortunately developed some disease which didn't come out in the gene analysis.

As part of her training, she had access to the records on the farm, and had given her a new assignment. She was to read the diaries left by other Solarians, including the ones who had lived before, and those living now. It was very disgusting, having to read what other people thought, how they felt. It seemed an invasion of privacy. She hated having to touch something another person touched. After putting on her gloves, she opened the first one, keeping as far from it as it was possible.