Today, I'm tired. It was a seeing day. I wish it wasn't. We quarreled. Or rather, I quarreled. Rikaine didn't. I was just so upset, seeing days are nothing like I thought they would be, I just lost my temper. He didn't say or do anything. Just…sit there. I told him I wish I had been assigned to someone else, and he didn't care. But why should he? He would only have said that the gene analysis indicated that I should be assigned to him.

Marriage is the hardest thing in life. It is in bad taste. Hopefully the day when seeing or marrying won't be necessary is not so far off. Everything goes well at the farm. Although the children insist on playing with one another. We have lowered the viewing age to seven years minimum. By the time they turn seven, viewing for a week at a time will be mandatory. Some take to viewing easier, but still others don't. I've thought we should only assign the ones who view instead, and permit them to have more children, while the others should not be assigned children.