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Blood Birds- Chapter 1

It was the last night of the dwenking. The moon was but a thread hanging in a dark sky. Soren and Gylfie were quietly talking to each other in the dim, first about primary feathers, then about when they could finally escape the deep canyons of St. Aegolius Academy for Orphaned Owls. Little did they know just how badly this night would end…

Soren and Gylfie joined the other owl chicks in the glaucidium to eat their evening ration of cricket. As they ate, Soren tried to persuade 47-2 to give him any information on the evening's events, for both Soren and Gylfie felt that there would be a change in many of the owls that very night, something evil.

Suddenly, the sky thrummed with the leathery snap of thousands of bat wings. The sound pulsed loudly in Sorens ear slits, and he felt as if his head would explode. All light was blocked out as the ten thousand vampire bats spiraled down.

The owls in the glaucidium began to chant to the bats, which seemed drawn by and unseen force.

Come to us and quackle and quank.

Relieve us of our stirrings

With your fangs so sharp and bright

Take this blood that's always purring.

Through our hollow bones it flows

Holding us to our mortal bodies.

Take the life from within our veins, replacing it with poison then,

So we can live, in death again

Let the power flow through our veins.

Come and drink your fill

So we might end our pains.

Soren and Gylfie watched in horror as a huge bat latched onto an owl's neck. The owl began to tremor and shake. Suddenly, the owl shot out his talons and stabbed another owl in the chest. As the owl died, the murderer stuck his beak in the bleeding wound and began to drink the crimson blood.

Soren looked away and saw several more owls do the same thing. Owl's were drinking the puddles of blood that now pooled on the stone floor of the canyon. The owls stopped and lifted their heads to the moon, which cast off a sickening red glow from their eyes.

Out of nowhere, a bat as large as Soren himself swooped down and almost bit him, but he jumped out of the way and it crashed into another bat that was coming from behind. There was a loud slap as they collided and fell to the ground, motionless. Soren then noticed that the remaining owls were advancing toward them, slowly and menacingly.

"Soren, if we ever want to fly, we need to do it now!" Gylfie shouted above the screams of death coming from all around.

He turned his head and saw her hopping and flapping her tiny wings. She picked up off of the ground for a couple of seconds and then fell, he did the same. After a few strained tries, they picked up off of the ground. An exhilarating feeling overtook him as he rose into the dark sky, Gylfie at his side.

His joy was soon shattered as he saw Jatt and Jutt,the two long-eared owls perusing them. They were so fast! Faster than any owl he had ever heard his da speak of. Jatt shouted "Come back and join our army! All it takes is one little bite!" he snapped a bloody beak at Soren's ankles, but missed.

He was saved again by a shouted order from Skench. "Jatt, Jutt get your tail feathers back here! Let them fly; they can do us no harm! Have you forgotten that we are immortal?"

The owls turned and flew back to the ground. The relief Soren felt, knowing that he and Gylfie had escaped unharmed. They were free at last, but what of the other chicks? Soren suddenly felt sick and his head began to throb, but he kept flying until they found a tree.

The two owls landed, with difficulty, on a branch and they tried to sleep. After what they had witnessed, it was impossible though. So they simply bowed their head and thought to themselves. Soren could still hear Skench shouting, "Young owls, we being the noblest of all birds have been given the gift of immortality! We have new strength, speed, minds, and hunger! Do you feel it in your gizzard? We will feed on those owls weaker than us; it is what we thirst for. We must unite and rule all of this world from Beyond the Beyond, to the Forest Kingdom of Tyto!"

Soren shivered, Tyto was his home. It was where he spent the first weeks of his existence. How could these fiends do such a thing? He had to stop listening; it pained him to think of these cannibalistic owls, if you could even call them that.

"They're trying to rule the world, aren't they?" Gylfie inquired.


Then the world around them suddenly fell into an awkward silence. There was nothing to listen to, nothing to say. Only the gentle swaying of the tree they sat in let them know that this was really real.

Eventually Soren finally asked, "What happened back there, Gylfie?"

"I don't know, Soren," the Pigmy replied solemnly. "I don't know."

Possibly to be continue…