Posted 12/14/10

A/N: I really cannot help or excuse my absence...I have a full time job as a farmer now and no regular access to a computer. All I ask is your forgivness and understanding. I will try to finish the story...I promise. Thank you to all of you who are still reading.


Sookie spent the next day relaxing and napping (or trying to in between nightmares) while Quinn finished up planning with Tray. Unfortunately, Wayne and Sid couldn't make it down for the engagement party due to a business complication in Canada.

He finally went upstairs in time to shower and get ready. When he got out of the shower he could hear Frannie and Sookie down the hall working on whatever females do before a party, so he continued to get ready and put on his suit and tie. When he emerged from the bathroom he found Sookie sitting on the bed looking very deep in thought….and she also looked stunning, even despite the dark circles under her eyes that even makeup couldn't hide.

"Babe? You okay?" He asked as he came to stand in front of her.

She came out of her reverie and looked up at him and smiled the smile of a woman with a very wicked idea in her head, "I've never been better," she answered.

Before he could ask what she meant she gripped his hands and pulled herself up off the bed. The next thing Quinn knew, she was standing on her toes and pulling his head down to meet hers in a mind-blowing kiss. God, he wanted her. He wanted to tear their clothes off and say to hell with Alcide and his party, but he doubted Sookie would go for that. He needed to stop this before they hit the point of no return and he really did tear her dress off of her.

He reluctantly pulled away from her lips and whispered, "No, we have to stop…we'll be late if we keep this up."

She looked up at him with lust filled eyes and said, "I know, I don't care. I want you Quinn, and I want them all to know that I am yours. Only yours. I want you to mark me."

He shivered at her words and held the animal inside him at bay. He needed to be sure she knew what she was asking, he growled without even meaning to, "Sookie…" Quinn closed his eyes and it took every ounce of self-control he had to steady himself. When he hesitated, she began to unbuckle his belt and pants in order to free his cock that was now hard as steel from her words.

Quinn finally gained control of the beast and reached down and gripped her hands to stop her. He met her eyes and said, "You don't know what you are asking."

She freed a hand from his grip and caressed his cheek, "I do. I really do. I talked to Amelia about it. I know what I am doing. I know what it means. Please?"

Quinn was out of his mind. This gorgeous woman, his woman, had just begged him to claim her, to mark her as his, minutes before they would be in a room full of supes who would smell and know instantly. An engagement ring, in the supe world, is nothing more than elemental, a piece of metal with a rock. This…this meant more…and that she actually knew about it and gotten more information from Amelia really must mean she knows what she is asking. Mating, true mating, isn't done lightly in the supe world, and especially not before a formal ceremony, without serious thought to the implications.

Even with their current engagement and eventually their marriage, this act would do more to solidify them as mates than any human law or ceremony could ever come close to. Even Sookie being pregnant with what most believe to be Quinn's child doesn't mean much as most weres take multiple mates in order to ensure future generations. This really would be claiming her…but not only that, she would be putting her mark on him as well. It would squash any fleeting thought about Quinn ever procreating with a tigress in the future, no matter how much some parties wanted him to. Not many Were's mated for life…they understood that they had obligations to their packs, that they should do what was best to have as many Were children as possible. The Hotshot pack was a perfect example of what many packs resorted to.

As his mind raced through all of these thoughts in mere seconds, Sookie continued to stroke his cheek. She said the one word again and it was all it took, "Please?" He locked eyes with her and something in him knew it was right. He knew she was it for him from the moment he first laid eyes on her.

Quinn couldn't take it anymore. He loosed the animal within and quicker than Sookie could track he lifted her by her ass and wrapped her legs around his waist as he spun and sat on the bed with her astride his lap. He wanted to press her against the wall and slam into her with everything he had, but the tiny part of his brain that was still sane remembered she was seven months pregnant and he needed to be somewhat gentle.

Sookie didn't seem to have any intention of being gentle as she tore at his pants and kissed and nipped at his neck. Her panties became a remnant of the past and Quinn continued kneading her ass and thighs as she finally freed his aching cock and pushed his pants and boxers down. Sookie worked a hand up and down his dick as she leaned forward to kiss him and when she bit his bottom lip he completely lost control. Quinn lifted her as if she weighed nothing and she screamed her pleasure as he impaled her on his hot throbbing member.

Their joining was exquisite and epic and they both cried out their joy in completion just as Quinn sunk his teeth into her shoulder thereby marking her as his forever. When they regained their senses, they righted their clothing and everything else that needed attention before joining the rest of their party.

As they descended the steps, they saw that Tray and Amelia were waiting on them, as they had decided to take a limo together to the party. Tray's eyebrows shot up as they approached and Quinn saw his nostrils flare slightly.

Frannie and Amelia grabbed Sookie and ushered her out the door, all gushing about how great she looked.

Tray approached Quinn and Tray whispered, "You really are trying to piss some guys off tonight aren't you?"

Quinn said lowly, "It was her idea."

Tray's mouth dropped open, but he regained his composure and said, "I always knew that girl had guts."