Bolt, Penny, and the rest of their family where watching a new "Bolt" on TV at their house.

In this episode Bolt had to save Penny from an alien that wanted to eat her brain, while Dr. Calico was busy making somekind of formula with some test tubes

"Yes with this that mutt won't said a chance against me! And neither will those pathedic aliens" Dr. Calico said then laughed evily

Just then the scene cut to Bolt fighting off the evil alien and a few of its minions.

"Oh no look out Bolt he's got a lazer gun!" Rhino screamed in terror

"Uh, you do know it's all fake. And that's not the real Bolt," Mittens said

"Ya...But it's still so awsome!" Rhino said

Just then the TV Bolt superbarked all the aliens into outer space. Then he quickly untied Penny and they both made a darring escape off the aliens spaceship back to earth. Then the credits came up signaling the end of the episode.

Penny turned off the TV and went into the kitchen to get herself, and her pets a snack

"Oh my gosh!" Rhino began "I wounder what Calicos potion will do! I hope Bolt can beat it! Can you beat it Bolt!?"

"I'm sure Bolt will," Mittens said

"Ya it's a TV show," Bolt said they'll always make me win. Though it hasn't been the same since I left the set," Bolt said

"Do you miss it?" Mittens said

"Kinda," Bolt said "All the action, the thrill, the danger..."

"It was AWSOME!" Rhino said finishing Bolts sentence

"Yeah," Bolt said

Just then their was a knock at the door

"Who could that be?" Penny's mother said as she walked to the door and opened it

"Hi. Remeber me?" a blond haired guy with glasses said

Penny and her mother knew this man very well, he was their agent when they where on "Bolt"

"What do you want?" Penny's mother asked

"I'm here to ask if Penny and Bolt would like to come back on the show," the agent said "Now I know you're probably still upset that your daughter was almost killed in the fire accident but let me just say that the producers have made some modifications and it should be accident free. They got rid of all the fire related props to. True story," the agent said

"Why do you think I'd want my daughter to go back on that show? Besides you have that other girl and dog on that show, why do you need us?" Penny's mom asked

"Well the producers and network thought it would be a cool idea to make Bolt fight...Bolt," Agent guy said

"Say what?"

"I broght the script for the two part episode," Agent guy said as he pulled out the script and opened it to a certain part

"See Bolt's going to fight an evil clone of himself that Dr. Calico creates," Agent guy said

"But why do you need Penny?" Penny's mom asked

"The network says that the new Penny is to ugly and is causing ratings to go down. Don't worry the producers got a way to make it work" Agent guy said

"Mom who's there?" Penny said coming to the door "," Penny said remebering Agent guy

"I let you and your daughter discuss it. Oh and did I mention you'll get paid $10,000 if you do,"

With that agent guy left

"Ten thousand dollars!" Penny and her mother said together

"I'll go get Bolt," Penny said

Looks like it's back to Hollywood for Bolt and Penny

What madness awaits for them and the others?