"Okay and...action!" the director said as they were about to film the conclusion of the two episode Bolt VS Bolt special

"Muwhahaha!" Dr. Calico laughed as Evil Bolt began to really bring on the pain to Good Bolt

"Itsn't this great Blacky?" Calico said to his black cat the was atop his shoulder. Yet this Blacky had blue eyes rather than his usual green. The reason for this was because this wasn't the real Blacky. It was in fact Mittens covered in black make up.

Blacky (Mittens) did her best evil laugh, and since she used to torment pigeons for a living it was accually rather good.

"Bolt! No!" Penny screamed in terror

"Oh gosh do you eveil shut up?!" Dr. Calico said really annoyed by her constant screaming "Good thing I created this potion,"

Just then Calico threw the potion onto Penny and she stared to glow green

"Ah!" she screamed in pain as her body began to shrink. In a matter of seconds she had been transformed into a hamster (Rhino).

Rhino grinned a bit at being on Bolts show with him

Good Bolt seeing that Penny was in trouble freed himself from Evil Bolt, got hampster Penny, and escaped by using his eye beam

"Grrr. They got away," Calico said

Blacky growled to

"Next time you won't be so lucky!" Calico called out "Now that I have Evil Bolt, you're doomed!"

Then the scene faddedd to some credits

"That was awsome!" Rhino said "I got to be on the magic box,"

"We all did," Mittens said as she cleaned off the black make up off her fur with her tounge

"It's great to be back on the set," Bolt said

And they all contined to live back on the set since the show now had two Bolts in it. Penny and her mom got their money, and some more for staying, Rhino continued to be Rhino.

And Mittens had a little suprise for everyone, including Blacky. She had kittens!

Apparently Blacky went "all in" when the had their moment

"Well at least I got something out of beging only half a male cat now," Blacky said

The End

Ya know I think a lot of you Bolt story wrighters should try and invest in a BlackxMittens pairings. Make more sence then all the BoltxMittens

See ya