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Kanda Yuu sighed as he looked around the cafeteria. For some odd reason, the place felt empty. It had been an entire week since Lavi, Allen, and Lenalee had gone off to a mission up in the alps leaving the raven haired exorcist alone for half that time.

Since he had finished his mission early, Komui had given him the rest of the week off. During his free time, Kanda trained and meditated in peace, but that peace quickly fell into boredom.

As he got up to dump his trash, he was tackled from behind. "Yuu!!! I've missed you!" Lavi clung to the other's back and laughed.

After a few minutes of trying to get away from the other boy, Kanda sighed and sat back down as Lavi still clung to him for dear life.

"Yuu, you wont believe what happened!" Kanda reframed from hitting Lavi since he thought that if he hit the red head too many times, he'll induce brain damage and cause Lavi to be worse than he already was.

"I don't care and stop calling me by my given name idiot." Lavi let go and smiled. That was when Kanda noticed all the dirt on the red head. "What the hell?" Lavi scratched the back of his head.

"Well, on the way back, there were these Akuma on the train and we were near the hills you see….so….uh…Oh look bookman is calling! Later Yuu!!"

And with that, the red head took off. "Che." When Kanda got back up, he noticed something. "That IDIOT!" When Lavi had hugged him, the dirt the red head was carrying on his person had rubbed off on him.

"Great, I have to change again."

Kanda then made his way out of the cafeteria and towards his room. That was when he saw Allen leaning against a wall facing away from him.

The older teen sighed and decided to walk the other way since he didn't want to have the younger boy yelling at him or starting an outburst.

After taking the long way to his room, Kanda changed into cleaner clothes and made a comment to himself to remember to slice up a certain one eyed red head.

When he made his way back out, he decided to wander around a bit. While making his way around, he remembered that Allen was at that entrance. He guessed the younger boy was probably in his room already and continued onward.

Just a few yards ahead, Allen stood in the same spot he was before, only this time, he was sitting on the floor.

Kanda walked closer to the boy and noticed that Allen hadn't changed from his mission clothes from the looks of it. They were still tattered and torn. Some burn marks here and there.

When Kanda was just standing three feet from the boy was when he noticed that Allen's breathing was staggered. He crouched down and took a closer look al Allen's face.

The boy was flushed and straining to stay awake. "Shit."

Kanda got back up and looked around. He couldn't here anyone around, nor see anyone. He sighed and crouched back down and placed his hand on the other's forehead and quickly pulled back.

"Damn it, he has fever. A really high fever. Hey, bean sprout, can you hear me?" Allen barely stirred. He strained as he tried to open his glazed eyes. "Not…..bean…" He could barely form words as he shivered uncontrollably. The fever getting the better of him.

"Just great. This is just what I need." Kanda made his way to pick the younger boy up, but Allen struggled a little. " 'm fine…" Kanda managed to put his arms around Allen and picked him up bridal style. Allen clenched his hands on the front of Kanda's clothes to keep him balanced.

"Hold on, I'm taking you to the infirmary so they can-" "Mnooooo….." Allen buried his face in Kanda's shirt. "nurse…mean…no food…"Kanda gritted his teeth and turned around making his way to Allen's room since it was closer.

As soon as he arrived, he sat Allen on the bed, but the younger teen kept rolling on his side which irritated the Japanese boy.

"Come on bean sprout, hold still. I got to get this off you before you die or something." Allen groaned again as another shiver shook him.

Kanda sighed and grabbed the emergency blade in his pocket and ripped the black coat off the half conscious boy.

He then proceeded to get his shoes off and lay the teen on the bed and threw some blankets on him. "His fever's still too high." Kanda then looked around the small room and spotted a rag and picked it up. He took it into the bathroom and soaked it in cold water.

He walked back out and wiped off the sweat on Allen's face and put the clothe on his forehead. As he was getting ready to leave, Allen's arm shot up and grabbed Kanda by the hair. "What the hell? Bean sprout, let go before I kill you." Kanda turned to look at Allen. "Don….go…stay…please…..cold…." His words were slurred, but Kanda deciphered them.

"Great, now the fever's definitely getting to him." Kanda sighed as he sat back down on the edge of the bed as Allen held a death grip on his hair.

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