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It happened so fast. One minute he was floating on the still water, the next, it was as if an unknown force pulled him down like a vacuum sucking everything down.

Kanda gasped. He chocked on the air that tried to quickly invade his lungs. It was too much, too easy to take in. His heart raced as it tried to keep up with his strangled breathing. His body had gotten used to the shallow breathing and a slowed heart rate.

Kanda had his eyes opened, but he could see nothing. His pupils were too dilated to concentrate and go back to their natural form. He swallowed dryly and struggled. He could feel almost every muscle in his body cramp up and stiffen. He ached all over.

"Hehe, morning!" The voice sounded muffled, so Kanda strained to hear it. His blinded eyes looked everywhere for it, but he could see nothing.

He tried to calm his heart and concentrate on his breathing. He needed to be in control of his body. Kanda tried to take in slow shaky breaths as he focused on keeping calm. He could hear clicks on the floor as someone walked closer to him by the sound of it.

Kanda's breathing had began to steady, and his heart was slowing down to a semi normal rate. He slowly reopened his eyes and tried to focus on one area above him. He could tell he was on his back looking up. His vision had become blurry, which meant his dilated eyes had began to return to normal.

"Hope you had a good nap! I was wondering when you'd wake up!" Kanda tilted his head to the left and saw a blurry image approach him. He squinted his eyes, hoping to get a better picture. The person before him was short, and very thin. By the voice, he could tell it was a female, a girl. His eyes suddenly widened and he glared.

"Noah…." Kanda's teeth were grit. He felt like lunging towards the girl and plunging his sword into her heart, or better yet, slice her in half like he'd done with Skin.

"Hope you slept well, Kanda Yuu. I must say, for being kept in that big tower, you were pretty easy to kidnap. Just like a princess! I wonder if you'll have a prince come rescue you!" Kanda bit his bottom lip. He wanted to say something to the girl, but he knew better since he was in no position to fight her. His muscles had slowly began to relax, and he could feel that he was tied to something.

Finally, his vision had cleared and he quickly looked around. It was one of Road's room. Frills littered every corner, along with dolls, and toys of all shapes and sizes. He was tied down to a bed that seemed to swallow him.

"What the fuck do you want." Kanda looked back at the girl. She had sat herself on the side of the bed. A lock of Kanda's hair was in her hands. She passed it through her fingers and watched as it slipped through them like silk. Kanda wanted to pull his head away, but there was no use. "Well, if you must know, you are the bait!"


"Well, you see. We want Allen, and we've watched him taking care of you and stuff. What happened to you was for fun, but after seeing how it affected Allen, it must have been fait that we did this to you! So now, we kidnapped you, and now we're waiting for Allen! After he agrees to join the family, we'll either kill you or give you back to the order after destroying your innocence." Kanda's grit his teeth and continued to glare at the girl.

"But you know, after keeping you here, I like you! You're pretty, like one of my dolls. I can dress you, and make you do many other things. Not to mention, even if I hurt you like this." Road summoned a candle and pushed the tip on Kanda's collar and dragged it, leaving a gash.

Kanda grunted. "You'll heal right away! Hehe."

Suddenly, the door to Road's room opened and Tyki Mikk walked in. A body thrown over his shoulder.

"Road, did you wake him?" The girl nodded and smiled at her 'uncle'. "Good." Tyki walked over to the bed and put the body he was carrying on beside Kanda. The young samurai couldn't help but look at the face of the person beside him.

Lavi unconsciously snuggled closer to the feeling of warmth and softness under him. He sighed as his eyes fluttered open only to look into dark ivory.

He quickly tried to sit up, only to find that his body refused to respond. He looked to the figure laying beside him. "Y-Yuu?" Lavi blinked a few times to make sure he wasn't seeing things.

Kanda sighed when Lavi looked at him with shock. "Stop gawking, rabbit. It's stupid."

Lavi didn't hear a thing Kanda said. He was too stunned to see the other awake and looking….like Kanda.

The red head swallowed dryly and gave Kanda a quirky smile. "Yuu, you're…ok…" Kanda rolled his eyes. "Yeah, well, I would be better if we weren't stuck like this." Lavi turned his gaze to the figures standing behind Kanda beside the bed.

Tyki gave them a smile that made Lavi's stomach plummet. "We need to step out for a bit. Please make yourselves comfortable here. I'll be back for you later, Lavi." And with that, the two Noah walked out of the room, leaving the two exorcists on the bed, unable to move.

"Get up you damn rabbit. We need to get out of here." Lavi had tried to move, but it was as if his nerves had been shut off. He couldn't feel his body.

"I can't. And don't start giving orders Yuu! You've been almost dead for so long, we all thought you were really going to die!"

"Che, right. For how long was I out anyways? It felt like a few hours." Lavi sighed and rested his head against the pillow. "You were in a coma type state for almost three months. Allen stayed beside you for as long as he could." Kanda's eye widened. He recalled feeling small part so Allen.

"But it's good to see you awake Yuu. We were all worried." Kanda ignored Lavi calling him by his first name. "What happened while I was, out?" Lavi sighed and began telling Kanda what had happened and what he knew.

Allen struggled as it tried to pull him completely down. It was like quicksand that fought back. "Enough!"

With a powerful attack, Allen pulled free. He stumbled a little as he gained his footing on solid ground. He looked back to see the ground morph back into what appeared normal, but Allen knew better now.

As he put crown clown back, his eyes widened at the sight before him.

Everything was gone. The town, the people, everything, gone. Instead, Allen found himself in Road's world. The floating child toys and dark atmosphere tipped Allen. He grit his teeth and looked around. He needed to find where Tyki went with Lavi. He had to save his friend from that Noah no matter what. He wasn't going to loose another person that mattered to him.

"Tyki, did you see?" Road hung from Tyki's shoulders, her legs swinging behind him. "That guy we messed with is still alive! Not to mention that we can get Allen to be like us now that we have him! Hehe, so, can I keep them?" Road looked at Tyki with a frightening smile.

The older man sighed and nodded. "Just remember that Allen will get mad if you mess too much with his pretty friend." Road nodded.

"Fuck. Come on you damn idiot! Think of a way we can get out of here!" Lavi sighed. He couldn't come up with a single solution. All of his muscles, and Kanda's, had been severed by Tyki. No matter how much he tried, his body refused to comply.

"Ok, if this is how this shit is going down, then so be it." Lavi looked over at Kanda and watched as the dark haired teen closed his eyes and let out a sigh.

"Yuu, what are you-"


Lavi closed his mouth as he observed the other.

Kanda concentrated. He needed to find his center. He remembered he felt the same way when he was in his own mind. From what Lavi told him, he had moved, unconsciously, but he had. He needed to find a way to shock his nerves back to life. He had to. From what he had gathered, the Noah were trying to get the Allen.

'There's no fucken way that I'm gonna be the damsel in distress. Just wait Moyashi, I'll be the one saving your ass.'

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