These Scarred Hands
Wind Fire Fox Yuki
Nabari no Ou Fic

Pale green eyes slowly opened, the insurmountable pain that stirred in those indifferent depths was enough to rip a sob from anyone. How many weeks had it been since he'd lost yet another set of precious memories, how many hours since he felt that softness in his mouth, that hardness in his back, that tingling sensation that had sent him screaming and his mask crumbling to the floor?

It had been too long.

Miharu slowly rolled over and even that made him tired again, anguish could do that to a persona, zap the strength out of them like it was nothing. Yet still each morning he found the strength to open his eyes and go about his day. He had school today but even that seemed hallow and empty without Raimei and Kouichi there to satisfy his loneliness. His eye lids slowly lowered as he contemplated ditching school again today to stay here and sleep the day away again.

'Your okonomiyaki…They were warm, and made me happy.'

'Oh… that's good. I'll make them again.'

'Yeah…Make them.'

"Rokujou!! Rokujou open this door right now!"

Once again pale green eyes fluttered open, slowly as if his bones were aching just to move Miharu rose from his disheveled futon and dragged his feet and lead like body towards the door. He paused when the fluttering of something caught his eye; slowly he invested his sparring energy in to turning his head and staring at the knitted muffler, still stained with blood, out in the open hanging on the hat rack. Miharu stifled a small cry, catching on faster than his indifference could swallow the reaction; his hand moved slowly towards it, he could almost feel the soft wool that Hanabusa-san had knitted for Yoite.

"Rokujou!! Do you hear me!? Open this damn door!"

Slowly Miharu looked away and looked back…but the muffler was gone. He lifted the heel of his left hand to his right eye and quietly unlocked the sliding front door with his right hand. His only visible green eye slowly slid up to stare at Tobari-sensei. What was this man doing here? Hadn't he already caused enough trouble? Miharu slowly stepped back allowing him to enter without a word.

"Rokujou…I've been trying to reach you for three hours now. What have you been doing? You've missed so much school…"

His words died in his throat as he stared at Miharu's disheveled appearance, the sorrowful look in that one visible green eye and the mess of the house and his hair. Miharu's grandmother had gone away and left the store to him but he hadn't been up to taking care of it in his current state. But of course no one would know that, he always looked a mess after all.

"Rokujou…God you look awful."

Did he really? Did he really look awful? He turned his head slowly and stared at himself in the body length hall mirror. His hair was sticking up on one side and the look in his green eyes was less than hospitable, since when did his eyes hold such heat? Such icy heat, it threatened to swallow up his soul, he could see the flaming ice in the window of his soul, in his eyes. His skin was so pale it was sickly; there was a faint tremor to his body that he hadn't noticed till now. He sneered and his lips twisted the look in his eyes not affected by the sudden surge of disgust.

He was all bones and paper skin with hallowed eyes in a pajama outfit he hadn't taken off in three days. He stared at himself then looked away; the site was too much for his raw nerves.

"Why did you come here Sensei?"

Tobari stared down at Miharu for a while longer; his hands moving out to stroke the boys mussed hair and repair it as much as he possibly could. Miharu could feel his shivering and couldn't help but wonder if he was scared for himself or for Miharu. He closed his eyes briefly as the hand stroked his hair but the peace of it was short lived as another stab protruded in to his heart and he gasped and crumpled to his knees. Tobari echoed his cry and gently lifted him in to his arms and stared at him with pity in his eyes.

"Who are you grieving for Rokujou…? Is it 'that person'? I thought Yukimi told you that you should leave 'that person' be…stop searching for something in your head you cannot see Rokujou! Can't you see it's destroying you!?"

Miharu stared boredly up at Tobari, the darkness creeping around the surface of his eyes. He slowly closed his eyes and felt his lips moving slowly.

"I can see just fine…Tobari-sensei."

"Yoite? Yoite!? Yoite where are you!?"

"Calm down Miharu…"


Miharu lifted his pale long arms, reaching, searching for the warmth that had become so familiar to him.

They would return to Banten soon and he didn't want that, he didn't want Yoite to disappear, Miharu had selfish thoughts of making Yoite his, healing his scars, saving his life and keeping him forever. A fear that was darker than anything swallowed up his resolve, drove him crazy with a want he'd never felt and he found himself curled in the corner of the little room given to them at the bus station hyperventilating.

Yoite had gone out briefly to get something and in that time he'd felt as blind as Yoite did when ever he couldn't sense Miharu near. His fingers reached and met the coolness of Yoite's leather gloves. His hands groped for that feeling, swallowed Yoite's hands up in his own warmth and drew the strange boy down over him.

"You were gone too long…I was suffocating."

Miharu opened his green eyes and they met a blue as flat and familiar as his own indifferent eyes. He leaned up and buried his face in to Yoite's neck. The smell of blood like a comforting blanket surrounding Yoite so tightly he had to wonder if it caused his Yoite pain.

His Yoite…

"Miharu…? Did you hear what I said?"

Slowly Miharu shook his head and snuggled in closer to Yoite, fear was bitter like bile in his mouth. His oh so fragile Yoite he was so scared that he'd leave him behind, become a dried up husk and leave him alone and empty just like before, drowning in a sea of nothingness and praying that people would never stretch a hand out to him, never offer him kindness, because if they did…he would break.

In this way, Yoite and himself were so familiar, both running away from love for fear of being hurt, both so empty inside with only the other to save each other from the rising tide.

"Miharu…what am I going to do with you?"

That voice that softly chastised him, that held such depth and warmth. He felt a hand slide down his body and another hand take his chin and gently twist it up so that blue and green met once more.

"You're crying Miharu…have I hurt you?"

So sweet was his Yoite. Miharu closed his eyes a few tears he could feel now rolling down his cheeks. He leaned his head in to Yoite's hand yet part of him wished to run away from this welcoming warmth.

"Yoite I--!"

But his words were distorted as a mouth covered his own. His eyes flew wide as he felt Yoite's mouth working gently over his, coaxing his mouth open, his tongue touching, licking, feeling, tasting.

Or so Miharu hoped.

But this didn't stop anything; this didn't save him, on the contrary the tears merely poured out harder. He felt his body being guided backwards and before he could say anything Yoite's mouth had pulled away from his and his trembling hands were unbuttoning Miharu's shirt. Saliva rolled down his chin lightly as he watched Yoite's progress. He heard Yoite's cry of frustration as he refused to remove his gloves and work his fingers on the buttons properly…the thick leather getting in the way.

Very slowly Miharu sat up and reached out to Yoite, his voice a whisper on the stale wind coming in to the room from the window.

"Yoite…Let me wash away the scent of blood with my body."


His green eyes slowly opened as he rubbed at his face and suppressed a whimper. Damn that Tobari, damn him to the foulest region of hell. He sat up with the same speed as an old man and rubbed at his joints like one too, it was possible that his grief was indeed aging him faster, maybe he'd die and find 'that person' in the process, the thought made his lips twitch in a phantom of the smile that could have been there once upon a time ago.

"Rokujou you've been sleeping all this time…I took you to Kazuho's place you're resting in Yukimi's bed right now…"

Miharu's eyes widened, he felt a fury unlike none he's ever known before wash over his fragile being and steal his reason. He lowered his head then lifted it and cried out.

"You had no right! You had no right to take me from the place that Yoite was!"

Banten…Banten was where it had all began but Rokujou had stolen him from Banten, from where he'd first seen Yoite, from where Yoite had first held him and they'd returned and he'd died…been erased from existence by the cursed Shinra Banshou. Miharu's hands reached up slowly as the anger faded under the morphine like grace of indifference. His hands gripped his head as he struggled to recall the beautiful dream he'd had in his sleep, but it was slipping away in to the fog… much like that person.

"No!!! No don't go! Yoite! YOITE!!!!"

"Rokujou! Calm down Rokujo—Ack!!"

Tobari hit the wall hard and a little blood trickled past his lips as he rubbed at his mouth and stared at Miharu a startled expression gracing his features. Rokujou was curled on the futon his features contorted in to a painfully terrified expression; he was staring at Tobari as though it was he who was the enemy and not 'that person' who was destroying Miharu from the inside out!

"What's all the racket about!? People are trying to sleep ya know!"

Yukimi slowly glanced down at Miharu and a sigh escaped his lips. He turned a vicious glare to Tobari; sure they were allies now against the Kairoshuu but he still believed Tobari to be useless, to be too naïve to protect Miharu, as far as he was concerned he had his own burdens to bear but it was no excuse to treat Miharu so badly.

"Haven't you done enough for one night…sen…sei?"

He purposefully dragged the words out, not believing he was even worthy of that title when he couldn't even learn his own damn lesson. Yukimi was suddenly distracted by arms wrapping around him and a piercing scream echoing from such a slender hoarse throat.

"It's gone! It's gone Yukimi it was there and now it's gone!!!"

Yukimi slowly wrapped his arms around Miharu as he became frantic then slowly relaxed in the arm of the man who understood having a hole in his world. Yukimi held on to Miharu as tightly as he could with his one arm.

"Yea kid…try not to think about it so much. It'll be back when you need it."

Miharu moaned softly pain surging through his form, Yukimi glared at Tobari who nodded and left. If anyone could fix Miharu it was Yukimi.

'Yoite…Yoite…I have to…save Yoite…'

Miharu stood amongst crumbling book shelves, books falling from the sky all miraculously missing him by fractions of inches. A soft sigh tugged at his lips as he slowly turned his head and looked around. The kanji of the Shinra Banshou was surging up his body, covering him with the words of knowledge that was lodged deep within him in his DNA. A slow sigh echoed past his lips once more as he turned his head, his minds voice whispering to Yoite, summoning him, seeking him, needing him…

'Yoite…Where is Yoite…?'

Subaru gripped at her head and screamed a negation. She staggered backwards and tugged at her hair wildly.

"No!!!! NO!!!! Stop it!!!"

Slowly Miharu turned his head away from the pathetically screaming psychotic girl towards the rear bookshelves that were propped up against each other. He slowly started towards them the only name in his mind, in his heart, on his lips was…


Before he could fully take his first full step towards Yoite's body the rushing sound of wind turned his head, in time for Shijima to attack him, black skeletons ripped from the floor and wrapped around not only the offending Shijima but Subaru, Katrina and the Baten and Kairoshuu nin that had gathered in the basement lab.

"A soul directed attack, huh? If you maintain your cool it can't hurt you. If you don't hold on mentally you'll become confused and break down."

Raimei released a squeal but as usually Raikou was as cool as a cucumber, brushing his pink hair aside and watching Miharu with intrigued eyes. Yukimi slowly moved his hand away from his head band and stared at Miharu, but the look in his eyes was more worried rather than interested.

"That kid…is he planning to use Shinra Banshou!?"


Miharu looked up the steps briefly spotting Tobari-sensei and in his arms Aizawa. He turned away, neither of these people were who he wanted…needed right now.

Slowly he made his way towards the bookshelves and his Yoite, only to be interrupted yet again.

"Stop! You won't be able to bear it yet!"

A cry issued from all those around, as most who had no protection against invasions of the mind were struck with a deep wound to their sides. Shijima, Raimei and countless others went down with a startled cry of pain, but not even that slowed him down. Yoite was in pain…Yoite needed him.


Miharu kept moving despite the cries of his friends, the cries of warning from Shijima about the risk to himself. Yoite needed him wasn't that more important than anything else? Why were they all so stubborn…? Miharu felt a hand close around his wrist jerking at him, it was Tobari-sensei…of course it was Tobari-sensei…he always wanted to stop Miharu from doing what needed to be done. Miharu's rage did not show on his face but on the burst of power that sent that useless man flying away from him.

It was in that moment that he turned and saw the object of his search.


He ran towards him, his hand touching his wounded stomach and pain filtering in to his eyes. So badly hurt was his Yoite, he would not make it and he had to live…he had to live! Miharu wasn't ready for him to die yet!

Suddenly a voice pried in to his head…it was Miss Fairy, the Shinra Banshou was speaking to him once again.

"Will you erase him? Or will you heal him first? What will you do?"

She paused and Miharu threw his head back, his blank eyes staring at the ceiling as the feel of Yoite's blood dried on his hand.

"Look I'll give you some wisdom. What will you do?"


Tobari-sensei thundered above him, grabbing the back of his head and twisting his arm at a painful angle. Before he realized it his head was smashed in to the ground and pain shot through his body from both ways. He gurgled and panted as he suffered silently for a few moments.

"You might die!! Don't you understand what that means!?"

Miharu had had enough, light shone from around him, burning Tobari and forcing him back with a loud gasp.

"Don't…touch me."

Miharu slowly turned his face, his hair spilled in to his eyes as the words pulsed on his body.

"It's not me that is important to sensei…it's your own will which you don't want to yield too…"

Quickly Miharu lunged for Yoite's body, his hand reaching out to that fragile existence that was all he had left in this world, all that would keep him sane. He must live!

"Stop it!"

Tobari had recovered quickly, he staggered towards Miharu his hand lashing out and grabbing on to Miharu's shoulder.

"I'm not interested in Sensei's will!"

Miharu reached out for Yoite once more and the sharp pain of Tobari's hand on his shoulder tightening was more apparent. His voice called out high as he struggled to unseal whatever Miharu was trying to do to Yoite's body.

Slowly Miharu turned around but it was not Miharu's anguished face that Tobari saw, it

was the beautiful white haired woman named Miss Fairy, the Shinra Banshou.

"You're in the way."

Miharu's hand collided with Tobari's jaw sending him careening in to the bookshelf.

"I'll have to deal with that annoying teacher first. You are already able to use the wisdom; all that's left is to 'Not get lost'."

"Oi…Miharu…Get up."

Miharu slowly opened his eyes, the dream tugging at the back of his mind but slowly fading in to the fog. It should have panicked him but he'd fallen asleep in Yukimi's arms. Surrounded by warmth he'd remembered his selfishness and wondered if the dream was a sign from the God's that he was being selfish once more. He certainly hoped not, for the hopeless emptiness inside of him was so much to bear, the only thing keeping him together was the warmth of Yukimi at his side, protecting him, giving him strength much like 'that person' had done once upon a time ago.

Miharu knew that he'd erased someone, that he'd fulfilled an important promise and broken one at the same time. But that didn't matter, if he could have a taste of Yoite in his dreams then it was enough…even just knowing the name that no one else could remember…aside from Yukimi who had named a black cat after his Yoite…without really noticing it…had brought him an immense sense of relief and had added a pain killer to the bloody wound left by tearing that person out of existence.

"Come on…we're going out Miharu, you're going to help me catch up on my work."

Miharu glanced at Yukimi with an indifferent look as if to say 'are you serious?' but he was only given in return a winsome grin that seemed to apologize and condescend. As was Yukimi's way.

Miharu looked out the window of Yukimi's old broken down car, it made him smile a little, this car also held memories of 'that person' he could feel closer to him here…it almost made him feel guilty that he'd been so hard on Tobari-sensei, after all he hadn't taken him that far away from 'that person'…that Yoite…he'd taken him to another place he'd called home.

"You certainly seem in a better mood, brat."

Miharu glanced at him then gave an indifferent grin as he twisted his hair lightly around his finger.

"I feel close to 'that person' here. It's as him a fragment of his shattered existence is lingering around you and this car Yukimi-san."

Yukimi merely grunted and picked up the pace, he believed that Miharu had truly erased someone from this world with his Shinra Banshou; he even believed that this person had been someone important to him, someone very special. But he didn't understand why he didn't hold a grudge against Miharu for doing it…maybe because Miharu insisted that it was what 'that person' had wanted. But he was so sure that if it had been different…if he hadn't bonded with Miharu…maybe he'd have killed Miharu for this gaping hole of pure pain that was now inside of his arm. The arm that he'd lost protecting 'that person'.

Miharu sat quietly beside Yoite, he'd had to be dragged inside with how weak he'd become. He had whispered to Miharu of how useless he felt, of how close his death was, looming over the horizon like a dark shadow covering his every thought and stealing away his senses. His hearing was far less than what it used to be, and the only thing he could clearly see was Miharu's aura lighting up the darkness around him. Yoite sighed and looked up at the sky, staring dimly at the stars that lined the blackened sky.

Yoite shifted beside Miharu lifting a skewered layer of meat and ramming it home in to his mouth. He chewed and stared idly in the same direction before speaking.

"Have you told that guardian of yours anything yet?"

Miharu slowly shifted his eyes over to Yoite to stare at him softly though his head basked still in the direction of the moon.

"I think that if I tried to hide everything he'd find out…"

Yoite shifted as he stared down at the snake platter between them once more and picked up his tea.

"Is that right?"

Miharu merely nodded in response and turned his gaze back up towards the sky before leaning over and lifting his hand as if to shield it from the others inside.

"But I haven't actually said anything important!"

Yoite looked down at him a little startled by his closeness but quickly nodded.


Hesitantly he leaned heavily against the wall and sighed before fishing out a notebook from his pocket.

"Yukimi should be investigating Kouga, so "Daya" will be left to me…For you I want you to try and get Togakushi's 'Izuna Shingan' from under Fuuma's possession."

Miharu leaned closer and nodded muttering a quick 'All right.'

"Since Kairoshuu already has "Kira" and "Tenpenga" we'll have all five Kinjutsu-sho so then we'll get the hijutsu research team to help us find a way to use the Shinra Banshou. Where's Banten's "Engetsurin"?"

"I think Kumohira-sensei's hiding it."

"Ah…Well, we'll definitely have to get it somehow. But we only have about two month's left…"

"Mmm…also we're facing a huge crisis, aren't we?"


"We don't seem worried or frantic at all."

"We're ten times more worried than usual."

"We're losing out, huh?"

"We're losing out."

Miharu keeled over backwards and covered his face with his hands the anxiety crushing down upon him as it did to Yoite who instead dragged his nails across the floor with a screeching kind of noise. They were both at a loss for what to do and with the time limit pressing down upon them it was that much harder. Miharu slowly glanced up at him and reached a hand out to touch one of Yoite's that scratched against the ground. Blue met pale green for a moment and Yoite's long silent heart skipped a beat.

"It's okay…I have a plan."

Miharu smiled faintly at Yoite and before he could stop himself Yoite's hand was cupping Miharu's face and his thumb was stroking his lower lip.

"Miharu…I'll protect you."

"Miharu? Hey Miharu get up we're here."

Miharu lifted his hand and rubbed at his eye slowly, he drew his hand back but his eyes lingered on the left hand, staring at his palm that was now free of a scar. Finally he looked up to see Yukimi waiting for him, he forced a tiny smile and opened the car door that made such a strange creak that Miharu froze, when Yukimi laughed he got out quickly and hurried in to the large building with him.

Yukimi introduced him quickly around to the staff of the paper he worked for and with an indifferent yet cute look he took in the atmosphere, the camera in his hands. He hadn't remembered when Yukimi had put it in his lap so it must have been in his sleep but he did remember how to use it, he remembered Yukimi teaching he and a small smile tugged at the corner of his lips as he fooled around with the staff, teasing Yukimi and generally feeling tons better than before.

Slowly he looked over his shoulder and his eyes widened, a man walked pass the door and he could have sworn it had been…no…'that person' was dead. Slowly he looked away and stared at his left hand, he could still feel the string there, see the soft skin of his palm where it felt as though something was seriously missing. He shivered but finally Yukimi was taking him to catch up with work.

He looked out the window of the car as Yukimi's ramblings became white noise in the background much like the radio music. He heard enough to know where they were going and what he would do once they got there but beyond that he was lost in his own mind. That latest dream had vanished under the tarp, he could only remember the feel of Yoite's hand on his, and the feel of the smile he would only give Yoite like a cramp in the muscles of his face.

Without realizing it Miharu had thought the entire drive away and they were sitting outside of the museum that was the star of the article Yukimi would be writing. He glanced over at Yukimi but found that he'd already exited the car and was quick the follow the blonde headband wearing Kairoshuu ex-captain. He entered the museum and both he and Yukimi were startled to see Hanabusa here, lecturing the kids and seemingly enjoying every minute of it.

She looked up and Miharu and Yukimi raised their hands to wave at her a small smile touching each of their lips…well small for Miharu a broad grin for Yukimi. Yukimi glanced down at Miharu and felt his tension…Miharu wasn't ready to be faced with her out right kindness just yet. Not when her kindness had made a promise to 'that person' something that could hurt him again, and he wasn't ready to be hurt so soon after his recent break down.

Yukimi quickly whisked him away to the outside just before Hanabusa-san could do so.

"So make sure you ask some of these damned brats their intake and take good pictures for highlights…Get going Miharu you'll do great."

Yukimi had long since parked and explained to Miharu what he'd be doing, it was interesting to see him stare at him blankly as though he had no idea how they'd gotten here from the car, but he turned away determined to do his best. He chuckled faintly and watched as Miharu ran off while he got comfortable on a rock. Yukimi could only hope the presence of Hanabusa didn't stir any unnecessary feelings or harm him further.

"You've…changed a little."

Miharu looked up at him a confused look on his face.


"You're not as…dead."

Miharu slowly got up, a small smile tugged at his lips as he stepped down the steps moving towards Shiratama. His black hair spilled in to his eyes with the blowing of the wind.

"Or maybe, it's just when I'm thinking about Yoite things."

Miharu spun around on one foot and reached his hand out, he stared dully at Yoite but his face didn't seem so indifferent now, in fact there was just a hint of excitement, a faint widening of eyes and a quickening of breath that alerted Yoite to these lively changes.

"Shake hands!"

Yoite looked away and closed his eyes. Why would Miharu want to touch him? He was filthy…he didn't exist.

"It's better not to touch me…"

Miharu wasn't having any of it, he moved his hands closer and stared at Yoite who felt the pressure of those piercing eyes and opened his own blue eyes to watch his Miharu.

"That won't do. Don't put out my resolve to stop running away. I will erase you…if it's what Yoite wants."

Yoite slowly looked down at his hand, raising it slowly inches away from Miharu's hands before he slowly closed his hand down and lowered his head. Suddenly the door burst open and Hanabusa-san stood there irate.

"I can't stand this anymore!!!"

She quickly ran over to Yoite and grabbed his hand.

"Young people have to whole-heartedly grab each others hands!"

She quickly locked by Yoite's hands and Miharu's hands together a beautiful smile on her kindly face.

"Even though I don't know anything about that world and I can't lend you guys a hand, but if you ever don't know what to do, or feel like you want to cry, I'll welcome you back at any time!"

Both Miharu and Yoite stared at her with wide eyes, their hands still pressed together with her own warm hands covering theirs like a soft buffer.

"This Hanabusa-Obaasan will hug you really tight!"

Tobari slowly came to the outer doors and watched as Hanabusa pulled their hands together and slowly swung them around in a happy circle. Yoite and Miharu…had never been so far out of their element before.

"I can't take this…it's just getting worse and worse!"

Tobari had come forth and clutched at his head as though the world was ending just because Hanabusa and Miharu were dancing with the Kira-user.

"Ah Tobari-kun you join in too!"

Their laughter rang out beautifully in to the night; Miharu's heart had warmed so much so as he stared across them towards Yoite who even seemed to be smiling tightly at the situation.

"Miharu you alright?"

Miharu hadn't realized it but he'd been staring so intently at Hanabusa-san that he'd neglected to do his job. He glanced up at Yukimi and nodded before quickly running off.

It had only taken a few hours but finally the day was over, they were back in their car heading towards Yukimi's near by apartment and frankly Miharu was excited to get home and sleep. He wanted to see more of Yoite, more memories that would quickly vanish but give him a soft sense of relief. He wanted to feel more sad fragments of Yoite's existence, one lay in his heart and one in Yukimi's, one in Yukimi's car and another in Kazuho, one in Tobari though it was barely there, one in Banten…a big chunk in Banten. He needed more; he was addicted to the sensation for Yoite.

Slowly Miharu escaped the bowls of Yukimi's car and mounted the stairs to his room, when Yukimi pushed the door open a sigh rushed out of Miharu, another piece of his Yoite still existed in this room. He stared at the thresh-hold wondering what would happen once he walked inside; Yukimi glanced at him then took the first step entering the room. His wound was irritated by this place but not much, he had a feeling 'that person' and himself had many lovely memories of this place together. He shivered and looked back; Miharu had gained courage from his movements and had sheepishly followed him inside.

"You want anything to drink kid?"

Miharu automatically answered his eerie blank eyes infused on a certain spot of the room.


Miharu slowly walked across the room and sat down, beside him laid the camera and in his arms was his legs. He stared out then looked up seeing Yukimi bring him warm cup of lemon tea, he didn't object merely took it and sipped it. He stared in to the cup then looked up at Yukimi who'd sat down and was staring at his hands as if he remembered something important.

"What is it Yukimi-san…?"

Yukimi just shook his head and began clacking away at his computer. The déjà vu would pass.



Author's Note – Hopefully, I honestly didn't think I'd get this much but I'm going to put in more flashbacks with some MiharuxYoite luvin soon, there was a lot of fluff in this one and I was hoping to get more MiharuxYoite in here but this is how it came out I hope you guys like it. I wanted to play out more of Miharu's angst in the manga, it was perfect. But I didn't like how it ended up in the anime, Yoite didn't die right so I had to add that scene in here. Also you'll notice that instead of spelling Tobari-sensei's name with an H I've opted to spell it how it sounds, I started it out doing that and just totally forgot that I wanted to change the spelling. But whatever you all know who I'm talking about anyway!

Well this was supposed to be a one shot but looks like it'll end up being more than one chapter. I honestly didn't expect this much I guess when you find your story and a good plot you just go with it, ne? Well I enjoyed writing it so I hope you guys can encourage me to work on the second chapter and we'll see where that takes us.

Later Fanatics!