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Chapter 01: Don't Play With Magic


"What are you reading Gaara?" Ino asked and Gaara rolled his eyes.

"It's a book used in summoning demons," Gaara said. "It belonged supposedly to a powerful magician who summoned demons to fight and kill the enemies of his clan," Gaara flipped through a few pages. "I have to write a term paper on this clan,"

"Magic? Like Merlin and stuff like that?" Lee asked.

"No you moron," Gaara said.

"People really believe in that?" Kiba asked

"Way back when, yea," Gaara said " Just like people believe in God and the Devil now. People used to believe in demons, and magic,"

"Come on, it's not like this stuff is real," Kiba joked taking the book from Gaara. Gaara gritted his teeth as Kiba flipped through the old book. "What language is this Gaara?" Kiba looked at the red head who was sitting on a old looking leather arm chair.

"An old one, it was spoken on an island in the Atlantic," Gaara said. "Be careful with that damn book, it's nearly five hundred years old," Gaara sighed. "You guys are so stupid,"

"Are you scared?" Ino asked raising an eyebrow.

"No," Kiba said. "I'm not scared,"

"Then read from it," Ino said.

"I don't think it's a good idea," Gaara said.

"It's not real," Lee said taking the book from Kiba.

"Lee, don't do that," Hinata said shifting.

"It's not gonna work anyways," Lee said.

"Don't do it," Gaara said.

"Do it," Sakura said leaning over to Lee.

Lee looked at her, then down at the book. Lee flipped through a few pages, then stopped, cleared his throat and started reading. He stumbled over the strange words.

Gaara shivered, the room starting to feel strange. "Lee," Gaara warned.

"Keep reading," Sakura said.

The room started trembling and Gaara stood and rushed towards Lee. "Sto-"

A large boom and explosion filled the abandoned mansion throwing everyone in the room away from the center of the room. Gaara groaned as he hit the wall, then slid down it. Everything was blurry and his ears were ringing painfully. Gaara couldn't get his feet under him, he couldn't get his body to move at all..... Gaara blacked out.


Gaara woke with a start, but regretted the sudden movement when his head began to throb. Gaara slowly opened his eyes, everyone else was also in various stages of recovering. Hinata was fully awake, sitting in the corner shaking, staring wide eyed at the center of the room.

Gaara looked, then waited for his vision to focus, then leaned forward. A large ball of breathing fur lay in the center of the room. The fur was a dark red color with light brown and black accents.

Gaara moved forward slowly.

"Gaara, don't," Hinata squeaked and Gaara glanced at her, but kept moving slowly towards the fur ball. He noticed that the thing was shaking, like it was cold or afraid.

Gaara stopped, and looked down, and noticed a human body, curled tightly in the fetal position, sleeping. Pale yet tanned skin, lean toned body, messy blond hair, and large fox ears sticking from the blond mess. Gaara realized that the fur around the body were tails, that were curved around the body protectively.

"Holy Shit,"

Gaara glanced to his right. " I told you not to mess with it," Gaara said.

" I didn't do it," Kiba said and looked at Lee. " He did,"

"What should we do?" Lee asked.

"Send it back," Kiba said.

"You morons," Gaara said. "There's like there's a Summoning Demons from other realms for dummies at your local library," Gaara said.

"Guys," Sakura said. "It's moving,"

Gaara looked down.

The form started to uncurl itself, Gaara stepped back. Blond hair covered it's face, and tails wrapped around to cover it's naked form. Gaara counted a total of nine thick furry tails.

"....Gaara...." Kiba stepped back moving behind Lee and Gaara.

Gaara shook his head and knelt down. The being's body was extremely hot, Gaara could feel the body heat, he felt like he was standing next to a furnace.

"Do you think it can talk?" Lee asked and Gaara looked up at him.

One of the being's ears twitched and it's face lifted slowly. On each cheek were three lines were tattooed it seemed, looking like whiskers. It had a very beautiful child like face, the demon had the most beautiful blue eyes filled with innocent and passion, also a slight hint of confusion.

The demon looked around the room slowly, then back at Gaara. It lifted nimble shaking fingers to Gaara's forehead, touching the tattoo that was there.

Gaara felt like something wet and cold was moved down his spine and closed his eyes, shivering. Then it pulled away, and Gaara lurched forward slightly, feeling very strange. Gaara opened his pale green eyes and looked down at the demon.

"I am called Naruto," The demon said slowly. No one spoke, they were still in shock at the demon's voice.

Gaara shifted slowly, very aware of the bright blue eyes fixed on him. " I'm Gaara," He said. Naruto smiled, widely, childishly, innocently.

"Where are your ears and tails?" Naruto asked. " What kind of demons are you? What's your animal?" Naruto's ears perked up as he cocked his head to the left, reminding Gaara of a dog.

"We're not demons, we're humans," Gaara said.

Naruto's eyes grew wide. "You're not going to eat me are you?" Naruto muttered in fear, hunching down making himself smaller.

" Eat you? No, we aren't going to eat you," Gaara said.

"But, humans hunt demons, then kill and eat them," Naruto said looking around.

" No, we don't," Gaara said.

Naruto looked at Gaara. "Oh.... well I'm glad then," Naruto said smiling.

"Why do you have so many tails?" Lee blurted out and Naruto blushed.

"Don't make fun of me," Naruto said putting his hands on his tails. "I was just born with them,"

Gaara looked at the others. "Guys," Gaara said.

"No way," Kiba said. "I like dogs and animals related to them.... but I'm not taking care of a demon," Kiba shook his head and stepped back.

"I'm not doing it," Lee said.

"This is your fault," Gaara growled.

"Guys," Hinata walked over to them. " He's sleeping," She muttered and Gaara looked back down.

"You guys did this, you have to help," Gaara said.

"You shouldn't have brought the book with you," Lee said.

"I had to study," Gaara said. "I am majoring in Demonology and Ancient Cultures, I needed to," Gaara said. "You're the idiot that didn't listen to a word I said,"

"I'm not taking that thing home," Lee said.

"We can't just leave him," Hinata said.

"Oh yes we can," Kiba said grabbing Hinata's arm. "Let's get the hell outta here,"

"Kiba," Hinata said and Gaara listened to the two talking as the walked out.

Gaara glanced at Lee and Sakura. "Just go," He sighed and the two rushed out.

Gaara shook his head and looked down at Naruto who had curled back into a ball. Gaara picked Naruto up carefully, and Naruto shifted and buried his face in Gaara's shirt. Gaara sighed and walked from the abandoned house and out to his car. ' This was so stupid, what was I thinking..... Lee is an idiot, of course he'd be the one to manage to summon a demon.... Fuck... how am I supposed to get him into the house with Temari and Kankuro in the house?' Gaara looked in the review mirror and sighed. ' Well fuck,'


End of Chapter 1

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