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Chapter Eleven

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Gaara sat on his bed, staring at Naruto who was standing at the closet, trying to find clothes to wear. Naruto's tails were hanging low, swaying slightly with the light swing of Naruto's hips as he hummed softly. Gaara bit his bottom lip and his eyes narrowed with lust as he looked over the sun kissed skin of Naruto's back.

Gaara stood slowly and went over to Naruto, putting his hands on Naruto's slim waist and leaned down, sucking on the side of Naruto's neck.

Naruto moaned. "What are you doing Gaara?" He asked closing his eyes.

"I can't take it anymore," Gaara said running a hand over Naruto's hip then down. "I'm going crazy, I want you," Gaara licked across Naruto's shoulder.

"We shouldn't," Naruto said.

"Why?" Gaara rolled his hips forward and Naruto moaned again.

"You're not ready," Naruto said.

"The hell I'm not," Gaara growled and bit on Naruto's shoulder lightly. "Don't tell me you can wait any longer either," Gaara ran his fingers over Naruto's quickly hardening erection. "You've been waiting just as long as I have for this," Gaara said huskily.

"But Gaara, you're barely an adult," Naruto said.

"I know what I'm doing," Gaara blew softly on Naruto's right ear and it twitched, making Naruto shiver. "I remember doing it with you, the way you feel and I want to feel that again" Gaara said turning Naruto to face him. They kissed passionately tongues swirling around each other, Naruto moaned, saliva running down the corner of his mouth.

Gaara growled and pinned Naruto to the wall, lifting Naruto up and slender legs wrapped around his waist. Gaara rolled his hips up and Naruto leaned his head back and moaned.

"I need you," Gaara said his hot breath rolling against Naruto's neck.

Naruto put his hands on Gaara's shoulders and looked at him. Blue eyes were glazed with passion as they stared down into green ones that were glazed with the same. " I need you too," Naruto said.

Gaara pressed his lips against Naruto's again, and moved to the bed where he laid Naruto down then pulled his own clothes off quickly before moving against Naruto, needing the skin on skin contact that they hadn't had in so many years. Naruto purred as Gaara kissed all of the skin he could, his hands roaming over Naruto's sun kissed skin. Naruto arched into Gaara's touches, tangling his hands in to Gaara's wild red locks as Gaara kissed and licked down Naruto's bare skin.

Naruto moaned, arching off the bed as Gaara swallowed his pulsing erection. "Gaara!" He said breathlessly, pushing the balls of his feet in to the bed, his toes curling in the sheets. Gaara swallowed and Naruto's breath hitched. Gaara pulled his mouth away only long enough to lick his fingers, and moved them to Naruto's puckered hole. Gaara hummed around Naruto's cock as he slid his first finger into Naruto.

Naruto gasped, his eyes closing and his wet lips parting. Gaara moved his finger in and out slowly, then added a second. Naruto whined, but he quickly died out when Gaara swallowed around his cock.

" G-Gaara.... I'll cum if you.... keep ah.... that up," Naruto said then cried out when Gaara grazed his prostate.

"You can cum as much as you want Naruto," Gaara said adding his third finger, watching Naruto's beautiful face distort in pleasured pain and his body moved back against his fingers.

" I wanna.... together," Naruto breathed, looking down at Gaara with watery eyes. Gaara's cock twitched, pre-cum sliding down the shaft. He moved his fingers for a little longer, grazing Naruto's prostate twice more, before smearing his pre-cum over his own cock and moving over Naruto.

Naruto leaned up and pressed his lips against Gaara's, and they kissed heatedly until Gaara pushed himself in to Naruto who arched his back off the bed, his head leaning back and he gave a soft cry. Gaara sucked on Naruto's exposed neck, putting a hand on Naruto's hip, the other on the side of Naruto's neck. Naruto gave a shaking moan, and Gaara started moving, slow, deep and hard, wanting to feel as much as Naruto as he could.

Their breathing became heavy panting and the sound of skin hitting and moans and groans of pleasure filled the hot air of the room. They kissed as much of each others body as they could, not wanting to separate from the intimate connection they had.

Gaara's eyes flashed yellow and he felt power surge through him, he moaned loudly. Naruto's eyes flashed red at the same moment, and he moaned. Their tongues clashed together. Gaara began thrusting faster, wanting the thrill of releasing in his mate and his hand snaked between his and Naruto's sweat covered bodies to find Naruto's twitching cock and wrap around it.

" Ahh! G-Gaara," Naruto breathed and their lips crashed together again. Naruto's nails dug into the blades of Gaara's shoulders his petit frame began to shake.

"Naruto," Gaara growled in pleasure and bit down on Naruto's neck. Naruto cried out as he came, pushing himself back on Gaara's cock. Gaara growled again, tightening his grip on Naruto's hip and his bit on Naruto's neck as he came as well, filling Naruto.

They fell together on the bed, and Gaara released the bite on Naruto's neck, licking the blood that trickled there. Naruto moaned and turned his head slightly to look at Gaara. He smiled, reaching a shaking hand up to brush red hair from Gaara's eyes. "You're back my mate," Naruto said looking at the yellow glow in Gaara's green eyes.

Gaara kissed Naruto, wrapping his arms around slender shoulders and rolled them over so Naruto was laying on top of him. He ran his fingers over Naruto's flushed cheeks, examining him like he was a rare beautiful gem. "I love you," Gaara said.

Naruto purred contently. "I love you too," Naruto said and rested his head under Gaara's chin. His fox tails wrapping around them like a blanket.


"You're glowing again Gaara," Kiba sang, grinning toothily.

Gaara glared at Kiba, his eyes flashing dangerously, but that only made Kiba laugh. "You are the most annoying friend in the world,"

Kiba beamed. "But I'm still you're friend,"

Gaara rolled his eyes. " It's unfortunate,"

Kiba chuckled and looked over his shoulder at Naruto who was sitting in a tree. "So, where are you two going to go from here?" He asked and Gaara looked at him. "Is it back to the demon realm to fix Naruto's kingdom, or are you just going to stay here?"

"We're staying here," Naruto had jumped from the tree over to where the other two were talking. "The kingdom has moved on, it no longer needs me,"

Gaara pulled Naruto against him, nuzzling into Naruto's neck and Kiba laughed.

"Still haven't gotten enough?" Kiba asked. "You've been doing it like wild animals for at least three months,"

Naruto blushed.

"We've been apart a long time," Gaara said licking Naruto's neck. "We've a lot to catch up on,"

Kiba snorted. "I don't know about you, but I think you're gonna break Naruto,"

"He is not!" Naruto defended. " I like when he's like this," He added quietly, his blush running down his neck.

Gaara grinned and licked Naruto's neck again.

"Alright then," Kiba cleared his throat. "I'm gonna go," He pointed behind him to make his point "And you two should go back to your place before you start doing it right here,"

Gaara smiled and kissed Naruto's cheek. They watched as Kiba left, then made their way back to their house.

Gaara pushed Naruto back onto the bed and moved over him.

"Wait a second," Naruto said putting his hands on Gaara's chest.

Gaara frowned. "What?"

"I love you," Naruto said.

"I love you too," Gaara went to kiss Naruto, but Naruto stopped him. "What? I'm going to explode," He said with a husky growl.

"I have to tell you something," Naruto said with a whine.

"Don't whine, it'll turn me on more," Gaara warned. Naruto blushed.

"I want to move," Naruto said.

"Okay," Gaara said. "Where?"

"With Hinata and the others back to the land of the gypsy. They can't stay with humans any longer. And I think it would be a good place for us," Naruto said.

Gaara hummed as he thought, looking at Naruto's hopeful expression. "I don't see why not," He said and Naruto kissed him. He growled and rolled them over so he was on top of Naruto and ripped open Naruto's shirt.

"Not done yet," Naruto said covering Gaara's mouth with his hand. Gaara looked him in the eyes then licked between Naruto's fingers, making the fox moan. "W-we would have t-to move at the end of the week,"

Gaara sucked on the side of Naruto's index finger. "Alight," He said and licked the top of Naruto's hand.

"W-we'll have to live with them for at l-least eighty years," Naruto closed his eyes. "Once you move in to the village... ah," Gaara had moved to suck on Naruto's neck. "You have to live... t-ah the average human life span,"

"Alright," Gaara said reaching down and undoing Naruto's shorts and pulling them off. "Stop talking already, I said yes. You know I'll follow you anywhere," Gaara leaned moved up so he was looking into Naruto's eyes. "You don't have to worry, or plan anything right now, just forget everything but me, and only feel my touch,"

Naruto shivered. "Y-you shouldn't talk like that... ahn..!" Naruto pressed his tongue against the roof of his mouth as Gaara sucked on his chest.

"Why?" Gaara asked licking a swollen nipple.

"Makes you sound like a per-ah pervert," Naruto shivered when Gaara ran his tongue down the center of his torso.

"I'm not perverted," Gaara said. "I'm in love, there's a difference," Gaara sucked on Naruto's inner thigh, raking his fingers over Naruto's boxers before pulling them off.

"You are too perverted," Naruto moaned.

"Then so are you," Gaara touched the tip of Naruto's cock, and slowly pulled it away, a string of pre-cum connected his finger to the head of Naruto's cock. "See, you're like this because of me,"

Gaara leaned down and sucked on the underside of Naruto's cock and Naruto moaned, fisting the sheets tightly. Gaara pulled away. "Roll over," He said and Naruto looked at him. "Roll over and lift your ass in the air,"

Naruto blushed brightly, but did what he was told. Gaara leaned over him, licking down his spine, making Naruto arch his chest into the bed. He sucked on the small of Naruto's back then moved onto his knees, pulling his pants and boxers off. He leaned over Naruto, grinding himself into Naruto's ass and Naruto moaned. Gaara rubbed his fingers over Naruto's lips, and Naruto opened his mouth, and began sucking Gaara's fingers.

Gaara reached under Naruto, and took the blond's cock in his hand and began pumping it slowly, smearing pre-cum from the tip. Naruto moaned around his fingers. Gaara slowly pulled his fingers away and slid them around Naruto's puckered hole and slid one in. Naruto whined as Gaara's finger twisted in him, his cheek pressed against the sheets, his mouth open as he panted.

"Gaara...!" Naruto moaned as Gaara thrust in his second finger, and grazed Naruto's prostate.

Gaara leaned down and licked Naruto's ear, and it twitched and Naruto's boy jerked.

"D-Don't tease," Naruto pleaded. Gaara nipped the tip of Naruto's ear, and the fox moaned. Gaara added his third finger and pressed hard into Naruto's prostate. Naruto cried out, the intense pleasure of the weight of Gaara's fingers on his prostate made him come, pouring it in streams onto Gaara's hand and the sheets.

Gaara pulled his hand from Naruto's cock and smeared Naruto's cum over his own pulsing erection, then moved his fingers from Naruto's hole and replaced it with his own cock.

Naruto arched into the bed again, his eyes blurry still and his heart racing, Gaara gripped his hips tightly and began thrusting. Naruto moaned and panted, his spent cock twitching back into hardness and soon his hips were moving back to meet Gaara's thrust.

Gaara leaned his body over Naruto's back and bit Naruto's ear, making the fox moan and tremble.

"Gaara...! N-not my e-ears!" Naruto cried in pleasure, clawed the sheets, pushing his feet into the mattress, and he leaned his head back and moaned, his body squeezing around Gaara who moaned as well, moving to bit on Naruto's other ear.

Gaara moved a hand around Naruto's hip, to tease him again feeling himself growing closer to release.

They came together, yelling each other's names.

Naruto laid flat on the bed and Gaara laid over him, both trying to catch their breath, neither wanting to break apart.

Even after months of love making, they still couldn't get enough. Finally Gaara moved to lay next to Naruto.

"So you're willing to spend eighty years stuck in a small village?" Naruto asked after he caught his breath.

"As long as I'm with you," Gaara said.

"Such a hopeless romantic sometimes Gaara," Naruto teased.

"You turned me into one," Gaara leaned closer and pressed his lips against Naruto's.

"I love you," Naruto said.

"I love you too," Gaara said


Gaara looked around the village, half expecting cloth tents, but this village had modern houses, but was small.

"So are you surprised?" Kiba asked.

"The last time I was in a gypsy village was several hundred years ago, still expected you to be living in tents," Gaara teased and Kiba frowned.

"I'm going to pretend you didn't just insult my people," Kiba said.

"Where's Naruto?" Gaara asked.

"In your house," Kiba said. "I'll take you,"

Gaara put his hands in his pockets and walked through the village, the people living there were dressed in clothes from many different era but most kept to the traditional wear of gypsy, flowing layers of clothes, women women wore chains with bells around their waist, and had their long flowing hair pulled up in messy yet elegant buns.

"Here you are, home sweet home," Kiba stopped on the porch of a small house. "I'll leave now,"

Gaara didn't answer, he just wanted to see Naruto, who had come a few days ahead of him.

"Gaara!" Naruto jumped on this lover, wrapping his arms around Gaara's neck. They kissed, Gaara wrapping his arms around Naruto's waist. "I missed you,"

"We were only apart a few days," Gaara said.

"It felt like ages," Naruto rested his head on Gaara's shoulder. Gaara rested his head on Naruto's shoulder as well, closing his eyes. "You must be tired, it was a long trip," Naruto pulled away and lead Gaara to the bedroom.

Gaara pulled Naruto down on the bed as he laid down. Gaara held Naruto tightly to his chest. "Sleep with me," Gaara said

Naruto rested his head on Gaara's chest. "Alright,"

"So, eighty long years, stuck together in this little house," Gaara said with a grin.

"Don't be like that," Naruto said, his face still buried in Gaara's neck. "It's not that bad,"

"I never said anything about it being bad," Gaara said rubbing one of Naruto's ears. "I wonder if this place is soundproofed enough,"

Naruto looked up at him. "You've turned into a pervert," He said.

"All my lives are mushing together, but all my lives want one thing," Gaara said running his fingers through Naruto's hair. "It's like nine different men, all lusting and loving the same person, only stuck in one body,"

"Control yourself," Naruto said.

"I have been," Gaara said.

"You'll learn to control it," Naruto said. "And you'll be able to think with the head on your shoulders, not the one between your legs,"

Gaara pressed his lips to Naruto's lightly. "It's telling me something very similar," He said huskily. "It's telling me to make love to you for hours, not to let you leave the bed until both of us cannot move," Gaara rolled over and put his hands on the bed on either side of Naruto's head and looked down at him. "I love you,"

"I love you too Gaara," Naruto said, he turned his head submissively, baring his neck. Gaara leaned down and nipped it lightly, and Naruto moaned and shivered.

Gaara licked Naruto's neck. "I'm loosing my mind," Gaara said and nipped Naruto's neck.

"No, you're finding your mind that's all," Naruto said. "It's like you said, nine lives are verging together. Both your halves, animal and man merging," Naruto said breathlessly. " Urges and thoughts finding balance. The human sides of you are telling you to love me like a human, but your animal sides are telling you to dominate me, mark me," Naruto moaned as Gaara licked the back of one of his fox ears.

"What should I do?" Gaara asked.

"Which side is stronger?" Naruto asked putting his hands against Gaara's chest and Gaara groaned and closed his eyes, breathing heavily on Naruto's ear, making it twitch.

"Animal," Gaara breathed.

"Listen to it," Naruto said.

Gaara growled and bit down on Naruto's skin where shoulder and neck joined. He pressed his body into Naruto's, grinding against him, trying to get as much of his scent onto Naruto as he could. Naruto moaned, wrapping his arms around Gaara. "Mine," Gaara growled, licking the angry red mark that marred is mate's beautiful skin.

"Yes," Naruto hummed.

Gaara's eyes flashed yellow and he looked at Naruto, who's eyes had flashed red. Their lips crashed together and their hands grabbed at their bodies, aching for the other's touch.


Gaara was laying with his head resting in Naruto's lap, reading through a journal of a past life. Naruto had kept all of them, that he could. Although Gaara had all the memories, it was interesting to him to read about the differences of his lives.

Naruto's fingers played in Gaara's red hair, twisting it in his fingers, watching the look in Gaara's eyes. Naruto's blue eyes were calm and full of love. Gaara's free hand was laying on one of Naruto's tails, enjoying the softness of his mate's fur.

"We have a long life ahead of us," Naruto said quietly, and Gaara rested his book on his chest and looked up at Gaara.

"Yes, I know," Gaara reached up, and put his hands on the back of Naruto's neck. Gaara's thumbs rubbed circles against Naruto's hairline.

"No one is hunting us any longer," Naruto said. "The vampires have moved on. No demons care, humans know nothing of us. The gypsy are on our side. We can live peacefully," Naruto cupped Gaara's face.

"Don't you think that will be rather boring?" Gaara asked.

"I'm ready for a boring life with you," Naruto said.

Gaara smiled and pulled Naruto down until their lips met. "If that's what you want,"

"I want something else," Naruto said, his nose brushing over Gaara's.

"What's that?" Gaara asked.

"A kit," Naruto said and Gaara raised an eyebrow. "I want a kitten,"

"As in a child or as in the animal?" Gaara asked.

Naruto whined and pouted. "You know what I mean," He huffed.

"A baby," Gaara said nervously and sat up.

"Yes," Naruto said.

"We're both male, how would that work?" Gaara asked.

"The gypsy have magic that would allow us," Naruto said blushing.

"You've been planning this?" Gaara asked.

"Since a long time ago, but it's never been safe until now," Naruto said.

Gaara watched Naruto for a few minutes, thinking of how cute his belly would be swollen with pregnancy. Gaara's animal desire to reproduce began to take over, but his human mind was still reeling at the idea. Gaara's head tilted and he looked into Naruto's eyes, there was a light blush across his mate's face. But there was worry in Naruto's blue eyes, like he was still afraid of more danger to come.

"It's safe now," Gaara said and Naruto looked at him. "I love you," He said and kissed Naruto softly.

"I love you too," Naruto said against Gaara's lips.

"We can have a baby," Gaara said. "But there is no rush," He said cupping Naruto's face.

Naruto closed his eyes. "Thank you,"

"You don't have to thank me," Gaara said. "It is because I love you and I want to,"

Naruto rubbed his cheek against Gaara's hand. "I love you too," Naruto hummed.


End Of Demonology 101

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