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"Spencer!" Carly shouted for her brother as she hung up the phone.

Spencer slowly came out of his bedroom. He was dressed in a khaki vest, floppy hat and was hopelessly trying to untangle himself from fishing line and two fishing poles.

"That was Granddad." She said as she gathered her bags. "They'll be here in five minutes. Do you have all your stuff ready?" She finally looked up to see that the line was wrapped completely around his torso and partially over his face.

"Most of it, except for…" He was still trying to free himself from the line but only succeeded in getting more pinned by them. "OH, COME ON!" He yelled in frustration.

Carly shook her head and headed for the door. "Sam, will you help Spencer while I go get Freddie?"

Sam got up from where she was sulking on the sofa. Without a word she grabbed a pair of scissors from the table, walked over to Spencer and snipped a line from each of the poles. She then gathered all the line that was wrapped around him, snipped through the bundle in one hard squeeze, and then opened her hand to let them gently fall to the floor. She looked up at Spencer, handed him the scissors then returned to the sofa and her sulking.

"Uh, Thanks," he said, embarrassed and somewhat relieved.

Spencer went back to pulling his gear into the living room. With each trip back and forth he noticed that Sam was not moving. She just sat there in her deflated position. He finally sat down next to her and mimicked her sour expression.

"You know you've been like this since yesterday."

Sam slowly turned her head and glared at him. Spencer grew more uncomfortable the longer she looked at him, and he slowly started to back away. He had just returned to packing when Carly came in. Freddie and Mrs. Benson were arguing behind her.

"Spencer, maybe you can talk to her," Carly pleaded.

He was just about to open his mouth, but Freddie seemed to be handling this argument well enough on his own.

They could tell that Freddie was trying very hard not to yell at his mom, but he was quickly loosing his cool. "Mom, Please! I am surrounded by girls every day! If it's not you, then it's Carly and Sam."

"Girls?" Carly's tone seemed a bit offended.

"Sorry, Ladies," he corrected.

"I appreciate all the female influence in my life, but if I don't get some Guy Time soon, I'll probably start wearing a bra and going to teen chick movies!"

Sam spit out her tea and burst out laughing. "I'd sooo pay to see that!"

Freddie quickly narrowed his eyes to indicate 'not now'. He turned to face his mother and spoke in a very strong and calm voice. "Mom, I need this. Please let me go." Mrs. Benson was suddenly aware that she was no longer looking down on her boy, but at eye level into the eyes of her young man. She wondered 'when did he grow up?'

"Fine, but I want to meet Carly's Grandfather, first."

Freddie was about to argue, but then realized she just agreed. "Absolutely, thanks Mom!" He leaned over and kissed her cheek. "Let's go get my stuff."

"Well, that's just great!" Sam grumbled as she walked into the kitchen to pour herself more tea. "He was my last hope of any kind of normal weekend."

The Bensons walked out just as Carly's Grandparents came up the elevator. "Carly, Spencer!" Mr. Shay's voice boomed through the apartment sending Sam into an even worse mood. She stood back and watched as they all traded long awaited hugs.

Mrs. Shay pulled Carly into a giant hug. "Carly, I've been waiting to spend time with you for so long; just you and me at the spa. I'll tell you, I need to be with someone sweet and relaxing after being stuck with this grumpy old man so long!" Carly's grandmother pointed at the Granddad.

"Well, you go ahead and smear your goop all over your face or whatever it is you do. While you two are being all prissy and girly we will be, coasting the waves, catching our food, breathing in the great outdoors and doing this!" Mr. Shay started to lift his shirt, but Mrs. Shay stopped him.

"Not the Belly Rub!" She held her fingers out in a cross

Mr. Shay put his shirt down. "What's the matter, can't stand all that sexiness?" he wiggled his eyebrows.

"Can't stand something, but sexy wasn't what I was thinking." Mrs. Shay pretended to throw up, and Carly laughed hysterically as Mr. Shay pouted and pulled his shirt down.

Mr. Shay slapped Spencer on the shoulder. "Anyway, we burly men will be fighting through the kelp beds to get to the big fish. The only seaweed you'll see will be wrapped around sushi!" Mr. Shay announced. "Or you!" Spencer added.

Carly and her Grandmother looked at each other and burst out laughing. "Burly? Please, Sam's stronger than you!"

Spencer looked over at Sam then whispered to his Granddad. "You know, I think she might be."

Sam laughed at how the older Shay's playfully bickered back and forth with each other. It kind of seemed comfortable to her; somehow familiar.

"Well," Mr. Shay clapped. "We gonna stand around here all day or are we gonna go out and have us some fun? Carly do you have your bags ready?"

"Right here!" She reached for her yellow polka dotted case.

Spencer grabbed the keys from the counter. "Let's get this downstairs in the car then we can transfer Granddad's stuff to the SUV I borrowed from Socko."

As they all got onto the elevator, Carly caught a glimpse of Sam's sad expression. She handed her suitcase to Spencer, "Hey, I'll meet you downstairs. I just want to say bye to Sam." She let the elevator doors close before she faced her friend.

"Don't give me that look, Sam!" Carly scolded.

"I can't help it, you're all leaving me." She was still pouting.

"Oh, come on. I haven't spent time with my grandma in ages. I promised."

"I know, I know." Sam grumbled as she reached out to hug Carly. "Well kid, it's been nice knowing you!"

"Sam, we're only going to be gone for two days." Carly sighed.

"Yeah, but two days alone with my mom? I'm pretty sure one of us won't survive. Either way I probably won't be here when you get back."

"Whoa! Overdramatic much?" Carly cocked her eyebrow.

They both turned as Freddie and Mrs. Benson walked in the door. Freddie was carrying a medium sized duffle bag, a practical enough size for a weekend away. Mrs. Benson, however, was rolling her monster sized first aid kit behind her. Carly shook her head. "I'm surprised there's not an actual doctor in that thing."

"There's nothing that they can get that can't be helped by something in this case," Mrs. Benson said with pride.

"Yeah, except maybe a hernia," Sam joked. Even Freddie laughed at that one.

"Laugh if you will, young lady," Mrs. Benson shook her finger at Sam. "But a scrape or a poke, is never a joke. This kit and the instructions I'll leave with your Grandfather, Carly, will make me feel much better about my Freddie…" She began to wail, "…leaving without me!" Mrs. Benson threw her arms around Freddie's neck and squeezed so hard, his face was tuning red.

"Mom!" Freddie yelled over her sobbing. "It's just the weekend and it's only three hours away."

"Mrs. Benson" Carly interrupted, trying to pull the woman off of Freddie. "My Granddad is downstairs. You said you wanted to meet him."

"Right. Of course." Mrs. Benson wiped her eyes and straightened her coat.

Freddie left the bags with the rest of Spencer's stuff and headed for the elevator. Carly gave Sam one more quick hug before joining them. "Be Good?" she asked, hoping.

"Whatever," Sam waved as the elevator doors closed.

Sam sat at the bar of the empty apartment. She twirled twice on the stool then proceeded to kick the gigantic first aid kit that was so carelessly left within her reach. After a few strikes at it she really began looking at it. That is pretty big… She jumped off the stool and opened the case. Mrs. Benson kept everything organized and labeled into neat little built-in chambers. Sam began poking around between the chambers and the sides of the case. Sure enough the whole kit could easily slide out of the case.

Sam pulled out the insides of the kit and shoved it under the sofa. She grabbed a throw blanket and spread it over the seat so that it draped a bit onto the floor. Nobody would see the insides of the kit hidden there unless they were looking. She climbed into the case and bent her knees up around her chin. She closed the flap to the case and pulled the zippers so that she had just enough space to peek and, more importantly, to breathe.

It only took a couple minutes before this really started to become uncomfortable. She began to wonder if she should go through with it. She also wondered if she should have gone to the bathroom first considering she just drank three glasses of iced tea. Unfortunately, she didn't have time to change her mind about either. She heard the elevator ding and Spencer and Freddie were back.

"I can't believe your mom actually let you go!" Spencer said, giving Freddie a fist bump.

Freddie began to swagger as they started to collect their gear. "Well you know, I just put my foot down and said, 'Look woman, I'm going to…'"

"You had to promise to go to Mother/Son cheese making classes, didn't you?" Spencer interrupted.

"Flowerpot painting, actually," Freddie said deflated.

"Oooh…I'm sorry." Spencer winced at the news.

Sam felt a sudden jerk as the case was picked up, then immediately dropped.

"Wow, Freddie! Your Mom is stronger than she looks. This thing weighs a ton!"

Sam shot a dirty look toward Spencer hoping her evil thought would somehow seep through the case.

"Oof," he grunted as he picked up the case and rolled it to the elevator with the rest of the gear. Spencer quickly locked up the apartment, then stepped onto the elevator and yelled in a triumphant voice. "Fish, Hide away in your little schools and quake like jellyfish, because we are coming to get you!" With that the elevator doors closed and Sam thought to herself. You're in it now, Puckett. This is going to be a long trip.

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