Title: Complicated

Chapter: 1

Disclaimer: I do not own ANY of the original characters from the show, they belong to the writers of NCIS but i do however claim ownership of all other non-original characters from the show.

Author's note: When I asked if people wanted a sequel, I was answered by many yeses. So here it is! Just to warn everyone, it may be a little different than you expected. It'll actually be a pretty angsty story, but will get happier by the end. Anyways... Enjoy!

Ziva sighed in frustration as she began her paperwork--for the third time.

Why does Gibbs have to be such a stickler for grammar? English is not my first language, can't he be a little more accepting?

She continued to rant to herself until her computer beeped. Ziva looked at the screen and saw the notice saying 'You've got mail.'

She clicked on the small box and her e-mail popped up. She couldn't help but smile when she saw the sender, Tony.

Quickly opening the message up, Ziva read, "Got any plans for tonight?"

She smiled, then looked at Tony who was watching her closely. Ziva rolled her eyes in mock annoyance, and then typed a reply. "Well, since tonight is our one year anniversary, I thought that you might have something special planned."

She sent the message and smiled as she quickly received a reply from Tony, saying "You know me too well."

Ziva looked up from her computer screen and met Tony's eyes from across the bullpen.

A small shiver made its' way up her spine, causing Ziva to wonder if she would ever stop being affected by Tony.

She didn't think it was possible to love anyone as much as she loved him, and dating Tony had made this past year the best time of her life.

She smirked as Tony broke eye contact just long enough to send her one more message. "Don't you want to know what I have planned?"

Looking back at Tony, Ziva shook her head, knowing that doing so would drive Tony crazy.

As expected, the lovable Italian rolled his eyes and typed another message. "Well, I'm going to tell you anyways... I decided to recreate our first date. I'll cook supper for you at your place while we eat by candlelight."

Ziva smiled as she remembered that day.

She'd been so happy to get home from the hospital after her encounter with Joseph Haas. A week in the hospital had been more than enough, but when Abby drove her home, Ziva had been surprised to find Tony waiting for her inside.

He'd decorated her whole living room with candles and cooked a fancy Italian dish. Tony had a certain glow about him the whole night, and Ziva could still see the warmth in his eyes as he looked at her.

After hearing that Tony wanted to recreate that day for their one year dating anniversary, she realized that there was no better way to celebrate it.

Biting back the smile that crossed her features every time she thought about Tony, Ziva began to type her response into her e-mail.

"That sounds wonderful, Tony."

Just after she pressed 'send,' Gibbs walked into the bullpen, carrying his usual extra-large coffee.

He didn't even have to bother asking Tony and Ziva what they'd been doing, he simply walked over to Tony's desk and smacked his senior agent's head. "DiNozzo! Back to work!"

Tony's eyes widened and he looked at Gibbs indignantly, "Hey! What about Ziva?!"

Ziva sent him a glare, some things never change.

"What about David, DiNozzo?" Gibbs demanded.

Tony shrunk back into his seat before muttering, "Nothing boss."

Gibbs smirked at Tony's antics, then turned to Ziva. "David, Director Vance requested to talk to you in his office."

When Ziva didn't move immediately, Gibbs added, "Now!"

"Yes Gibbs!" Ziva replied as she shot out of her seat and basically ran towards the director's office. She stopped just in front of the door to compose herself, then raised her hand and knocked gently.

"Come in." Vance replied, Ziva walked in and realized that he'd been waiting for her. The Director sat calmly behind his desk, and the look on his face showed that this visit was purely business--not that she ever visited him for anything else.

"Officer David," He began, "take a seat."

Ziva silently crossed the room and sat down in the chair across from him.

"I have a mission for you..." Vance leaned forward slightly, and lowered his voice as if he was afraid someone was listening in. "You will be going in on this one alone--no one but you, your father and I will know about it... I trust this will not be an issue."

Ziva nodded immediately. As much as she didn't want to hide anything from Tony, Gibbs and the rest of the team, her father was involved--meaning she couldn't say no.

"Good." Vance allowed himself a small smile.

"Your objective is to earn the trust of this man..." He pushed a picture towards Ziva before continuing, "His name is Matthew King. King is an executive at Greg & James Co. We have reason to believe that he's... communicating with Bryan Tram, who, as you know, is number three on NCIS's most wanted list."

Vance took out a toothpick and began chewing on it, "This is not an undercover operation. You will be going in as Ziva David, liaison officer for Mossad at NCIS and will earn King's trust, establishing ties between him and the agency. He's our only connection to Tram, and is a very valuable source of information."

Ziva nodded, "What will my connection to Matthew be?"

Vance's smile disappeared and he straightened his tie. "We all have to make sacrifices for our jobs, Officer David. You are no exception."

Ziva eyed the Director warily, knowing she wouldn't like what he was about to say next.

"Your connection must be personal... you'll be his girlfriend."

Ziva felt her heart drop as she realized what he was trying to say.

"You have to break up with Agent DiNozzo."

Okay, so like I said, the beginning of the story is angsty. (Sorry to say it's going to get worse before it gets better.) But I think that this could make for an interesting story line. I hope you liked it! (Let me know if I should continue with this or not.) :)