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The island was quiet, Gwen nervously rubbed her arm and looked back to the camp and then back down to Geoff, he was picking up his bags and heading towards the boat.

"I'll see you later Dude" Geoff called back to Gwen, "Good luck!"

Gwen looked at Geoff a little shocked, he had just lost out on winning a huge sum of money, was he not sad, not even a little bit? Gwen knew that Geoff was a happy go lucky guy but come on, anyone would be sad if they lost out on money.

Gwen started to put one foot in front of the other, she broke into a run towards Geoff, he was just about to step on the boat until Gwen stopped him.

"GEOFF!" She called out, Geoff turned around to see Gwen a few paces away from him.

"What's wrong?" Geoff asked.

Gwen caught her breath and looked Geoff straight in the eyes, "Do you not care? Do you not even care that your so called friends just kicked you off the island?" She asked, "Weren't you supposed to be the leader of their stupid alliance, what happened to that?"

Geoff gave a small laugh, Gwen looked shocked, "Why are you laughing?" She asked, "You've just lost? Everyone else that left has been miserable, what's wrong with you?"

Geoff smiled, "Gwen, its ok! I'm cool about being kicked off, that alliance stopped when DJ was kicked off I guess…or when the number of guys and girls were evened out, I'm not sure".

Gwen sighed, "ok I can understand that, but how come your so cool about leaving, aren't you even a little bad sad about going?"

"Yeah I guess" Geoff said rubbing the back of his head, "I mean I'll miss the people I guess…but I guess I missed her a lot more".

"Her?" Gwen repeated, who was this girl Geoff was on about? He didn't have a girlfriend off the island did he? Gwen then gasped, she realized who it was, the girl that he had missed for so long, was Bridgette.

"Bridgette?" Gwen asked Geoff, He nodded.

"Yeah, I guess I stopped showing how I really felt after a while, but I'm actually really glad that I'm going now because I miss her so much".

Geoff stepped away from the boat and sat down on the edge of the dock, Gwen joined him.

"Do you remember what I was like after Bridgette left?" He asked Gwen, she shrugged her shoulders, "Sort of".

"I was a wreck, she was just on my mind all the time, it really cut me deep. Before I came to the island I had never met a girl like her before, she was so down to earth and athletic, plus she's hot!" Geoff said.

Gwen looked up at Geoff, "Wow I never knew that you felt like that before" She said, "I knew that you and Bridgette were crazy about each other but I just thought it was a fling that would end once the show ended".

Geoff shook his head, "I won't let it end, this can be so much more then some meaningless fling".

Gwen looked at Geoff's face and she could see his cheeks slowly turning pink, she wasn't sure if it was just the moonlight playing a trick on her or not.

"I think" Geoff whispered, "I think…that I'm in love with her".

Gwen's eyes widened, she didn't expect to hear something like that from a guy like Geoff in her life, she was shocked, A guy saying that he was in love with a girl was a rarity in her life.

Still she couldn't help smiling at the comment, "You really are in love aren't you" She said.

Geoff nodded, "I never would have thought that coming to this island would make me fall in love but… it has".

Gwen smiled, maybe it was a good thing that Geoff was leaving, sure he was probably the nicest guy on the island but now he could be reunited with Bridgette.

Even so, she still thought that everyone that had voted off Geoff was crazy.

Geoff looked up at the moon and sighed, "I seriously thought that she was going to win this".

Gwen was confused, "but…didn't you vote her off?" She asked.

Geoff looked hurt, "Are you kidding me? I would never do that to her, I tried to change the guys mind but they were all made up, they wanted Bridgette gone, I know it sound stupid but I voted myself off that night".

"You did what?" Gwen said, shocked, "That was crazy! What happened if the girls had voted you too? Then you would have jeopardised your place on the island and then you and Bridgette would have been apart again".

"Yeah but I'd rather have Bridgette safe then myself" Geoff replied, "I am in love with her so much Gwen, its crazy".

"If you are then why didn't you kiss her when she left?" Gwen asked.

Geoff sighed; "Because I'm a big idiot" He said to her, "I let a stupid little skunk smell get in the way of things, I seriously felt like kicking myself after that."

Gwen smiled and bowed her head, it was times like this when she couldn't help but think of Trent, every time she thought of his name she felt a little pang in her heart, it sucked!

Suddenly the two heard a loud scream from the boat, "HEY Party boy" Screeched Chef, "Are you an idiot? Get on the boat before I tie you to the end of the boat and drive off!"

Geoff gulped nervously and stood up, "I'll see you later Gwen" he said as he walked back towards the boat and climbed on.

"Bye Geoff, and thanks" She said with a smile.

"Thanks?" Geoff repeated, "For what?"

"For teaching me a lot tonight, that's why I'm thanking you" Gwen told him, she then began to wave as the boat revved up and drove away from the dock.

Geoff waved back and sat down on the boat as it drove away, he then pulled something out of his bag; it was a piece of paper with a hand drawn picture of Bridgette on it, Geoff had drawn it during the bike challenge and he had managed to save it after the bike was smashed into pieces.

He had kept this photo close to him all times; he hid it in his pocket because he didn't want any of the guys noticing it.

Geoff smiled at the picture, but then a little thought brought him back, what would happen once he got back home? Would that be the end of Total Drama Island for him? Most reality shows get all their contestants together for one last reunion before they all leave for good; Total Drama Island was on crazy show, what if they didn't have a reunion?

Geoff tried to shake off the thought; he had confessed most of his feelings about Bridgette on the show in the confession cam, hopefully she would have seen it and was waiting for him to leave for her.

But what if she didn't?

Geoff was so consumed by all these 'what if' thoughts he didn't see where Chef was driving the boat too, or that they had travelled through the night and the sun was now shining down on the sea making it sparkle.

Geoff lowered the picture and looked around him, in the distance he saw a huge building, what looked like a glamorous resort or something, slowly he got up and ran towards the cabin where Chef was in driving.

"Uh, Dude" Geoff said nervously, "Where are we going?"

"Playa De Losers" Chef said, "It's where the losers get taken after being booted off".

Geoff's eyes widened, "A place where the losers go after being kicked off" He repeated, that could only mean one thing, Bridgette was there.

Once the boat had arrived at the dock, Geoff jumped off and walked towards the resort, there, sure enough was everyone that had been kicked off the island.

The losers all saw him and began to greet him, sure it was nice seeing everyone that was kicked off before him, but the one person he wanted wasn't there. Where was Bridgette?

"Geoff?" He heard a girl's voice call him name.

Geoff turned around hoping it was Bridgette but came face to face with Courtney.

"Hey Courtney" He said to her, Courtney didn't say a word; she just grabbed Geoff's arm and pulled him towards the hotel.

Geoff was very confused, "Courtney, where are we going?" He asked.

Courtney dragged him inside the nice hotel and up several flights of stairs, soon they reached a floor and Courtney let go.

"Go to room 509" She said, "Don't knock the door will be open, just go in, ok".

Geoff was very confused, "Wait a minute, why do I have to do that? Who is in there?"

"Don't ask questions!" Courtney snapped, "Just do it".

Geoff slowly began to walk towards the room when he heard Courtney speak again, "Trust me, you'll love it".

Geoff was sill puzzled but still he carried on, sure enough he reached room 509 and the door was open, he slowly pushed it open and gasped at the sight.

There, in front of him was a girl, he could only see her back but he recognized her straight away, it was Bridgette.

Geoff couldn't believe this and he opened his mouth to speak.

"Hey Babe"

Geoff watched as Bridgette turned around, her olive eyes widened as she saw him, Geoff was stunned by her, she hadn't changed but being away from her for so long had made him realize how pretty she was.

She was here in front of him, his love.

His Girl.

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