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Chapter 1

Dr. Robert Chase was standing worriedly over his patient. The young girl had fainted suddenly during an fight with her mother, and had yet to wake up. He was switching the bag of saline when she slowly opened her eyes.

"Kimberly?" he asked, coming to the side of the bed. She turned her head to face him, and said with a shaky voice,

"Am I dead?"

"No." said Chase in an amused tone as he smiled.

"Really? Cause there is no way there no way you could be this hot and not be an angel."

She continued to stare in wonder at him as he picked up her chart, looking at it so she wouldn't have to see his embarrassed face.

"Uh, your mother called after you fainted and were unable to be woken. Have you had any fainting spells recently?"

"No." and as he scribbled that down she added, "Ever thought of being a model? Cause I could swear you'd be the hottest model ever."

"No. This examine is about you. Ever taken drugs?"

"Well, I tested Coke once, but that was just once. No harm done." she said smugly, folding her arms over her chest.

"I wouldn't be so sure." Said Chase as he pushed himself of the doctor's chair that he had been sitting on. "I'll be back in a while with the test results."

"OK, just be back soon."

And with that, she followed him with her eyes, sighing and falling flat on the bed again, when he rounded the corner.

True to his word, Chase was back in about fifteen minutes. Kimberly sat up with vigor, a huge grin plastering her face. "So doctor, what's wrong with me?"

Chase took a seat at the foot of her bed. " The Cocaine did some damage on your heart. Although the damage is not severe as it could have been, you will need medicine to make sure it keeps functioning. And for that, my boss decided to show up."

House threw the door open, and limped to face the patient. "I'm not here to subscribe medicine that you'll just trade for Coke later, it's a waste of my time. I'm here because I heard a rumor, that you have a camera., and if I'm right, which as all my team has come to know that I am, this is the perfect picture opportunity."

Squealing with excitement, she took the camera out of her pocket at threw it to House. Then she pulled Chase closer, and through clenched teeth, hissed, "Take the picture."

A/n :This wasn't really about the medicine. Just about how hot Chase is. I don't really watch House, but again, Chase is hot.