Wesker awoke with a dull ache in his chest. Bringing the back of his hand up to his eyes, he made an attempt to rub the residual sleep away. When his mind had cleared, he sat up suddenly, and darted his eyes around the room.

It was in perfect order. His wardrobe was unharmed, and taking stock of the spartan d├ęcor, he realized that he never had a lamp in his room, or a desk for that matter. Turning his gaze back to the bed, he confirmed that he was indeed the sole occupant. An occupant that was still half dressed.

...Was it all just a dream?

Wesker bounded out of bed and threw on his clothes, very nearly forgetting his sunglasses before he left the room. He smoothed back his hair as he stalked through the facility, feeling annoyed that the laboratory area was so far from his own room. When he had finally made his way to her cell, he slid open the peephole and looked inside.

Jill was lying on the bunk, sleeping on her side with her back to the door. Her battlesuit was not torn in the slightest.

Of course it was a dream. Jill voluntarily came to his room, and the whole situation was so ridiculously implausible that he was amazed he didn't realize it while he was sleeping. But he didn't have to think hard to figure out why. He didn't catch on during his slumber because he wanted it to be real. Wesker gripped the the peephole in the door and turned his head away, pinching the bridge of his nose beneath his sunglasses with his thumb and forefinger.

When he heard a shuffling from within the cell, he turned his head back to see inside. Jill had rolled onto her back with one arm stretched out above her. Wesker's head was invaded with the mental image of the two of them... associating intimately right there on her bunk when he caught sight of her. His hand running along her smooth thigh, her back arching wonderfully at his touch... Wesker turned his back to the door in an attempt to dispel the vivid imagery, and thought back to try to determine how he had become attracted to a woman he had intended to use for revenge.

Jill had successfully stopped him from killing Chris, managing to not die in the process. Then she had resisted his brutal viral assault, even granting him the power to effectively use Uroboros. And when she had woken up, she fought valiantly against P30, and very nearly escaped. He admired her tenacity, that he already knew. It just so happened that somewhere along the way, it had evolved into something more than just admiration. Evolution was unpredictable in that way.

That was a problem.

If his designs were to succeed, there must not be any unpredictable variables. He couldn't afford any distractions, especially ones that might lead to any unfortunate soul searching. He was at a far too crucial stage in his plans to be focused on anything more than reaching his goal. Jill must be removed from the equation.

The construction of the P30 device would take top priority for now, completely suppressing her personality and any questions she would raise about his humanity. Then he would hide her appearance, completely erasing her identity. A mask and cloak would do. He would also have to transfer her directly to Excella's service, where she would be out of sight and out of mind.

Given the effort it would take to maintain the status quo, he knew it would be easier just to kill her right out. But even Wesker had his principles, and it would hypocritical of him to kill one of the few people that could survive Uroboros, especially if that person was the one that made Uroboros possible in the first place. No, Jill would live to see the world reformed, Wesker would see to that himself. He briefly wondered if he was just making excuses, but quickly brushed it off and stuck to the principles reasoning instead.

Wesker and Excella watched from the observatory box as Jill bounded about the testing area below them. She had been doing various gymnastics with occasional short breaks for rest for about an hour now, and the P30 device was proving to work perfectly. She was being completely controlled, and not once was she able to put up enough resistance to fight back.

Excella looked over to Wesker's face, expecting to see a triumphant smirk. Instead he looked deathly serious, watching Jill's every move with a steady attention, his hands clasped behind his back. She found it unusual to say the least. He had finally completely conquered one of his oldest adversaries, and would no longer have to worry about her escaping. Not to mention the scientific significance of this breakthrough. Wesker should be positively jubilant and yet... nothing. Excella decided to test the waters.

"So it looks like you now have the perfect soldier Albert, one that will never question your orders or act against your will. What do you plan to do with this?" she asked him. She searched his face for a reaction, and he was quiet for so long that at first she didn't think he heard her. At last he spoke.

"Jill will be equipped with a mask and cloak to hide her identity. As a legally dead senior agent of the B.S.A.A. she will need to keep a low profile," he replied flatly. "Then I will be assigning her to you to use as you see fit. I suspect she will be more suited to activities on the surface instead of down here in the facility." Excella stared at him in disbelief, completely surprised by his answer. It appeared she didn't have to worry about Jill taking her place after all. But she suspected there was more to it than that.

"You do realize that if she should somehow manage to overcome the device I won't be able to contain her?" Excella asked. "She's already shown that she can handle the majini, and when she's above ground she'll have plenty of resources to make her escape."

"That won't happen", he firmly replied, not taking his eyes off of the action on the floor below.

"Hypothetically then," she stressed. "Have you thought about what to do if she got out?"

"If she's able to actually resist the device then she deserves to escape," Wesker said stoically. There was a slight resignation to his voice, as if he had lost interest in P30 entirely.

"Hm, so you're granting her freedom?" Excella posited in a patronizing tone. "That's very chivalrous of you..."

"What makes you so sure she's even capable of breaking its hold?" he asked, turning ever so slightly to face her.

"Because P30 kept her under control for a shorter amount of time with each new injection. She may not be able to fight it now..." she said, casting him a sidelong glance. "But she'll slowly develop a resistance, just like she has with everything else we've given her. Eventually she'll snap back in control. All she needs is time," Excella said, pausing for a moment to choose her words carefully. "And the right motivation." Wesker's face betrayed only the faintest hint of a frown.

"Then it's all the better that she be stationed with you," he replied. "There's no personal vendetta to fuel any motivation for her."

"I doubt she holds anything other than ill will for me," she remarked, crossing her arms and shifting her weight onto one foot.

"Whatever she feels for you is minuscule in comparison to what she feels for me," he countered. Excella quirked an eyebrow at his interesting choice of words.

"Is that the real reason you're not keeping her around?" she asked. She was purposely vague in her question, waiting to see how Wesker would interpret it.

"I don't have time to play with her anymore," he said, not even pausing to consider her question. "I can't have any distractions."

"Distractions?" Excella repeated huffily. "Seems to me leaving her alive would be distracting enough. It's quite a risk for you Albert."

"If you want her dead so badly Excella why don't you kill her yourself?" Wesker seethed, turning to face her. "She will fight back of course. Her allegiance is to me, not you. But if you think you can defeat her then be my guest." Excella stood in stunned silence, her mouth agape for a moment, before she solidly shut it and refaced the window.

Wesker turned his attention back to the woman in the testing area beneath them. If Excella was still talking he didn't hear her, as he quickly lost himself in his own thoughts. She was right though. Jill would escape somehow. No matter how impossible it seemed, at some point, she would find a way. And this was how Wesker would set her free.

Perhaps he would see Jill again in the new world... When humanity was no longer something to be ashamed of, and only those strong enough to survive were left. When society was slowly rebuilding itself, and deserted shells of cities were the stage for the next life cycle of the human race. Maybe then, they could have a chance encounter.

Perhaps they would fight, though he wouldn't want it. Perhaps they would talk, though he didn't think it was likely. Perhaps they would simply stare each other down, not saying a word, before going their separate ways. Wesker doubted they could ever be allies again. Not with her strong attachment to humanity in the way. She would have only the desire for revenge in her heart for him.

Maybe he would grant her her vengeance. Allow her to pummel him as much as she could, to alleviate some of that desire. Of course, then he would kiss her, to alleviate some of his. Wesker involuntarily gripped the command console when he realized he was thinking about her inappropriately again. He needed to stop doing that...

The Jill down in the testing area below mindlessly following orders was not the same Jill from his dreams. And the Jill he might one day meet out in the world once his plan had come to fruition would not be the same Jill from his fantasies. Because that Jill did not exist. She may be every bit as determined and obstinate as the real Jill, but she would also forgive Wesker for everything he had ever done to her, thereby robbing her of some of that fire. The real Jill would never, ever grant him vindication.

Wesker wouldn't want it any other way.

Jill's entire body ached as she breathed deeply, her chest newly unconstricted. She felt compelled to get up, but forced herself to lie still, waiting until the last of the serum passed through her system. When she finally felt free of its effects, she slowly opened her eyes. Above her was Chris's concerned face, staring back down at her intently. It was the most beautiful thing she had ever seen.

Jill's relief was so great she almost wanted to cry. Not yet though, her resolve needed to remain strong until everything was truly over. And it would not be over until Wesker was stopped. After her requisite apologies for attacking Chris and his partner, Jill wasted no time in urgently stressing the need to confront him. If it was at all possible, Chris would succeed where Jill could not, though she would be able to assist him from behind the scenes. She knew her way around the facility very well by now, and she had access to information that may be of use.

Jill could not help Chris directly though, because she was unsure of what would happen if she did. Wesker had been her boss so to speak, for quite some time now. What if she had been so conditioned to serve him that she might still follow a direct order, serum or no? It was a disconcerting thought. She had finally gotten her free will back, and was utterly petrified of having it taken away again. But even if Wesker had no way of controlling Jill again, the fact remained that the idea of facing him scared her. It had become too personal.

This was evidenced by the flash of guilt that shot through her heart as she sent Chris on his way to track Wesker down. Jill supposed that any residual feelings of loyalty could be attributed to simply being used to it, as a force of habit rather than choice. But as she ran off alone through the facility to see if she could commandeer a chopper, she conceded that there was something more to it than that.

The man was all at once a mentor, a savior, and a partner, but above all, he was a hated enemy. And though the part of him she had sworn to defeat was definitely the most prominent aspect, she could not deny that the others existed.

As a mentor he guided her through countless missions along with the rest of the S.T.A.R.S. team. Though he was certainly not the friendliest person on the force, she got along well with him. Jill liked and respected him as a person. He was a captain she had no trouble getting behind. Until he betrayed and was responsible for the deaths of nearly all her teammates that is.

As a savior his role was not as clear to her. He had originally tended to her wounds after her fall from the Spencer estate as a means for exacting revenge on Chris. Then he had kept her alive during his experimentations because she had developed a resistance to the various viruses and her antibodies progressed the development of Uroboros. After that he had used P30 to transform her into a loyal super soldier, though she was unsure why. She was sure there were other subjects that he could have tested the serum on, subjects that would be more cooperative without a past history with him. And after all she had done to try to escape and warn the B.S.A.A. of his impending attack, there was absolutely no reason for him to keep her alive. She had survived this far entirely because of whatever favor he had bestowed upon her based off of some bizarre respect for her ability to not die.

As a partner, he took rather enthusiastically to using her abilities to his own ends. While Jill was reduced to stilted and somewhat robotic behavior under the serum, during a brawl she was granted an extra dose of vigor. They had fought side by side, complimenting each other's strengths and abilities. And though all the action was entirely out of Jill's control, they worked exceedingly well together, to the point that she had never been so in sync with a partner during a fight. It was odd that a relationship as discordant as theirs could become so harmonious on the battlefield.

But every single benign trait that Wesker possessed was irrevocably intertwined with his malicious side, which ultimately represented his true self. Yes, Wesker had shown small kindnesses or mercies to Jill, but they were minuscule in comparison to the monstrous crimes against humanity he had committed. He sought to extinguish countless lives in some insane quest to become a god. There was absolutely nothing that could excuse him for that, and as punishment, he must die.

Jill had faith in Chris. She knew he could defeat Wesker, and that he would kill him. Jill would find whatever way possible to help Chris succeed in that mission. But as she realized that she would never see Wesker again, she was suddenly struck by the desire to speak to him one last time. She had no notion whatsoever of what she wanted to say to him though. Would she damn him to hell, curse his name, and mock his decision to let her live? Jill had a strange feeling that she would be more civil than that however. A simple goodbye perhaps, the single word carrying endless condemnations and a few minor thanks.

In any case, Wesker would soon be gone, taking years of Jill's own life with him. Though she would never be the same again after her time spent with him, Jill knew that someday it would be put behind her. She was near the dawn of a new day, and looked forward to the next chapter of her life with renewed resolve. Wesker may have taken her past, but Chris had given her a future.

This was as far as I could push Wesker/Jill before they slid totally out of character, but the dream sequence was a nice little 'what if' I had to get out of my head. Because of this, I had to end the story on a bittersweet note, much like the end of RE5 for any Wesker fan. R.I.P. Wesker/Jill, you'll always be my favorite pairing.

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