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Chapter 2 Fudge, Dreams, and Him

The City of Springfield. A town based on mob mortality and fudge, sweet, sweet fudge.

"Fudge, fudge, fudge," Homer stared at the commercial that was showing the sweet chocolate that was dripping an even darker chocolate sauce, being sold for only $13.95 at the Kwiki Mart.

"That's right my friends, for only $13.95 you too can have your very own fudge, made fresh from India, so get down here now, just to freshen the deal, I'll add a $10.00 fee for the first sucker I mean customer stupid enough to buy my expired fudge, thank you, come again." Apu said with a bow.

Homer turned the TV off, his eyes all glazed over, "Must buy fudge, must buy..." he dragged his hypotized form over to the door.

"Homer, where are you going?" Marge asked walking over with her baby.

"Going to buy fudge, I don't need at an outrageous price, and then throw it up later due to it being expired." Now if he knows it's expired why is he buying it? "Because dear audience, I love fudge."

"Well, do you think you can also buy Maggie fresh diapers?" Marge asked, holding the stinky baby.

"What's she's wearing is fine Marge, bye, love you!" he kissed her cheek, slammed the door, the car engine roared loudly and he was gone.

"Hrmmm," Marge mumbled, not pleased.

Meanwhile on a ship not far away, a little monkey was having sweet dreams. "Greetings citizens of Townsville! I Mojo Jojo am your new and approve appointed leader! Bwahahahaha. With the Powerpuffs dead, nothing can stop me. Me Mojo Jojo! I am.."

"ZIM! You will all obey me Zim! I AM ZIM! Get out of here you horrible monkey," the little green man shoved him away from the balcony.

"What? This is my dream! Which is to say my imagination and fantasy life, being contained in my brain and is therefore my dream, not yours. So beat it!" Mojo pushed him.

"No you beat it!" Zim took out a beater and started spinning it, nearing the monkey man. "I'm going to make monkey soup!"

Mojo growled and took out a butcher knife, "Not before I Mojo Jojo make Irken souffle! Just buy some wheat to make the dough, add milk, sugar, cinnamon, what do you make your allgeric? Then add chocolate! Locktosentolarant? There's no pleasing some people, yeesh."

A big red colored smoke cloud appeared, and morphed into. "You two are mistaken, I Jafar, will rule over Townsville, and my first order is to get rid of all monkeys. Bwhahahahahahaha." he started zapping his staff at the defenseless chimp. Bad dream huh?

"AHHHHHHHHH! Shriek, shriek."

"Watch your laungauge!" Zim scolded.

Mojo glared at the alien, "Shut up."

He got zapped and was starting to turn into a puddle of goo..Dark, black, chocolaty..."I'm melting! I'm melting, oh what a world. Why is Mojo acting out the Witch from the Wizards of line Oz? AHHHHHH! Someone help Mojo!"


"Yum, expired chocolate," Homer shoved four brownies in his mouth.

"That will be $56.85, sir," Apu said, extending his hand.

$56.85?" Homer groaned. He checked his pockets,"Uhoh." "Well, I would love to stay and pay your unfair rate, but I must be off, I'm late for work."

He was about to run to the door when Abu grabbed his neck collar, scowling. "Mr. Simpson, you embarras us both. We both know work is the last thing on your mind, you always go to Moes before work."

"That's afterwards, Apu, shows what you know."

"Oh, terribly sorry Mr. Simpsons." the Indian man relased him.

"And you should be, good day." Homer stuck his nose in the air and marched out.

"Good day to you too, sir..Wait a minute.." Apus eyes narrowed. "I forgot to stock these hotdogs," he put moldy old, green looking dogs into his revolving container.


At the Nuclear Power Plan, Mr. Burns was watching his useless workers, who were eating donuts and dozzing off. "Useless, pathtic, ugh they disgust me. I wish there was some way to get them more eager for this horrible labor I want them to endure."

Red smoke slithered up into the form of, "Hellooooo, boy, do I have a deal for youu...."

Mr. Burns stared at the devil crab creature and grinned, "Excellent.