NOTE: This is the beginning of a Series that I am making not just for your entertainment, but to make it easier for you to start your own Arthur and the Invisibles fanfic. I now many of you have had difficulties starting the story that you get a headache, I know I would, so I made thing easier. A few conditions though: This is where the Series begins, when you write your own story in this Series you must write "Arthur and the Adventures of the Seven Kingdoms:{insert episode name here}" With this, other readers will know that your story is about Arthur and the Invisibles, and that it's apart of the Series. And also, there's a twist in this story. Okay, now you can read. Enjoy! R&R please.

Arthur and the Adventures of the Seven Kingdoms

The Series Begins

Day 1-365

"One for the body." The gatekeeper said, as he turned the first ring.

"Hurry! Everyone's getting impatient." Betameche cried.

"Calm down, I'm working on it." The gatekeeper growled as he began to turn the second ring. "Two for the spirit."

As he turned the ring, on the other side of the telescope, Arthur waited patiently, but his friends, Charles Boomer, Ricochet Adams, and William Fitzgerald, were very impatient.

Ever since Arthur's last adventure his parents, especially his mother, demanded he never go without consulting them first, or going alone. Apparently his granny took the liberty of hiring three early graduated cadets from military school. They were codenamed: Tango Squad. There was Boomer the leader, an excellent shot in both front line and snipe maneuver. Adams the artillery, the expert with all the big guns. And Fitz, the Ordinance Engineer and demolition specialist.

"How long do we have to wait for this 'portal' to open, Arthur?" Boomer asked.

"Not as long as it was the last time you asked me." Arthur answered his friend.

"Why you all dressed up fer?" Fitz asked, noticing Arthur's new clothes. "Wanna look nice when you get on back to your girlfriend?" He taunted.

"That's not funny," Arthur said, annoyed, "I thought you all said you were going to were something nice."

"Yeah, well I though you said we were gonna run into some action," Adams shot back.

"We might," Arthur said, "Why are you even bringing your military equipment?"

"HQ said we might need it for the year," Boomer answered. He had a shotgun and a foot long machete holstered on his back, on his belt: two dual pistols, a and couple grenades. Adams had more heavy weaponry; a chain gun, a bazooka, a few M16 rifles, a couple of detonators, and a gun case where they stored all their other weapons. And Fitz had a M16 rifle and dets as well, a bunch of mega-dets, a backpack loaded with explosives, and a med kit. "The Sarge said it'll come in handy when we're dragging your butt outta trouble."

"What makes you think I'll get into trouble?" Arthur asked, anxiously.

"It's not us, it's your mother that thinks your gonna do something stupid." Adams admitted. "How did you even persuade them to let you go through with this?"

"Long story." Arthur just said, "Are you sure you want to do this? One year is a really long time, and you will have to deal with so much in the Seven Kingdoms."

"Don't worry 'bout us," Boomer said, sheathing his machete, "we're Gamed."

With these words, he, Arthur, and the others began to shrink faster than they could talk.

"What the hell?" Fitz spoke as he and Arthur to hold of the telescope lens.

"Don't worry," Arthur said as he and Boomer helped Adams up, "It's perfectly normal."

Arthur and the Tangos put their backs to the glass, Fitz panted, "That was short," He said, before the lens disappeared, allowing them to fall.

They slid down the telescope as if it were a slide at the playground. Until they crashed against wall of glass at the end of the telescope, where it stuck to the hall.

They rubbed their heads as Betameche crawled up his ladder. He waved at them, only to get a wave back by Arthur.

"Now what?" Boomer asked, seeing that there was no way back up the telescope, and no where any further.

"Don't worry Boomer, I have the key," Arthur said, pulling out a key with a tag on it.

"Great, you can stick it into the glass and open it up like a door," Adams said, sarcastically.

"Actually I just need to put it into the lock," Arthur said.

"Lock? What lock?" Fitz said, looking around the telescope, "I don't see a lock."

"Right here," Arthur said as he put the key in the lock and turned.

Immediately, an invisible mechanism was engaged and the ceiling began to descend at an impressive speed. They all look up and saw the glass lens descending toward him.

Arthur was calm, but the Tangos were freaking out.

"Fitz! Get us outta this!" Boomer ordered.

"Hold on to your heads boys," Fitz said, pulling out a det, "we're gettin' outta here!"

Just when he was about to attach the det to the glass, Arthur stopped him, "Don't! There's nothing to worry about."

"Nothing to worry...? The ceiling gonna crush us!" Adams complained as the glass ceiling increased its speed.

"Guys, trust me," Arthur said, with serious eyes.

Boomer hesitated and sighed,"Fitz, put it away," he ordered.

Fitz put the det away back in his backpack. The ceiling finally reached their heads, flattening them against the lens.

The boys fell from the lens and crashed onto the ground, tangled up in hundreds of gelatinous thread.

"Well, that was exciting," Fitz said, wiping off the threads.

"Welcome to the land of the Minimoys," Betameche greeted, proudly.

"Very funny, shorty," Adams said sarcastically, getting to his feet, picking up his chain gun. As they got up, they soon realized that they were...different. Transformed into Minimoys with long ears and freckle infested faces. Adams looked at Fitz, "Hey Fitz, you got something on your face," he said, pointing.

"Whu...what is it?" Fitz said, wiping his face.

"It's a bunch of freckles that's what," Adams mocked, laughing out loud.

"Shut it, Adams, we all got 'em," Boomer snapped, cracking his neck.

Betameche walked up to Arthur, "Who are these guys?" he asked his human, now Minimoy, friend.

"They' bodyguards," Arthur said, as if he were embarrassed.

"I see. Your parents don't trust you going alone?" Betameche asked, examining these three warriors armed with odd equipment.

"Yeah, so Granny hired them. They're called Tango Squad." Arthur introduced, pointing them out as he called there names. "That's Adams, Fitz, and Boomer."

"And you must be..." Boomer started, pausing to alloy the little Minimoy.

"Prince Simon O Matradoy de Betameche, but call me Beta," the Minimoy Prince introduced himself, giving a short bow as they do at the end of a play.

"Beta, eh? Do you have a older brother named 'Alpha'? Or a younger brother named 'Gamma'?" Adams joked, sharing a laugh with Fitz and taking an angry glare from Boomer.

" But, I have an older sister," Betameche said, now heading towards the tunnel, that lead to the palace and the town square, "Come on, let's go!" He called back to them. Arthur followed.

"Let's move, boys," Boomer called, following Arthur as Adams and Fitz picked up their equipment and followed their leader.

So, whadda ya think so far? Good start, right? Don't worry, this gonna be some action.