This is where I draw the line, mostly because my limit is ten chapters per story. There you have it, the beast was slain, Arthur and Selenia finally had their moment, and the Society of Shadows ventures back to their lair to plot a new plan. And now their next adventure starts with YOU. Although answers to my previous question about the decision of the Tangos staying in the Seven Kingdoms would have been useful, but I decided to let you, the writer, decide that.

Also, when you write a story about the Arthur and the Invisibles series, you know your own episode, all I as of you is to put "Minimoy episode" on the story's summary. That way other AATI fans can find your story. Why? Because no other category will have the word "Minimoy."

P.S. I look forward to reading your Arthur and the Invisibles episode, and thank you for reading.