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Prologue :

9 years ago

Lory Takarada, the president of L.M.E. looked helplessly as the young woman struggled to gain composure. No matter how hard he tried, the look she had gave him was just too heart wrenching that he could not deny her what she had asked. The look she had given her was worse then when he had asked about her mother when she was still 16, the pain she has now was incomparable to any he had seen in his lifetime.

'Its because of that stupid boy!' his mind screamed. 'Why in the world did he have to say what he did!'

Once again, Lory sighed for the hundredth time that day. 'Well, I suppose it was not really his fault, he had not expected this, hahaha!, no one would have expect this at all, I sure didn't!… he doesn't know a thing… And he wont until she comes back' once again he turned to the woman who has now completely calmed down 'on the outside' He thought.


"Yes?" He asked softly, Her voice was almost a whisper now. She slowly lift her head till she was starring at his eyes and was taken aback by what he saw in them.

"Thank you, so… so much… I…" She swallowed hard, shaking her head a little.

"I'll come back I promise… When I'm ready I'll… Tell him, This I swear, and.. And please don't forget to give the letter I gave you to Kotonami… " She lowered her head once more.

"Goodbye, Takarada-san" without waiting for his reply, she turned around and handed her plane ticket, passing through the gate to board the plane to America, where she will escape… where she will hide… just until she can find enough courage to return.

"sigh… goodbye-" He had not notice that his eyes had become watery until he tried to speak and choked up instead. The eye she had shown him was not of helplessness or fear as she did earlier that day, but of determination… and strength but not just for herself, but for the new life within her. 'She MUST be strong now… stronger that she was before'

"My you have a safe journey… Mogami-san."