Chapter #7

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The bright, clear blue sky and the cheerful surrounding in the cafe was doing little to ease Tsuruga's nervousness. He wore a plain black t-shirt and fitting dark blue jeans and a pair of running shoes. As simple his wear was majority if the female and some male population who saw him that day were practically drooling in their wake. How does it go again? 'When you got it, you got it?' yup, that's it, no matter what you wear. But He wasn't thinking about that at the moment. Even smiling for fans who want a picture and autograph or two was a challenge without seeming tense. Kyouko had called the other day and invited him to lunch with their daughter.

Just the slightest bit, he felt like screaming...

'Daughter... How-'

A tap on his shoulder nearly sent Ren out of the chair and on top of the table.

"I'm so sorry Mr. Tsuruga sir, i didn't mean to startle you!" said the teenage waiter, who was holding a napkin and pen in his hand.

"Can i have your autograph sir? Please. This is for my girlfriend, she's a big fan of yours and, um, i am too!" The waiter smiled goofily. Tsuruga, sighed a relived smile. "I'd love to" When the waiter finally left, only then did he notice who had just walked into the cafe.

Kyouko had tied her black hair in a bun with a few locks loose on the side that cradled her face, skin glowing with health. She wore a cream lace overlay blouse with bell sleeve and lettuce edging, a pair of black skinny millennium pants and black leather flat shoes. She looks so beautiful that it took his breath away. As if sensing his stare, she turned to his direction. She looked surprised at first, then smiles nervously.

"Kyouko..." Ren stood up and was about to pull the chair opposite to him for Kyouko when she stopped him by placing a hand on his and causing his heart to beat faster... just a bit.

"I'm sorry... Ren..." not use to the first name basis, Kyouko's face frowned slightly. Yesterday when she talked to Ren on the phone, he had asked if they could not be so formal anymore... Giving the situation, Kyouko couldn't refuse.

"Kaina went to the playground in the park and she wanted to eat there so..."

Ren just smiled.

"Lunch in the park sounds perfect" He couldn't stand to stay sitting down anymore. A walk in the park will calm him down a bit.

"I'll order us some take out" Kyouko shook her head,

"No, its alright. I can do it" Kyouko chewed on her bottom lips, her eyebrows nit together in worry. Ren caught his breath.

"I was hoping that... Karina is alone on the swings so if you could just..." His eyes widen.

"Ah, I see. Alright then" Ren resisted the urge to kiss her and turned to leave. What Kyouko really wanted to say was that she wanted him to go to Karina and he knew it.

The park was right across the cafe. Ren reached the playground and found Karina on the swing, as Kyouko told him she would be. But what made him hasten his steps was that a teenager, who looked very much like a thug, had approached his daughter and started talking to her and she seemed... pissed?

Karina's POV

She was just sitting on the swing waiting for her mom with their lunch... and her dad, when a man she'd never seen before came to talk to her.

"Hey there little girl" The man said "do you live around here?"

Karina looked up at the Teenager. He has black hair, covered by a blue cap, crystal clear blue eyes and has light tan skin. He would have looked pretty if it wasn't for paint and dirt splattered all over his hands and across his nose, not to mention on his clothes, wearing a black coat with baggy pants and sneakers. With chains all over his clothes... 'Really now, what were they all for?' Karina thought and he has three earrings on his left ear and... 7?! 7 on his other ear, the teen looked like a troublemaker. She really didn't care. The boy was in her way.

"Go away, I'm waiting for my mom" no need to be polite, Karina thought. The teen pouted... thought it looked more like a grimace, and scratched his head.

"It's just that I'm lost" He said "do you know where-" A hand fell on the teens right shoulder

"May I help you?" The startled teen turned sharply to his back and raised his fists, his stance was getting ready for a fight. When the teen realized who was in front of him, his eyes and mouth did a perfect 'O', fists now loose and hanging on his sides.

"T-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-" HE sucked in air.

"Tsuruga Ren?!!" He gasped.

"Daddy!" exclaimed Karina with an adorable smile on her face.

"DADDY?!!!" The teen shouted this time eyes nearly popping out of its sockets as his jaw just hang there. Ren felt similar shock minus the expression. The teen looked from one to the other.

"When'd you get a kid?" He turned to Ren, who avoided the question.

"You wanted something?" Ren said instead.

"Eh?" the teen said

Karina Getting slightly irritated now, got off the swing and latched on to Rens hand.

"He's lost and was asking for directions." She said innocently.

"A-AH! That's right" The teen flustered. Digging his right hand into his coats breast pocket, he pulled out a crumpled paper and gave it to Ren.

"I'm tryin to get to that place, ya know'em?" After Ren told the him the direction, the teen asked for an autograph but he didn't leave even after that though.

"So the kid here, is it really yours" He asked rudely though unintentional. Ren looked down at Karina who was frowning at the teen. He just didn't know what to say... Should he say yes? How would she feel?... Better question is what... or rather how he feels about this whole situation. After a moment, Ren turned to the teen.

"Yes she is" He said, and smiled his infamous smile. The teen then looked at Karina who was gracing him with the same smile. The poor boy never stood a chance. After swallowing hard, the teen decided it was time to go.

"Sh- she has your smile Mr. Truruga sir."

"Thank you" and with a quick bow, the teen left, leaving Tsuruga alone with his daughter. They were silent for a moment, Karina resisted the urge to stomp her little foot. She has been testy since she woke up that morning and had felt like screaming at anyone who talks to her but of course she kept it well hidden. Lucky for her, she was born with the gift of self-control and patience, traits that for most children her age, was impossible to comprehend. She turned to look up at Ren who was staring at her.

"Karina..." Karina blinked at him.

"yes?" Ren gave her a gentle smile this time.

"Thank you" She blinked again.

"For what?" Ren cleared his throat then looked down to her.

"For not hating me..." She blinked again.

"Why would I hate you? what did you do?" Karina asked, almost eagerly. Ren started to feel uncomfortable. He wasn't sure himself what he was saying himself.

"Was it hard for you and Kyo- your mother to live alone? Back in America?" Karina shook her head.

"No it wasn't. My mom and i were perfectly happy together!" Ren smiled.

"I see, I'm glad" Karina let go of His hands and went back to the swing.

"Dad! Come and push my swing please" She said in cute voice only children possess. Ren awkwardly did what was asked of him while casually asking questions about Karina. B-day, favorite music, movie, food, hobby, color and friends... All which were answered with: January 15, pop, The little mermaid & Aladin, Chocolate, Drawing, Pink and none. Ren paused at that.

"None?" he asked confused but not evident in his voice.

"None" Karina replied.

"Why?" Karina shrugged.

"I don't need any" was the reply. Ren wondered if Kyouko knew about this. They were silent for a moment before he could say anything more, Kyouko returned carrying the food. She smiled when she saw Karina playing with Ren and she had to control the blush creeping its way onto her cheeks.

"I have the food, wash your hands please" Kyouko told a grinning... a little bit wider than usual, Karina.

Ren watched Karina skip her way to the faucets.

"I think she's starting to warm up to me" He said in a low voice but Kyouko heard it clearly. She smiled a nervously. It was all so weird. She barely slept a wink last night. Nine years after and she still can't believe it.

'I slept with him' her eyes strayed to Ren was setting the food on one of the picnic tables on the park. Kyouko turned the other way, face as red as a face can possibly be. O~M~G!!!!!! She resisted the urge to huddle and enclosed herself in her mini-demons. Scolding herself of her arrogance that she could ever be good enough have him. She swallowed hard. It's not like she feels that way... at least, she thinks not. The last person she ever loved... Well, the only person she had ever loved broke her heart and threw it in the gutter... Bastard. Now that she thinks about it...

"I wonder how he is now."

"How's who now?" Startled, she turned to her left and stiffened. Ren face was inches from hers! And his left hand was lightly resting on her back!

She swallowed again and squeaked out a reply which, at Rens proximity, should have heard, but if he did, he gave no notion of it but instead, leaned closer to her.

"I'm sorry, can you say that again?" Ren was a breath away now. Kyouko could hear her heartbeat so loudly that she was sure Ren could hear it too and she was starting to feel light headed.

"I- um.... ano, i was just wondering... Sho-" She saw it. The sudden intensity of his stare and she was left immobile. Mentally strangling herself. How could she have forgotten that Ren hated the man! At least, because he had been her reason for joining the acting business... But it's different now. Don't get her wrong, she doesn't like the guy but she doesn't hate him either. She took deep breath and got ready to apologies for her thoughtlessness but before she could say another word, he had already moved away from her and released a sigh.

"You still have feelings for him?" He asked in a low voice. He then turned to her for an answer and the expression she showed him said it all. Restraining a sigh of relief he settled for a chuckle/

"So if it's not that then..."

"I was just curious. Honestly. I haven't thought of him for years!" She said. Ren composed himself once more and gave her THE smile.

"Is that so?"

"IT'S TRUE! I really don't! Don't give me that smile of yours!! It's the same as Karin-!" And once again, Kyouko blushed for all she's worth.... Honestly, can you blame her? Years later and she still can't believe that she's slept with the man! Ren didn't even bother restraining his smile this time with pride perhaps? She thought. Most definitely.

"I know" Small footsteps heading their way made them turn to see Karina already at the table and placing their sandwiches in paper plates. Ren couldn't remember the last time he ate out like this with his family. With a contented sigh, He sat down across from Kyouko and Karina.

"Let's eat!" Karina said merrily, taking a cute chomp of her sandwich. Kyouko doing the same just with a bit more grace. Ren smiled and took a bite of his sandwich. Mili seconds after that, Ren went as still as stone, eyes grew wide as saucer. He looked frantically for something to drink. Kyouko noticed this and gave him his cup of coffee. Ren took the cup and drank the dark liquid, only to spit it out instantly.

"S-Salt!... h-h-HOT!" He choked out. Confused, Kyouko gave Ren her drink, iced tea. Ren Drank the whole bottle.

"What happened? Are you ok?" By now, Kyouko was standing behind Ren, patted his back while he coughed.

"The sandwich..." He began, pointing at his sandwich.

"It's very spicy..."


"And the coffee was.... Salty" Ren finished, showing her lopsided smile.

"EEEEH??!!" Kyouko stared aghast at the faulting sandwich and coffee.

"I'm going to go complain to the manager. Is this some kind of childish joke?! make fun of the actor thinking they'll be forgiven that easily?!, I WONT ALLOW IT!!" Kyouko grabbed the sandwich and coffee and marched towards the store. Ren watched her retreating back until he felt a light tap on his hand. He turned to see Karina offering her orange juice to him. Despite the burning sensation inside his throat, Ren happily accepted the drink, glad that they were getting along so well. He brought the cup to his mouth and took a large gulp of- "SPLURT!!!"

"W- What is this?!!" Ren asked Karina who was smiling at his strained smile.




"Where did you get this?"

"I took it from the hotel kitchen where me and my mom are staying in"



By now, Ren starts to feel dread.

"Why did you give me this?"

Karina didn't say a word but her smiling face is gone. She was now glaring at him.

'-wait, what?' Ren blinked. '

Could it be?'

"Karina... Were you the one who..."

Karina's lips started to tremble.

"I don't want a dad" She said in a low voice. Ren heard it clearly and started to worry. He placed the cup on the table and took a deep breath. His chest was starting to hurt. After calming himself, he turned to Karina who was now dumping the oil on the grass.

"Did I do something to make you upset?" He asked calmly, inching a bit closer to Karina who refused to look at him. Suddenly Karina stood up with her little chin held high and hands on hips, turned to face Ren with a haughty look.

"My mom and I don't need a daddy! We're fine on our own! Mommy doesn't like you either and if you don't leave us alone, I'll definitely do something worst!" She said with a stomp of her little foot. Ren was speechless. He had no idea he was very much disliked, but before he could say anything, Kyouko had returned with a new sandwich and coffee. Karina instantly sat back down and continued to happily chew on her sandwich. Ren turned to Kyouko who was now placing a new sandwich and coffee in front of him.

"Here you go, I asked the manager if I could make the sandwich and coffee this time because I couldn't trust their staff and I have to have my money's worth so..." Kyouko blushed. Ren smiled his famous smile at her.

"Thank you, Kyouko" Ren, unwrapped the sandwich and was instantly engulfed in a mouth watering aroma. He took a bite and the burning sensation on his throat was now nothing but a memory.

'Her cooking is as good as ever' He thought, feeling nostalgic.

"This is for you, sweetie" Kyouko handed her daughter a chocolate cupcake with star shaped sprinkled. Karina smiled her angelic smile.

"Thank you mommy!" with that she dug in. The moment Kyouko started to eat her sandwich, Karina turned to Ren one last time and stuck her tongue out only to slap on her angelic face an instant later when her mother turned to ask how the cupcake was. The thought that was currently running through Rens head was-

'My God, she IS my child'

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