Title: Gravity's Tow
Author: obuletfury302 aka DreamShadows (fanfiction)
Warnings: Slash, smut…
Summary: Brian's been waiting for that question for five years…
Disclaimer: I tried to buy them over the internet, and waited, and waited and waited… I got screwed!


"Why?" Brian had been waiting for the question since he, Mia, and the other two idiots had hijacked the prison bus and gotten Dom out. If he was truthful to himself he had been waiting for it since he had handed Dom the keys to the Supra five years earlier.

He looked over at Dom with a strained smile, and shook his head before turning back to the Charger's engine.

"You're like gravity, Dom," Brian said after a minute, feeling Dom's heavy gaze on the back of his head as he pulled the shirt from the back of his jeans to wipe the sweat from his neck and forehead. "You know it, I know, hell even those two idiots that helped me and Mia get you out know it." He let out a breath and scratched the back of his head before dropping his arms back to his sides. "It just pulls harder on some of us." He finished softly.

Tucking the shirt back into his jeans, Brian fought the urge to turn around and look at the big man, fearing the reaction on the other man's face, fearing rejection. He stood there straight-backed and tense as he waited for Dom's response.

He didn't expect a strong hand to land on his bare stomach, and another to grip his upper arm, for Dom's chin to rest on his shoulder. He had expected to be punched or yelled at, or a combination of both, not the strong embrace he was held in now.

He was pulled back, his bare back molding into Dom's equally naked chest, the arm on his stomach gripped tighter while the one on his arm wound its way around his chest. Dom's head turned, his tongue licking the hollow where his shoulder met his throat, before teeth gently bit down, nipping at the sweat glazed skin.

Brian's breath hitched, his stomach muscles fluttering under Dom's palm. When the bigger man bit down harder, Brian moaned and dropped his head back onto Dom's shoulder.

"I thought so," Dom growled, and Brian turned his head, as Dom lifted his from marking him. Dom's eyes had darkened so much that they looked black, and Brian had to fight back a whimper at the lust that lined them. "Mine." Dom breathed, and devoured him whole.


A/N: And that is why I don't write smut… *headdesk*

Hope you liked it.