How Inuyasha and Kagome got Married

The Setting: Our story begins at Inuyasha's Father's palace back in the Feudal Era, 500 years ago. Inuyasha and the royal advisor are talking.

Background: The advisor comes into the throne room where Inuyasha is sitting on his throne. (Inuyasha is one of the sons to the Lord of the Eastern and Western Lands, Lord InuTaisho Takari. The Lord has 8 chidren all together, 5 sons and 3 daughters. From oldest to youngest their names are: Sesshomaru, Mimori, Miroku III, Inuyasha, Cagalli, Cole, Carlos, and Winry. The advisor bows as he stands in front of Inuyasha. Inuyasha acknowledges him and tells him that he may speak. The others are in their rooms.

(A/N: I first would like to say sorry that it took me so long to post this story back up after taking it down to edit it a bit, but the last months of my pregnancy kept me on bedrest so I couldn't get to my computer until I had my children, that's right, I said children as in plural. I had Twins!!! A Boy and a Girl. If you would like to know more about them just either PM me or post it along with your Review and I promise I will personally answer all inquiries. Now as for my story, In my story they all get along very well. This isn't like the show at all. So Yes, this story is an AU story. Yes, the brothers have other siblings. Yes, they are kind of related to Miroku. Yes, everyone except Sesshomaru, Inuyasha, Miroku, Kikyo, Rin, Kagome, and Sango are MY characters. No, I don't know if Miroku is the third Miroku or not, but in this story he is. No, Sesshomaru does not hate his father, in my story at least. And No Sesshomaru and Inuyasha are not going to try to kill each other and they will agree on most things, as well as Sesshomaru will be protective of all his younger siblings since he is the oldest).

Disclamer: Come on ppl, if I owned Inuyasha.......He would stop chasing Kikyo and get together with Kagome, Rin would be old enough to get with Sesshomaru, Sesshomarru would be nicer to Rin/Inuyasha/Kagome(since she would be his brother's mate), Kouga would take no 4 an answer once and 4 all/move on with his life with Ayame, Shippo would be adopted by Kagome and Inuyasha/treated nicer by Inuyasha, Miroku would have cleaned up his act and married Sango, Kohaku would get his memories back/ stay alive without the jewel shard in his back and live with his sister/Miroku/Kilala, Kaede would be Kagome's grandmother, Jaken would be a slave to Rin (Sesshomarru's wedding gift to Rin), I would change some of the characters status/breed (Demon, Hanyou, Human, etc.), And finally kill off that bastard Naraku and his slut Kinky-Hoe......oops I mean Kikyo. My bad. (-.-'.......Not really). But since the series isn't being done that way, It's safe to assume that I DO NOT own Inuyasha. Takahashi-San does however. I mean I wish I owned it, but sadly I do not. Anyways enough of my babbling. On with the story!


Ch. 1: How It All Started

"My lord, please forgive me for disturbing you, but there's something urgent I must tell you," said the advisor. "Urgent?" questioned Inuyasha. "Yes Sire, Urgent." said the advisor. "Well, what is it?!" demanded Inuyasha. "Your father says that its time you and you brothers selected a mate," said the advisor.

"You're telling me that's urgent! That's not urgent! My father's been telling all of us that, all of the time for the past year!" yelled Inuyasha. "Yes sire, its urgent to your father and yes he has been telling all of you that for the past year, but you and your brothers refuse to listen to him and have been putting it off for an entire year as well. Your father says that all of you have put it off long enough. You must chose a mate now," said the advisor. "Well tell him my brothers and I don't feel like it and ask him what's he going to do about it," said Inuyasha.

The advisor shakes his head, turns around, and leaves. He then tells Inuyasha's father what was said.

"He said that, did he?" asked Lord InuTaisho. "Yes sire, he did," said the advisor. "Well then, tell him, I'm going to summon 24 maiden's each of all kinds of species, human, hanyou, and demon (A/N: In other words, each brother will get 24 girls to decide from & they will have 8 each of all 3 species in each group. Example: 8 Humans, 8 Hanyou's, & 8 Demons in each of the brother's group of girls.), from near and far to the castle and all of the maidens will have to go through a certain amount of contests. This way I will be able to determine who to eliminate at the end of each round in my contests," says Lord InuTaisho.

He stops and thinks for a moment before continuing. "When there are three girls left in each group, the girls in each group will have to perform for whichever son they were assigned to. Then, I will explain the next step. Tell him that is what I will do about it and there is no way they can get out of this one. The girls will be summoned here tommorrow morning. And of course each son and his set of 24 will be in a different room. That is all advisor," said Lord InuTaisho. "Yes my lord, I will tell him right away," said the advisor.

So the advisor goes back to the throne room and tells Inuyasha what his father said.

"He said what?! Oh no!! Why does he want us to get mates so bad? I mean if its because he wants us to have a mate to help all of us rule over the empire, then we don't need mates. We could rule over it by ourselves!" exclaims Inuyasha.

But before the advisor could answer him, the announcer's announced Lord InuTaisho's presence into the throne room.

"I don't want you to get mates because of that reason, Inuyasha," said Lord InuTaisho. "Then why? We don't need them," says Inuyasha. "Oh, but you do. And that's because, all of you need mates not only for someone to love and always protect, you need mates to bear all of you an heir or heirs as a proceeding line to the family and to the royal throne. It is what will keep our family in power over the Eastern and Western Lands. When you are on one of my thrones, all of you need an heir or heirs to take over for you when you get ready to either retire or for if you die before the retiring age. Kami-sama forbid the last one to happen. Besides, a mate will give you an increase in strength. To protect a mate, makes you stronger. You do want to get stronger, don't you?" explained Lord InuTaisho.

"Hold it! I understand perfectly well about having an heir or heirs for when we're on each of your thrones, but for love? You're nuts! There's absolutely no one that I'll ever love. I mean for that heir or heirs thing we could just knock some girl up, take the kid or kids and kick the girls to the curb. And what do you mean protecting a mate makes you stronger! And of course I want to get stronger! I would like to be a full demon. A mate can't help me with that!" yelled Inuyasha.

"I'm pretty sure when you see them, you'll fall in-love pretty quickly. I'm sure all of you will. And as for "knocking some girls up, taking the kid or kids, and kicking the girls to the curb" as you call it there will be none of that. That is not only disrespectable and dishonorable behavior to this family and it's name, but it is also disrespectful to the young lady. And not to mention it will forever shame this family and all it stands for. As for what I meant about protecting a mate makes you stronger, what I said, is what I meant. And you never no what a mate can help you with Inuyasha. It just depends on what mate you get," said Lord InuTaisho.

"Yeah, if you say so. And besides we don't want to forever shame the family now do we," says Inuyasha regretfully. "No, we don't. And you'll see what I mean later Inuyasha, you'll see," said Lord InuTaisho. "Feh!" says Inuyasha grumpily.

Inuyasha's father smiles and shakes his head, and as he turns and heads for the door, he pauses and says...

"Remember Inuyasha, the girls will be here tommorrow morning. Be ready and by be ready, I mean be presentable. If you have to wear clothes like that, at least wear your royal ones. At least their appropriate to wear in front of a lady, and besides their not all torn up like those are,"said Lord InuTaisho. "What do you mean, okaa-chan gave me this fire-rat hiraori!" excaimed Inuyasha.

"I know, Inuyasha. And those are fine to wear out, do battle in, and to lounge around in, but that is not the way to dress around a bunch of lovely, young ladies. Now be presentable in your royal clothes, for the ladies tomorrow morning and tell your brothers to do the same. And that's final!" said Lord InuTaisho ending the conversation for good. "Yes, father," says Inuyasha grudgingly.

Everyone clears the throne room and they all head off in different directions. Inuyasha goes to his brother's rooms and tells them what their father said. Everyone started to groan and complain until they heard that their father said it was final, then everyone hushed. They knew when he said that, then they had already lost the argument and there was no point in trying to continue it. Everyone then went to bed very upset.


A/N: For those that don't know, Hiraori loosely translated into English means: "Plain Fabrics," which can be made into Yukatas and Kimonos. And Kami-Sama can mean a lot of things depending on the sentence you use it in, but mostly it's used to describe: Kami="God" & -Sama="Lord," so "Lord God" is the most common useage.

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