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Story rating: M (R)(for adult themes, sexual and blood)

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The Matriarch of Destiny
By JuPMod (aka JPMod)

"Naruto!" Sakura called out to her teammate.

Without stopping his hectic journey, as he jumped from rooftop to rooftop, the blond shinobi gazed over his shoulder to spot his female teammate and Hinata behind him with worried expressions. "What is it, Sakura-chan, Hinata-chan?" he asked before turning back to watching where he was going.

"Naruto-kun, what's wrong?" the Hyuuga heir asked for herself and her fellow kunoichi, her long bluish hair waving in the wind as she raced to keep up with the teenage boy she had long admired.

Sapphire eyes narrowed in concern. "Something's wrong. I can feel it!" He was not an overly superstitious person by nature. He had a silly fear of ghosts when he was a child, but since there were things in this world that couldn't be explain in any rational terms, like the existence of the Byjuu, Naruto had developed least a healthy respect to not underestimate the powers of the unknown. It was why when his tea mug had shattered by itself in Tsunade-baachan's office, he knew it was a troubling sign of something very bad had happened.

Sakura and Hinata became even more concern upon hearing his answer. They couldn't understand what has caused the confident boy to be so anxious. Yet as they rushed along the village's rooftops, it was clear to both exactly where they were heading… The Uchiha Estate.

With dark storm clouds rolling in overhead, the teenage trio arrived, as they jumped over the walls and landed in a clearing of the large, traditional, ranch home. Naruto led the way through the front door and began a frantic search, calling out her name.

The Kyuubi Jinchuuriki quickly went through the kitchen, the living room, and the bedrooms, as he slid shoji doors open with some force. Yet so far, he and his two companions have not found her.

However, as Naruto sped along the outside wooden walkway, that ringed the mansion-like house, his nose picked up a familiar scent. A scent that made the hairs on the back of his neck stood up and sent a chill down his spine. No shinobi could go through life without recognizing the stench of blood anywhere, and this smell made his heart pounded harder and ran toward the odor's source emanating from the estate's dojo.

With his two female friends just behind him, the blond reached the dojo's outside entrance and nearly slammed the shoji doors opened. What greeted their eyesight brought a large shock to their systems, eyes going wide. Sakura gasped, Hinata brought a hand over her mouth, and Naruto felt his heart clenched as his eyes began to water uncontrollably.

In the center of the dojo laid the black-haired kunoichi, her body, still in her kunoichi uniform, was faced down, arms stretched outward with her long hair splayed all around her head and upper body. Yet what scared the three teen ninjas was what they saw pooling underneath the older woman… blood. Lots of blood. Her blood.

"MIKOTOOOOOOOOOOO!" screamed Naruto with tears pouring out of his eyes as a crack of lightning and thunder occurred in the sky behind him, before he rushed toward the woman, who changed his life, as well as many others in Konoha.


Destiny. It's a word that has shaped human existence since the dawn of time. Many have always believed that once a person is born, that person has a required destiny already in place for that person to follow. The person can still mold and shape his or her life, but no matter the choices made, he or she can not break from the path of destiny that awaits the individual.

However, regardless the destiny, some believed the path can be altered. The path will still be the same, heading toward that same destiny, but it is the shape of the path that changes. Most of the time, it is shaped by the individual traveling the path, yet rarely by outside influences. Yet those outside influences can have a dramatic affect on the individual. They can be an event that ran differently, another individual doing something differently, someone born or died, or making a small decision, as say being somewhere else at a certain time.

I'm not writing to say anything philosophical but to tell a story. A story that many believe would have been written much differently regarding the path of destiny a legendary Konoha Hokage had taken from the very day he was born. A path filled with pain & sorrow, friendship & love, and triumphs & defeats.

Yet this is also the story of the woman, who is known in history as the person who altered the path of destiny of a boy and in the process, reshaped that boy's life dramatically. Not only was his path reformed, but also the path of a great shinobi village, leading the way toward the birth of a new clan, which would eventually become one of the strongest clans in all of Konoha.

This is her story. By making a simple decision, she escaped Death and became the one who reshaped a life forever.

Her name is Uchiha Mikoto… The Matriarch of Destiny.


To be continue (End of Prologue)


1) Welcome to my latest Naruto fanfic "The Matriarch of Destiny". The idea for this fic has been floating in my head for several months, and the concept is quite simple. I've read plenty of fics exploring the 'What If' scenario of one or both of Naruto's parents surviving the Kyuubi attack, but I have not read any fics that explore what would happen if one of Sasuke's parents survives the Uchiha Massacre. So out of the two, I thought Uchiha Mikoto would be a great candidate. She is not only a kunoichi, but also a soft and caring woman from what I've seen in the manga and anime. With no background to go on, as it is with Naruto's parents, Mikoto would be ideal to explore as a character and how she could influence future canon events, namely on shaping Sasuke and Naruto.

And for anyone thinking she should be just as bad as her husband, I say there is nothing in the manga and anime to say this is even true. Remember Obito? He certainly was not a hard-nose Uchiha, eh? Anymore than Hinata fits the typical Hyuuga. So rest assures, I'll be exploring Mikoto's background. She'll not be a perfect angel but she'll not be a devil either.

2) I want to get this straight right from the start. There will be no romance and pairings during the whole first part of the story (pre-Time Skip Era). Naruto and all his friends are 12 and 13 years old, and I just can't see anyone of that age getting involved in any deep romance. Yeah, they'll likely start to have feelings, but I certainly can't see the concept of them having sex and such until they're more mature.

And please, Mikoto will not ever get romantically involve with Naruto when he's 9 to 13 years old. It's kind of sick. I once read a NaruMiko fic where he was only 9 years old or so and the pair had sex. Excuse me?! No boy at 9 years old can even understand sex, nevertheless engage in it!

So don't expect anything to happen between Mikoto and Naruto during the pre-Time-Skip part of the story. Maybe I'll consider it for the Shippuuden Era, but not before that. Naruto and Mikoto's relationship is like that of mother and son in the pre-Time-Skip Era.

3) Read the rating. I rated this fic M due that there will be adult themes being touch upon throughout the fic. There will be sexual themes, not to mention blood (as this prologue shown). It's necessary due to the plot development I have in mind.

4) I labeled this story as 'General/Drama' due that it is mostly generalized. There will be elements of comedy, action/adventure, drama, romance, etc. The drama will be quite high in the Shippuuden Era for what I have in mind for the plot. It'll be quite dramatic alright. ;)

5) Last, I have to say that this might become my biggest challenge yet. It'll take a long time to write up this baby, for my idea for the timeline is from the Uchiha Massacre to the Shippuuden Era. There will be some time skips along the way, but expect a long haul in some areas to develop the characters and plot.

I'm going to see in completing "Unexpected Love" first before venturing on with "The Matriarch of Destiny." It's highly likely that "Whatever It Takes II" will be put on hiatus due to my Muse wanting to do "Matriarch" badly. It very wants to do "Matriarch" soooo badly.