Chapter One


I realized something today. It concerns my best friend, Peter. Before I divulge my big secret, however, you should probably know more about us.

My name is Madi Cullen. My dad is Edward and my adoptive mom is Bella. I'm fifteen going on sixteen. I have the same hair color as my brother, Owen, and my dad, but mine is much longer. I have bright green eyes and dainty shoulders. I dress in jeans and T-shirts, like my mom, but I always wear my hair in a loose bun. My body is average, nothing really special going on there.

Peter is what keeps me grounded. He is as important as Owen. His father, Doug, is close friends with my dad. His adoptive mom and my dad's secretary, Tanya, died two years ago of breast cancer and Peter took it hard. Peter has a twin, Lucy, that is best friends with my twin. Peter has shaggy blonde hair and blue eyes as bright as my green ones. He's well built and kinda perfect. Peter is sixteen.

Now to the interesting part: our relationship. Definitely not dating, but definitely not friends. Does that help you understand? Me neither. He has been a part of my life for so long that I couldn't imagine my life without him, but our relationship isn't romantic. We hug, went to the movies last night, talk on the phone until two in the morning, and are with each other every spare moment. His customary greeting is ever 'Hello gorgeous.'

Remember: not dating.

Why not? I guess it'd never crossed our minds. Now that I think about it, I've always loved Peter. He is the one thing I depend on to get me through the day. We joke constantly and he makes me smile until my face hurts. He practically lives at my house and only goes to his house to sleep. My parents treat him as another one of their siblings, as they do with Lucy. Even so, our relationship isn't that of siblings because it's closer.

Today, I had started to look at all the pictures I had on my camera. There were tons of pictures of Peter, Lucy, Owen, and me because we were such a tight knit group. Owen and Lucy spend a lot of time alone, as do Peter and I, but we also do a lot of things together. The pictures that made me think were the dozens of pictures of only Peter and me.

The longer I looked at them, the more I realized that we fit together perfectly. I seemed to orient myself around him in every picture. He was touching me in some way in every frame. I was so used to the simple touches that I don't realize them. In all of them we look happy. Then I came to two that surprised me.

Peter was looking at me while I was smiling into the camera. His eyes were piercing and he looked like he was thinking. He looked so happy, just looking at me.

I was looking at him while he was smiling into the camera. I didn't know I looked at him that way. The look I gave him was trusting, happy, content, and…loving.

It was then that I realized that I didn't love Peter. I'm in love with Peter.

So where does that leave our relationship now?


"Hey Owen," Lucy, my angel, said as she walked through my door.

"Hi Lucy," I responded nonchalantly, shutting my door and locking it behind her. As soon as the coast was clear, Lucy jumped into my arms and I wrapped my arms around her waist.

"I missed you," Lucy whispered in my ear.

"You saw me last night," I reminded her. We went to see a movie last night, since it was Friday. Now it's ten on a Saturday morning. I love the weekends.

"I know, but Peter and Madi were there," Lucy reminded me.

"Don't you think it would be better if we told them about…us?" I asked hesitantly. I pulled away and saw Lucy's face tighten slightly.

"Give me a bit more time." I wasn't going to press her on this because it's her decision, but I thought that our twins should know what's going on. You see, Lucy and I have been secretly dating for two months now.

Why keep it a secret?
Because how would you tell your parents that you're making out with someone you've been best friends with since preschool? It wasn't weird for us, but that's because kissing Lucy is as natural as holding her hand. It was one of the many sides of our relationship. We were friends first, and that gave us a good basis for a real relationship. It's easy to explain to each other and to ourselves, not so easy to explain to parents.

"We don't have to tell our parents, but Peter and Madi would understand. Can we tell them after lunch so we don't have to hide it from them anymore?" I didn't want to push her too hard, but she understands how hard it is to keep something like this from your twin. Lucy sighed deeply.

"This afternoon, I guess. As long as this doesn't spread to Edward, Bella, and Dad, its fine," she consented and my mood was instantly brighter. I spun her around quickly before setting her back on her feet. I slipped my hands in her hair and kissed her softly. I loved that she wore her long, blonde hair down. Lucy pulled away and I smiled at her heavy breathing. I hide my smile by hiding my face in her hair.

My smile dropped when I noticed that now is a good time to say it. I've wanted to for months, but there was never a right time. I didn't want her to think I was joking or not taking us seriously, so I thought I should wait. Have I waited too long? Stop Owen, just do it. I moved my lips closer to her ear.

"I love you, Lucy."


I was still staring at the pictures on my camera when the door flew open. I didn't look up because I already knew it was Peter. He sat on the bed and casually wrapped his arm around my shoulders. My heart started beating faster and his proximity was suddenly very distracting. I didn't think my body would start reacting to what my mind suddenly realized.

"Hello gorgeous," he said softly. Peter said that every time he saw me, but today his breath across the back of my neck made me shiver slightly. I held my breath when he leaned over my shoulder to look at the picture on my camera.

"Hey Peter," I breathed. Peter didn't answer. Instead, he reached for the camera and brought it closer to his face. He rested his chin on my shoulder and his close proximity was very distracting.

"These pictures are great," Peter said as he began to flip through them. I could've sworn he blushed when he came to the picture that caught him staring at me. I brushed the thought away and then it was my turn to blush. I held my breath again as Peter took in the picture of me staring at him. He studied the picture carefully and lingered over it for a solid thirty silent seconds.

"This is my favorite," Peter said calmly before flipping to the next picture. Deciding this awkward couple minutes have to end, I spoke up.

"Let's go chill with Lucy and Owen," I suggested. I could overcome this intense, instantaneous, and inescapable attraction I felt towards Peter. I just needed some time to sort out my feelings and thoughts.

"We spent yesterday with them. I thought that we could spend some alone time with just us, bestie." Peter said the last word jokingly and pulled me into a tight hug. I took a deep breath. We are best friends and nothing more, I reminded myself over and over.

"Um, we can go bowling after lunch then?" I settled. By this afternoon, I should have more of a hold on myself. Peter nodded and pulled me up by the hand. He didn't let go of my hand as we walked towards Owen's room, which was the old guest room. Hashe always touch me this often or have I never noticed before? I opened Owen's door without knocking, as I always do.

"Hey Owen, Lucy," I greeted them. Both Lucy and Owen's faces were flushed, but I couldn't think why.

"Hi Madi. MTV has a marathon on today," Lucy smiled widely. She patted the seat on the bed next to her and I plopped down on top of the comforter. Lucy scooted closer to Owen and Peter sat close beside me. You know, when we were younger we all fit on the bed easier. Now it was a tight fit.

"Where's the remote?" Peter asked and Owen tossed it to him over our heads. Five minutes later, after laughing our heads off about the show, Owen cleared his throat and I noticed that Lucy looked really tense.

"Lucy and I have something to tell you, and I think now is the best time." Owen looked down at Lucy and she took a deep breath before taking over.

"I don't quite know how to say this, so I think I'll let Owen tell you," she said slyly. Wait, what? I'm so lost.

"Thanks so much, Lucy," Owen mumbled. "Lucy and I are together. Like dating together."

I love that they're happy and that I might have Lucy as a legal sister. I'm just surprised. It took a solid fifteen seconds for me to take it all in. Once it was in, I launched myself onto Lucy and Owen and hugged them tightly.

"That's great, you guys," I squealed. I pulled back and saw that Owen had relaxed but Lucy was watching Peter closely. Peter had his jaw clenched and he was giving Owen, his best guy friend, the dirty look.

"Owen, I think we should talk."

"Peter, I don't think that's necessary," Lucy said quickly.

"It's OK, Lucy, I understand," Owen said calmly, looking Peter in the eye.

I hope Owen knows what he's getting into.

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