Green Dawn

Chapter 1

"State your name, age, home world, and race for the council," one of the seven blue skinned 'men' commanded. There were seven of them, more than the usual three, due to the uniqueness of the candidate before them. The Guardians of the Universe were the leaders of the Green Lantern Corps; they created the power rings that the Lanterns used to keep order and justice throughout the galaxy for billions of years. It was uncommon for them to assemble a panel this large for a new recruit, but this recruit was special.

"Harry James Potter, 17 years old, born on the planet Earth in sector 2814, Wizard," the young man in a tight black bodysuit replied sharply to the Guardians. His black hair was cut short, buzzed down so not to get in the way during battle, his eyes seemed to glow green as he gazed respectfully at the Guardians.

"You have trained under Lanterns Jordan and Stewart for the last year, they think your training has progressed to the point that you are ready to go into service," one of the Guardians spoke.

"You have completed your training faster than any Lantern in the history of the Corps, mastering the use of your power ring," another added.

"That combined with your skills as a wizard, a race we were relatively unaware of until recently, has proven you to be a formidable opponent for threats," the one in the middle broke in. "We have left the training to the other Lanterns from your world, but now we must ask you to tell us how you received your ring," he ordered.

"It was two years ago," Harry nodded, pulling up the painful memories, knowing full well the Guardians were reading his thoughts. "I was in a tournament at my wizarding school. The final obstacle was a maze, I completed the maze at the same time as a schoolmate of mine and we grabbed the trophy, activating a portkey," he paused. "A limited range instant transport device," he added. "It took us to a graveyard where Cedric was killed and I was bound while a dark wizard used my blood to revive his master, a dark wizard that has killed countless people," Harry frowned.

"He decided to fight me, duel me wizarding style. Luckily our wands were made from the same cores, so they linked and allowed me to break free," Harry continued. "I summoned the cup towards me, but I was hit by a curse from one of his followers, the cup ended up hitting Cedric and taking his body back to the school," Harry paused. "The curse that hit me had blasted me off into the woods, I got up and I ran. I ran until I could not run anymore, the woods went on forever it seemed," his eyes glazed over as he thought of that night.

"I just kept running, I don't know for how long, but I eventually stopped. I saw a clearing that looking like it had been blasted, it was glowing green," he looked down at the ring on his left hand. "I tried to sneak up and see what was going on, but he called out to me," Harry continued. "Lantern Abin Sur was critically injured by Legion and used his ring to find a place to land. He was almost gone when I got there, all he had time to do was put the ring on my finger and tell me when the time came, I would know what to do," Harry sighed. "His body disappeared after he died, so no one on Earth discovered his landing," he added.

"And how did you first learn to use the ring?" the Guardian in the center continued.

"A year later we were battling Voldemort, the dark wizard that got revived, in the Ministry of Magic. He was after a Prophecy about the two of us, but it got destroyed when my friends and I fought his minions. They had us in a bad spot, were ready to kill us, then some of our adult friends and teachers arrived and helped us fight them off," Harry stopped. "My godfather was killed by his cousin during the struggle. I chased after her and tried to hurt her with magic, but I was too weak," Harry shook his head.

"You have to mean it Harry," Voldemort mocked as he appeared and Bellatrix scrambled away to the nearest Floo exit. "You're weak Harry, your mind is weak, you couldn't even save Sirius," Voldemort mocked before he vanished.

Harry collapsed as Voldemort possessed his body, digging through his memories. Interesting, he heard Voldemort hiss as he reached the memories of the night of the Tri-Wizard Tournament. Harry grit his teeth and looked down at the power ring, noticing it begin to glow. "Get out of my head!" Harry screamed as the ring erupted in green light, forcibly throwing Voldemort from his mind.

Voldemort lay on his back for a moment, shocked by being exorcised from Harry's mind. Harry on the other hand got back to his feet, glaring at the dark wizard. Harry felt the power in the ring, pointing it at Voldemort, willing it to strike him, sending the man across the floor, impacting the wall in obvious pain. "I will take that ring from you Harry," Voldemort threatened with his wand.

"Over my dead body," Harry replied as they began to duel, magic versus magic and ring.

"In my anger I was able to tap into the ring enough to help here and there in the fight, but he was so much more powerful than me, he was wearing me down," Harry admitted. "He hit me with some dark curse, I don't know the name, but it had a yellow light and started eating away at the skin on my legs where it hit me," he explained as several of the Guardians nodded. "I collapsed as my Headmaster arrived and drove Voldemort off."

"I woke up a few hours later, at the infirmary of Hogwarts. They stopped the curse before it could do any muscle damage and had regrown my skin already. I should have been knocked out for a bit longer, but Lantern Stewart was in the sector and reacted to seeing the usage by my ring. He woke me up and we had a little chat," Harry smiled.

"You okay there kid?" John asked as he woke the kid up and used his ring to keep them hidden from being noticed.

"I guess so," Harry replied taking in the symbol on John's chest. "You have the symbol… like the ring that alien gave me," Harry rubbed his hand where the ring sat. "What is it? What kind of magic does it do?" Harry asked.

"You were never told or trained?" John frowned.

"No, he told me I would know what to do when the time was right, gave me the ring, then died," Harry shook his head.

"Hmm, I don't know how to tell you this kid, but that is a power ring of the Green Lantern Corps. We are peacekeepers for the universe; the alien must have been one of the guardians for the sector. That ring lets you manipulate the world around you, so long as you have the power and the will, but you should not have been able to activate it without training," John mused.

"I just…got mad," Harry frowned. "Can you show me how to use it?" Harry asked anxiously.

"Not here, you'd have to leave Earth for training, and there's no telling how long it would take," John shook his head.

"That's fine, let's go," Harry tried to get up.

"Shouldn't we ask your family? Tell them you'll be gone for a while?" John asked as the boy struggled to his feet and got out of bed.

Harry looked around, seeing his friends that went to the Ministry asleep in the hospital wing beds. "No…my parents…my godfather…they're all dead," Harry frowned. "Can we just go?"

"Lantern Stewart escorted me here and helped train me and sort out what happened to Lantern Sur," Harry continued. "He and the other Lanterns helped train me," Harry finished.

"You are very unique; bring able to tap into the power ring with no training. You came here and have soared through the training, learning all the older Lanterns could teach you," a Guardian spoke.

"You wish to be instated as a fully fledged Lantern and take up sector of space Lantern Sur vacated, to protect your home world," the Guardian in the middle began. "We fear your thirst for revenge against the dark wizards that have hurt you so much in the past will be a liability," he added.

"I know the code of the Lanterns," Harry interrupted. "People have been killed and enslaved by Voldemort for over 20 years now and the Lanterns have done nothing," he glared at the Guardians, biting his tongue.

"The nature of your race makes it difficult for Lanterns to detect conflicts," a Guardian replied.

"Then let me help them," Harry glared back.

"Your anger is showing now, will you be able to control it when the time comes?" another asked.

"I will do everything to the best of my ability to uphold the honor of the Corps," Harry replied simply. "And I have can give you something that you have been looking for for a long time," Harry smiled as he felt the Guardians looking at his thoughts again. "Do you know what a Dementor is?" Harry grinned at the Guardians.

"Very well Lantern Potter, you know the standing orders regarding those creatures," the central Guardian nodded. "We will be keeping a close eye on you, stay to the code of the Lanterns, do not make us regret giving you this honor," he finished as Harry's body flashed green and the logo of the Lanterns appeared on the chest of his black jumpsuit.

"I won't," Harry saluted before turning and leaving the chamber. "Time to go home," he whispered after he got outside and shot off the ground into the sky.

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