They no sooner closed the door to their apartment before they were all over each other.

The kiss that Ryo bestowed upon his shocked lover was received warmly, with the notable exceptions Of Berkeley Rose and J.J. Adams, whose fantasies of making the detectives theirs vanished faster than the spiked eggnog. Ryo's fears of rejection and ridicule remained unrealized, although their fellow detectives did rib them some. Drake had made a snide comment that their clandestine relationship now made sense of some of the odd occurrences lately, and Dee clipped him in the back of the head affectionately. Throughout the entire time they were at the party, Dee hugged him and kissed him, deliriously happy. Carol and Bikky had been there for this momentous occasion, Bikky inwardly relieved that the two men he regarded as his parents, made up.

But now they were alone. Bikky was staying at Carol's tonight. Dee paused from kissing his lover to make a few preparations. When he was ready he called Ryo into the living room. The room was dark except for a few strategically placed candles. Soft music was playing on the stereo and Dee sat on the floor next to the sofa holding two glasses of wine. Ryo smiled warmly at him. "Dee, this is so romantic." He sauntered over to him and lowered himself so that he faced Dee on his knees. He was wearing a pair of black satin sleep pants and the matching shirt was unbuttoned. Dee let his eyes roam, his approval obvious. Ryo bent toward him and grazed his lips against his. "Merry Christmas, Dee."

Dee put the glasses down on the coffee table. "Oh, Ryo. I love you so much." He pulled him into his arms. Ryo closed his eyes as Dee kissed him, working his eager tongue inside his mouth. There was nothing in the world that tasted better. Ryo whimpered against his lover's lips. They looked into each other's eyes, in perfect understanding that this, them together, was right.

Dee planted fluttery kisses all over Ryo's face and smiled against his soft skin when his tongue glided over his earlobe. This was one of Ryo's pleasure points and he was rewarded by his soft moan as he sucked the earlobe into his mouth. Lips and tongue slowly made their way down his neck, biting down on his collar bone, marking him, branding him. Mine, you are mine, Dee thought absently as he continued his journey down his partner's body. Tonguing a pert pink nipple. Ryo groaning.

He loved the feeling of Dee's lips all over him. He grabbed at Dee's shirt, pulling it free of the waistband of his jeans. Slid his hands over Dee's back. So smooth and warm and strong. Dee sighed, reveling in his touch. They came together in another deep kiss and when they parted Ryo breathed, "let's go to bed."

He led the way, constantly turning to smile at his raven haired lover. Then he pushed him onto the bed and leaped on top of him.

Dee laughed, gasping a little from the impact. He slid Ryo's shirt off and then his own. Chest to chest, the feeling of bare skin against skin made them moan.

Ryo's hands glided over Dee's pecs. "So strong, so beautiful." He kissed him again, he could never kiss him enough. Ryo tugged the waistband of Dee's jeans and pulled them down and off, letting them slide to the floor. He scooted to the end of the bed and picked up Dee's foot. Dee raised his head, his eyes questioning. "Tonight is all about you-your pleasure, Dee." Ryo smiled and then bent his head to kiss his instep. Dee dropped his bed back onto the pillow. I've died and gone to heaven, he thought as Ryo gently massaged his big toe. Ryo kissed the toe then slipped it into his mouth and slathered it with his tongue. Dee was moaning. He exhaled, released the tension there, surprised that he was tense at all. Ryo massaged and licked all over his foot, repeating the action on his ankle, up his calf and thigh, lips burning a trail to the inside of his thigh, lips nibbling, tongue licking and teasing.

Worked on the other leg. Did it all over again. Dee squirmed. No one had ever made him feel this sensual before and the purity of Ryo's desire seared him. Ryo hovered over him, dipping down for yet another delicious kiss. Then he proceeded to lick, kiss, nibble and massage his way down Dee's torso. Dee moaned, begging for release but Ryo took his time. He wanted this night, this pleasure, to be burned in Dee's memory. He had pledged his love: now it was time to leave no doubt of it. At last Ryo descended to Dee's crotch, inhaling his masculine odor. It made his own cock swell and twitch with desire. A tentative lick sent Dee soaring. He swirled his tongue around the head and then across the weeping slit, tasting him. "Mmm, Dee. You taste good."

Dee whimpered pitifully. Ryo plunged down on his aching member, ready to relieve the pressure. He glided along the rigid flesh smoothly, his lover's impassioned outcry spurring him along. He released his grip on Dee's hips so he could pump a little. The rhythm they build up was exquisite and soon Dee shouted hoarsely as he released his essence. "Oh, oh, Ryoooooo!"

When Dee's body stopped convulsing Ryo slowly backed away, freeing him but not before planting a little kiss at the tip. His smile was so broad his eyes squinted. "Was that good, Dee?"

Dee grabbed him and sealed his mouth over his in answer. "Mmph. That was great. I love you, sexy." Dee's hands scrabbled eagerly over Ryo, caressing his back, his chest, rolling them over, kissing his way down his stomach. He kissed lightly, then nipped, then ran his tongue over every inch of skin. He covered Ryo's stomach that way, enjoying the way Ryo's back arched off the mattress in response. "Dee," he moaned. Dee raised his head to look at his man. Such an angel, so perfect. Dee loved how Ryo made his name sound erotic, each utterance singing to his heart. His lips nibbled the tip of Ryo's cock teasingly, hot, wet, tongue swirling around the head, licking the pre-cum pooled at the slit. Ryo's moans of pleasure fill the room. "Ah......Dee." Dee swallowed him without further delay, sucking hard and then gently, alternating the motion and hollowing out his cheeks. His hands clamp down on Ryo's wildly bucking hips. So hot, so excited. Finally with a long, strangled moan, Ryo gushed into Dee's waiting throat, his voice harsh and gasping.

They calmed down a little and Dee gathered him in his arms. Their lips clung to each other as their tongues dueled playfully. Soon Ryo was ready again and he arched up into Dee, to let him know. "Mmm, sexy, sexy," Dee said pushing his legs up and back. A quick grab for the lube and first one finger readied him. Soon Ryo was thrusting against three fingers, wanting something more. "Now, please, Dee."

Dee obliged him, entering him carefully and smoothly. He groaned when he felt Ryo's tight sheath envelop him in its warmth. He began moving slowly, building up the pleasure. When Ryo rocked his hips in kind, Dee's self-restraint flew out the window and they thrust against one another in a fury of lust and blind pleasure. Ryo's moans escalated as he ejaculated all over Dee's belly and Dee shouted out his name as he came, collapsing against his lover. "God, Ryo......that was unbelievable." More kisses. Dee slid carefully free and they held each other tightly as they drifted into a sated sleep.

They awoke after about an hour and went back to finish their wine. The candles and Christmas tree lights were the only illumination in the dark living room. Ryo set his empty wine glass on the coffee table. "That was nice," he said smacking his lips. Dee grinned naughtily. "The wine? Or before, in bed?"

Ryo laughed softly. "Both, Baka. Dee, I never gave you your gift."

"Hey-there really is one?" he asked, pleased. Ryo kissed his cheek. "There are a couple, actually, but one that I'm anxious for you to have now." Ryo went to the tree and pulled a very small box out from under it. He handed it to Dee. "I hope you like it. It's something that I put a lot of thought into."

Dee ripped the paper off the box, curiosity peaked. He removed the tiny lid. Ryo watched as his eyes grew wide. "Do you like it?"

Dee was speechless. It made Ryo nervous. Then Dee cleared his throat like he was suddenly embarrassed. His eyes were watery. He lifted a set of keys from the box. "Do you mean it?"

"Yes. Dee, will you move in with me and Bikky?"

Dee frowned at the mention of the pesky youth. "I'll move in with you-I don't know about ape-boy."

Ryo laughed, and the joy in it was unmistakable. They leaned in to share another kiss.

Dee being Dee was not one to leave things alone. Knowing what he risked he dared ask, "Ryo, all of this has been great-absolutely amazing, but why the big change?"

Ryo stared at him seriously. "If it was anyone but you I'd say that you'd never believe me, hell. Last night three ghosts visited me to show me the error of my ways and I saw my parents."

Dee's eyes went wider than when he opened his Christmas gift. "Whoa."

Ryo told him everything, in detail, ending with how he realized that loving him was not wrong, was not a betrayal. Dee nodded his head as Ryo's tale unfolded, grimacing at the thought of Berkeley being one of the spirits. "So your parents like me, huh?" He said with a twinkle in his eye. Ryo smiled and it was pure love. Dee was undone from that look. "Uh-so now maybe you won't bust my chops about when Bikky and I saw that girl's ghost in England?"

"Sure I will-and you'll bust mine. I love you, Dee, more than anything."

"I love you too, Ryo."

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.