Author Fighters: Re TL Chronicle

Here it goes, guys! A reboot of my first ever Author fic! Enjoy!

Chapter 1: Drake's Arrival

Space. The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy starts off with a definition of Space.

Space: It's big. VERY big. It is so mind-boggling big that we cannot even to describe how big it is.

But we're not talking about it, are we? Nope. We're talking about THE STORY. Why I even put that Hitchhiker's Guide deal, I have NO IDEA whatsoever.

A large ship was sailing through the cosmos. A man with pure, white hair, dark clothing, yellow eyes, and dark blue skin was at the wheel. THIS was Drake Ebon Darkstar, the leader of the Darksides and Anti-Authors. Behind him were his two idiot servants—the Chaos Duo, Johan and Omaddon.

"So, Drake, what're we doin' out in space?" Omaddon asked.

"You don't remember the original fic?" Drake asked, trying to keep an even temper.

"NOBODY remembers the original fic." Johan replied, "Hell, archaeologists should be digging it up and researching it!"

"YOU, I'm ignoring." Drake snapped. He then began to question the wisdom of bringing along two of his DUMBEST servants with him on this particular errand.

"Uh…boss?" Omaddon asked, "Why're we doin' this whole 'Lost in Space' remake?"

"Didn't I tell you?!" Drake demanded.

"No." Omaddon replied.

"Well, I found something in Anti-Wormtail's astronomy charts." Drake explained, "A strange object in the Andromeda Galaxy. Right in between Planets Roswell and Glyphia, which have been known to support life, another planet has been found!"

"Great." Johan said, unenthusiastically, "MORE alien life forms…"

"Wormtail's long believed that this planet, named Fictor," Drake continued, ignoring Johan's statement, "Has been barren, but he found something just yesterday…a life reading."

"So, there's somethin' on there?" Omaddon asked.

"Correct, Omaddon…for once." Drake replied, "We did an internal scan and found that, in reality, it was teeming with life…along with something else."

"What?" Johan asked.

"Do you know WHY I kept losing to the Author Fighters time and time again?" Drake asked.

"Because they far surpass us in skill and humiliate us with defeat, no matter what cunning plan we use?" Johan asked.

Drake growled and seriously considered ejecting Johan into the airless vacuum of space when the lesser Darkside stated this.

"It is because we haven't tried a power source great enough…" Drake hissed from clenched teeth.

"And these weird, ET guys HAVE one?" Johan asked.

"As a matter of fact, yes." Drake replied, tapping a finger to his head, "It's called the Imagination River and is rumored to be made COMPLETELY of the stuff."

"Sounds good to me." Johan shrugged, "When should we get there?"

"We're already there." Drake replied, gesturing to a large, purple planet that they were approaching.


A strange, pink bunny-lemur thing's eyes snapped open and took a sharp, intake of breath. He was about three feet tall, had a long tail, large, black eyes, and a medallion around his neck, which had a flower and thunderbolt on it.

A man with blonde, Xigbar-esque hair ran over. He wore a turquoise jumpsuit and had two swords—a buster blade with a rubber band on it and a long, samurai sword.

"What is it, Lord Ultima Master?" the warrior asked.

"Mrfipp, HE'S coming…" the rabbit thing replied, gasping for breath.

"You mean…?" the warrior asked, voice shaking out of worry.

"Yes, him…and more." The rabbit answered, "Get my two apprentices and their brother. I want them off world as soon as the battle is over! Also, get the Imagin and Thoghtful Ultima Masters. We'll be needing them for the upcoming fight."

"Battle, Lord Ultima Master?" Mrfipp asked.

"You'll see, Mrfipp." The Ultima Master replied.


The Darkside's ship arrived on the planet…which was nothing but a large, purple desert with a few holes in it.


"Don't you remember what I said earlier?" Drake asked, "We found that it was teeming with life…inside it. The planet's inside-out!" Drake's eyes flew to a large hole, "Bingo."

Johan and Omaddon walked over to the hole and looked into it.

"Why's it here?" Omaddon asked.

"Because, they want to go to the surface every now and again." Drake replied.

"Who does?" Omaddon asked.

"The Fictorians." Drake replied, "We should be right over Fictron, one of the three main countries."

"So…we just jump down here?" Johan asked, "But what if we DIE?!"

"Then you can break my fall." Drake replied, shoving the Chaos Duo into the hole. The two Darksides screamed as they vanished from sight. Drake looked down, shrugged, and said, "Tallyho."

The King of Darksides jumped into the hole. He soon felt a FLUMP and saw that he was on top of a dazed-looking Chaos Duo.

"Are you two alright?" Drake asked.

"Mommy," Omaddon said, "My train went swimming in the piano…"

"Good." Drake said, glancing around. Despite the fact that they were underground, it looked more like a calm day on earth, on a calm, spring afternoon to be precise. The only difference was that there was a pink sky and some weird stream flowing in the air.

"So, YOU'RE this Drake Ebon Darkstar?" asked a voice. Drake looked up to see a Sonic-style hedgehog that greatly resembled Silver the Hedgehog, only he had blue eyes and a golden mane, "Looks like Ultimo-sensei was right knowing YOU would come…"

"Who the HELL are you talking about?!" Johan demanded. The hedgehog zipped over, comically slapped Johan three times, and zipped back to his original position.

"Now, there is no call for profanity." The hedgehog scolded, wagging his finger.

"And I am the person he was talking about." Said a somewhat high voice. Out of nowhere, the Ultima Master appeared, hovering in the air. Johan and Omaddon took in the Ultima Master's appearance and frankly burst into laughter.

"HE'S JUST A SMALL, BUNNY!" Johan laughed.

"WHAT CAN HE DO?!" Omaddon said through his laughter.

The Ultima Master had an entirely unimpressed look as his eyes began to glow with a bright, pink light. A blast of energy sent Johan into the nearest tree, whereas a small, pink orb floated over to Omaddon. The Darkside tapped it…and it exploded with enough force to send the OTHER Chaos Twit into Johan.

Two other figures appeared next to the Ultima Master and took ready positions.

"So, there's THREE leaders?" Drake asked.

"We found out that one man cannot lead an entire planet." Replied the second figure in a deep voice.

"So, the first Ultima Master decided it would be better to have THREE leaders." The third one agreed in a scratchy voice.

The hedgehog jumped behind the first Ultima Master as more figures appeared. A group of Fictorians appeared behind the three Ultima Masters. Drake snapped his fingers and the ship ejected all of his Darkside warriors, who readied their positions.

"Attack." Drake simply commanded.

The Darksides charged at the Fictorians and began to struggle. In the midst of the fighting, Drake held out a device that Anti-Wormtail invented and aimed it at the pink river. He pressed a button and a blast of energy caught part of the river.

"NO!" all three Ultima Masters shouted in unison.

The laser flew back to Drake's device, with a large amount of the substance in it. He tossed it over his back and gave the order for the Darksides to retreat. The Darksides did so and he simply said…

"See ya later!"

He darted over to the ship. The hedgehog bolted over to the ship as his left arm began to glow with a pale, blue aura. The ship was surrounded by the same aura and seemed to falter. He gritted his teeth out of strain, but the ship began to rise, steadily. It took off into space…with part of the Imagination River…

Well, what do you guys think of the NEW TL Chronicle thus far? Now that I know more about the other Authors and villains, this should be a lot easier.