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Aeron Ailsa stared at her file folder. Her boss, Gilbert Grey (hey, had anyone else noticed that Gil always hired people with names like Aeron Ailsa (AA) and Chocberry Chizalla (CC)? And HIS name was Gilbert Grey (GG)…) had given it to her in confidence.

You see, Ronny was the only person at her work, Guardian Angels Inc., that was a so-called 'Special Agent.' Not only was she a Guardian Angel, but she was also a Conscience. Meaning she came to her charges and actually got to interact with them and tell them what to do. Her last charge had wound up killing himself anyway, even though Ronny clearly told him that was a BAD IDEA. Gil must have been trying to find a way for Ronny to be redeemed, as the Guardian Council was riding her ass about the whole thing.

Ronny got into her apartment building and opened the file folder. Just a normal file, a picture of a nice looking young man, and a couple of papers full of information was in it.. And a cute little sticky note in the shape of a heart from Gil. (And he told people he was straight as an arrow. Does he mean one of Cupid's arrows, 'cause Ronny swore they were making bedroom eyes at each other at that last Guardian Council meeting…)

Ronny, go see him as soon as you finish reading about him. –Gil

Ronny rolled her blue-ish purple eyes in response. Even though he wasn't there, he still managed to make her feel like a Newbie. She sat on her couch and read the file. A novelist. Like her. A geek. Like her. So far, they probably would get along well…


"Tony, stop making fun of McGee," Ziva said for the third time in maybe a minute.

"I can't help it. He was up all night on ONE LEVEL…" Tony said, lounging in his chair and chuckling.

McGee was in his chair, dipped down as far as he could. He was red as a tomato… or an apple… or Tony's sweater… Wait, what? McGee shook his head and stopped staring at Tony's chest. His very manly, very… NO NO NO! McGee shook his head and stood up suddenly, rushing to the bathroom.

Once inside, he splashed water on his still-red face.

'Hear, kitty, kitty…' he heard from the back of his head.

"What?" he asked his reflection.

"Oh, good… this head is more cluttered than that boy's desk across from you…" a young-looking girl said, appearing beside him. He jumped back about two or three inches.

"What the f—" he started to say.

"I'm your conscience for a while, buddy…" the girl quipped. She ran a hand through her reddish gold hair and smoothed out her light blue shirt.

"But… you're a teenaged girl!" McGee cried.

"No… I LOOK like a teenaged girl. I'm an Immortal. Like a fairy or a witch. I'm a Guardian Angel, and, like I said, your conscience… unless you kill yourself. Which is a BAD IDEA, Timothy McGee… don't do it," the girl said, putting her pale hands on her hips and leaning forward, one pale eyebrow up, the other almost covering her left eye. Her eyes were blue, slightly tinted with purple.

McGee scrutinized the girl for another minute, "How do I know your telling the truth?"

The girl stood up straight and smiled, "I love this part. You were in a movie when you were little, and you were turned into a cat. That's why I said 'here, kitty, kitty,' before I came out of you head. You like to play computer games. You've published two books under the name Thom E. Gemcity. You use an old typewriter, which I think is just AWESOME. You're friends out there think you're a big geek, and you know it…" the girl paused, "Oh, and you're in love with Anthony DiNozzo…"

McGee's eyes widened, "How… I haven't told anyone about that last one!"

"You're head. While I'm around… I'm cleaning it and organizing. Gods… I hate mess!" She flailed a bit and closed her eyes, "Gross."

McGee looked at the girl, "Okay… then what's your name, conscience?"

"Aeron Ailsa. But you can call me Ronny, since will be more than intimate for a while."

McGee paused before taking the small girl's hand, "That's sounds…"

"Wrong? That's why I'm the only Guardian Angel who is also conscience. Because I can make anyone's life better… except David's."

"Who's David?" McGee asked, as he took her hand to shake it.

"Long story, not now," she replied quickly, and promptly disappeared.