A/N: Gah. Writer's Block kills. But I shall try hard to make this one good. Oh, and I'm afraid this it the last chapter. I'll write some one-shots, though. I'm afraid my obsession with the series is… not gone, exactly, but coming to the end of the chain.


Tony and Tim walked down the pathway together. Lunch was over, and they were taking a long walk back to work, just to stay in each other's company. McGee looked past his boyfriend's face to the park where, it seemed, everything had started. McGee smiled and ran past Tony to the swings.

Tony looked passed him, wondering what was going on, until he remembered that wonderful Spring day when he had met Aeron.

Aeron appeared next to McGee as McGee sat down on a swing and started pushing himself. Aeron jumped on the swing next to him and beckoned Tony to come on over. Kenzie appeared next to him and ran over, Tony following like her big brother, chasing her after doing something only a sibling can do to make it into a chasing game.

Aeron laughed and slowly came to a stop, "Do me a favor guys?"

As McGee slowed to a stop on the swing, Tony looked at her and asked, "What, Aeron?"

"Try not to let pride get in the way again…" she replied, looking straight at Kenzie as she said it.

Tony smiled and took McGee's hand. Kenzie sighed and took Aeron's hand. The girls' lips touched as they disappeared into their respective charges. Tony and McGee were still kissing, even though their Guardians were within them now…


I at least learned something from this story: Don't use OCs, and don't go pass one chapter, or you will regret it. Well… that's mostly me. I have OCD (okay, it's not on my medical papers), and I only look toward the end of the project, so I don't enjoy the journey. Just… look for one-shots in the future, and maybe, just maybe, I'll start another one of these and see where it gets me.

Until later!

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