Ma Cherie


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Chapter 1

"Ryoma, open your mouth."


After placing the piece of fruit in the little boy's awaiting mouth, he chewed on it appreciatively. The older man watched as the boy on his lap continued eating and he placed the empty bowl on the table beside the bed.

"Is it tasty?"

The boy only finished eating it and his bat-ears flicked up in attention to his master along with his bat-wings that twitched slightly in habit. He looked up with wide golden eyes and was met with his master's guarded brown look.

"Tezuka-sama, more!"

He bounced slightly on his lap, making the older man smirk slightly. Placing a large hand on his young charge's head, right between the two black bat-ears, Tezuka gently patted him before moving his hand to gently caress the other's face. His hand trailed down, to the boy's forehead, to the side of his face, to his cheek and then to his chin where he raised it up to face his face to the boy's.

He closed his eyes tiredly when Ryoma looked up at him with a disappointed look in his golden eyes. Rubbing his thumb over Ryoma's chin, he felt the boy's questioning look even with his eyes closed.

"Oh my, in one day you've finished all the fruit that we had stocked up on." Tezuka said, chuckling slightly at the end and he opened his eyes to look at Ryoma whom he saw was pouting slightly.

"But-" the boy tried to protest but Tezuka only placed a finger over his lips and sent him one of his charming smiles before saying to him in a soft voice.

"That's it for today. We'll get more tomorrow, okay?"

He watched as Ryoma grudgingly slid off his place on his lap with the pout still on his face. Tezuka couldn't resist the thoughts about his little bat that always looked so cute.

Ryoma is a rare species of a mythical fruit bat. He fell off the tree in Tezuka's garden a few nights ago. The man didn't know what to make of it and how a bat had turned into a half-human but he was glad to have Ryoma.

The boy had cute black bat-ears on his head even though he had functioning human ears on the side. On his back were also cute and small bat-wings that were useless because they were too small and weak to provide aerial support for Ryoma if he wanted to fly. He also had fangs instead of normal canines which didn't really mean anything other than Ryoma looked the evermore cute little batboy.

"Ryoma…" Tezuka called out to him, grabbing the boy's wrist. After tugging on it slightly, he pulled Ryoma back into his arms.

From that day on, I…

"Come here."

Ryoma lovingly nuzzled against his master's neck, purring slightly in delight. Tezuka smiled at the batboy's antics and held the boy close to himself.

Until today I was relaxed and happy days came when I was with him…

The boy rolled off him again but this time instead, he fell on the soft mattress Tezuka was sitting upon. Childishly moving his feet like a dog would wag its tail, Ryoma swayed his head to some unknown music in his head. His master only watched on at the cuteness of his young charge.

He was on one side of the bed and Tezuka was on the other. Both males were sprawled lazily over the bed and the older one of the two inwardly chuckled at the thought. Sparing the boy a fleeting glance, he watched as Ryoma gave a stifled yawn.

"It's already time to go to bed. Go and bring your nighty here." He said to Ryoma who answered with a drawled out sing-song pattern of an "Okay," before bouncing excitedly to the dressers, the ties and ribbons that dangled from his clothes dancing with his movements.

Ever since Ryoma came into his life, he bought for the boy all sorts of cute things, saying that cute people deserved cute things. Ryoma only pouted in response. All of his clothes were cute specially-tailored costumes either of the Gothic Lolita theme or downright Goth.

He was wearing a dark green coat over a black spaghetti strap shirt and had down to the knees, dark green short trousers. There were some miscellaneous silver accessories here and there like bracelets, necklaces, rings, trinkets, buttons and dangling whatsoevers that added to the look. He also wore black sock held up by suspenders and on his feet were cute 17th century styled, wooden soled shoes with the big shiny buckle at the front.

Tezuka was never one for fancy wears and treated Ryoma like his personal doll. The boy didn't complain, he kind of liked it and that was how Tezuka wanted it to remain. The man actually only wore black, a black button-up silk shirt, a pair of black leather pants and a black Italian-designed pair of shoes. The things that weren't dark about this man were his golden-brown hair that was messily arranged in its own sexy way and his frameless glasses that was perched delicately over his nose.

Watching the boy cutely fumble through their stuff, yes… their stuff, Tezuka let his smile widen even more. When the boy gave a triumphant cheer of his own, saying that he found his black pajama top, his nighty, Tezuka told the boy to come over to him.

The boy did so and when he reached Tezuka, his master dutifully took off his clothes. All of it. Leaving him only in his cute lacy underwear, Ryoma watched with big innocent eyes as his master dressed him. He didn't know how to put his own clothes on yet and Tezuka deemed it right to dress him up himself.

Still smiling to himself, Tezuka buttoned up his batboy's pajama top.

I've done a lot of things together with Ryoma…

Changing clothes, eating, bathing…

He has become my happiness.

In the dark of the room, a lamp shade was the only light. Beside it, a man is sitting on his bed with a sleeping boy at his side while he read a book that was resting on his lap. Once in a while, he would look at the boy, seeing his inhales and exhales of air through partly opened plump lips.

He raises one hand to brush a stray strand of black-greenish hair before lovingly caressing one soft cheek.

As days filled with tranquility passed by, I began to grow attached to innocent little Ryoma.

Reaching for the cord of the lamp, long slender fingers wrap around it in the dim light.

Even I, who thinks I can't love anything, have fallen…

Fallen for this lovable person.

With one light tug, the room is thrown into darkness.


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