Ma Cherie


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Chapter 2

Clack! Clack! Clack!

The sounds of his own footsteps echoed against the brick-walls of his large, old-styled mansion. A few torches were lit that enabled him to walk in the dark of the night, casting a few eerie shadows dancing in the deserted hallway.

I wonder what kind of face he'll make…

Clack! Clack! Clack!

He headed for the main door, an incessant knocking rapping on it that irritated him. It was late in the night and no one usually bothered him on his own private estates. His steps continued to sound in the hallway and his face was set into a glare at being interrupted of his night. It was such a nice night to sleep beside Ryoma, too.

His thoughts stopped there for a moment. Thinking of Ryoma. The man on the other side of the door was someone he wouldn't want Ryoma to meet, the same as that he didn't want for Ryoma to meet this side of him.

I wonder what kind of face he'll make… When he knows about the real me.

What would the boy think of him? Stopping on his way to the door, he stood idly in the hallway before his features gaining that same glare as before and finally went to the large wooden entrance.

He opened it with a light pull after turning the knob and sent the man a glare, stronger than the one he was sporting before.

"Pipe it down. Are you here to buy something?"

His night visitor was a brunette just like him. He had beautiful blue eyes that were always hidden behind closed eyelids and a sly smile would always grace the devil incarnate's face. He was wearing a long white trench coat, customized to suit his needs as he was a magician of the dark arts. Beneath the huge article of clothing, hid his lithe body and other knives and daggers and potions and wands, anything that he might need in a spell or for survival or self-defense or during fights.

His name was Fuji and he usually bought from Tezuka for his own specific reasons. What brought him tonight of all times was unknown to the man but set it aside as Fuji sent him a smile in greeting.

Completely ignoring Tezuka's question, he asked him. "Is it awake?"

Knowing who Fuji was referring to, he in return, ignored the magician's question and turned around as if leaving the other man.

"I heard you've got some great new merchandise in." Fuji stated. Ah yes, down to business. This was what Tezuka wanted.

"Come in." He said curtly, making way for Fuji to go inside his house before closing the wooden door behind them and left behind the coldness of the night.

Their steps echoed once more in the hallways and Tezuka noticed Fuji's eyes looking at the floor's tiles. It looked like a giant chessboard-designed surface or a checkered flag of sorts with its alternating black and white tiles. He was expecting the magician to say something about it, like he always would during his visits here but was glad that Fuji chose to stay silent that night.

He led them down the hallway and into a corridor much darker than the one they were in before. They passed familiar doors and art pieces before finally stopping at one large, black iron-like door that looked like marble that had chains locking it by the handles with locks.

Just as he was about to pull out the key to the lock from his pocket he heard Fuji ask from behind him, "Is the princess already asleep?"

He ignored him again, feeling the same, all-knowing smile creeping into Fuji's creepy features. It would be in his best reasons not to answer to the magician, who knew what the man had in mind?

His hands held the chains as they slid off easily the door handles and the metal padlock had a familiar heaviness in his hand while the other returned the key to his pocket. He placed both items aside and opened the massive doors in one powerful push of a hand to reveal a dark room filled with his secrets.

"He doesn't know, right?" Fuji's voice was soft was carried easily into his ears and into the dark room. It held slight pity for Tezuka and concern that the man replied with an inaudible "Uhn."

"If he knows… I wonder what kind of face he'll show us…"

Having heard enough and having the thought of little Ryoma knowing his secret, he snapped at Fuji with a deadly glare, "Shut it!" Tezuka's voice was venomous that Fuji was mildly surprised. He watched as the man continued, the heated glare still in place and the acid in his tone almost dripping with its intensity, "Once you've got your goods, you better fucking scram."


Eyelids fluttered open as he woke up. Dark eyelashes casting shadows over high cheekbones before the boy sat up on the soft bed. He rubbed his eyes cutely to chase the sleepiness away from them before giving off a soft yawn. He looked at the other side of the bed and saw that his master was not there. He looked around the room and saw nothing but darkness that his bat-ears lay flat by his head, a bit scared.


The boy stood up and saw a faint light streaming through a partly opened door that he knew led to the hallway. Curiosity got the better of him so he went to it and opened the door more, the orange light from the torches slightly flooding the dark bedroom.

Suddenly remembering his master's words, Ryoma hesitated for a bit.

"Don't come out of your room at night, okay?"

Should he go out and disobey his master's orders? It wouldn't be bad if he went out just this one night, right? Right? With that thought in mind, Ryoma dashed out into the hall, his black nighty flapping behind him.

"Just a little bit."


"No matter how many times I look at it," Fuji said as he stepped forward to take a closer look at the room, a smile plastered on his face while Tezuka stayed by the door, a whip ready in his hand. "It's still marvelous."

Tezuka gave a slight smirk of his own, quite proud of his work. Fuji regarded him with a wider smile, accentuating his darkest features. "Animal Trainer, Tezuka."

For in the room, at every corner, were half-human, half-animals strewn carelessly with chains attaching them to the walls or either to one another while some were in cages, looking like they have never seen a brighter day. Most looked like slaves or had their bodies sold in exchange for money which in truth they had. All of them were used as relievers of stress or in other words, sex slaves, fuck toys.

Some even had on devices and clothing that implied such activities. Some had blindfolds over their eyes and collars on their necks, some were wearing corsets that hid nothing of their bodies but otherwise advertising them, some had shackles on their wrists and ankles and some were not even wearing anything. Just the thin sheet of sweat over their skin and the blood, grime and semen that lay over it.

"I'm done with lovely, 'Tori'." Fuji indicated to a delicate-looking girl with passive eyes who sat in one of the rare pillows in the room. Her hair was in pigtails and her passive eyes looked big in the dark. She only wore a white dress that looked like it was just placed on her carelessly and almost did nothing to hide her breasts from sight.

The magician picked up 'Tori' as if she was as light as a feather before slightly nuzzling against her face, most probably reliving some memories he had with her. "She doesn't feel scared or anything… It was smooth sailing 'till the end… as a Pet."

Tezuka was at his place by the door, still smirking at his work when he heard a startle gasp. He turned to whatever that caused it with a glare on his features before complete shock was spread over his face. His brown eyes widened behind his frameless glasses seeing who it was that came upon this room.

"…ah…" He heard him say, Tezuka could see the terror in those golden orbs. "Tezuka… sama…?" the Animal Trainer could see that the batboy was almost in tears.

Amidst all of his pets, the whip in his hands sliced through the air as he lashed it violently around him, earning a silent pained cry from the ones who were hit by the leather weapon and a flinch from Ryoma who was by the door, trembling. He was angry at Ryoma for leaving their room when he told him not to in the night and angry at himself for ever letting the boy see the room.

"Didn't I tell you, Ryoma?" He strengthened his glare at Ryoma and he gave him an icy stare, "Don't wander around at night."

After that, Ryoma broke into a terrified wild dash away from the room, closing the large double doors behind him as he headed blindly for their room. His small body trembled all over, scared at what he saw in the room and what he saw in his beloved master's eyes.

"I'm scared… I'm scared. What are those?"

The batboy finally reached their room and he opened the door in haste and slammed in behind him. He immediately fell into a heap of quivering mass by the dressers near the door as he tried to block away the scary images of them.

"There were a lot of people tied together with chains… and then…"

An image of Tezuka's icy stare invaded his thoughts once more and his body gave an involuntary shiver at the coldness in that look. His master would never look at him that way; Tezuka-sama always looked at him with warmth and kindness.

He heard a clacking of footsteps and he trembled some more in the darkness of their room. Someone was coming. His master, perhaps?

"Ryoma… you've been a naughty boy for disobeying me…" the master's voice wasn't gentle anymore; it was as cold as the look Tezuka had sent to Ryoma earlier and each step he took sounded like a countdown towards whatever Ryoma will face. "You need to be trained now." His voice was laced with an unfamiliar malice as his last step ended directly in front of the door to their room.

He opened it slowly, adding to the young boy's terror as his shadow crept into the room that Ryoma shook more in his corner. "Have you ever thought about the person who owns this mansion?"

As quick as a flash, no one was at the door that Ryoma looked surprised to where his master went. Wasn't he there a while ago? Then a gust of wind surrounded him and brought with it a dark and ominous aura. It was too late before Ryoma realized it but the moment he did, Tezuka was behind him, an evil smile on his lips.

"Who is…"

Arms snaked its way around his torso and he was pulled into a strong and broad chest. The batboy felt the warm breath of his master on his ear before the punishment that awaited him presented itself mercilessly in front of him.

"… your master?"

One hand grasped his front and he let out a gasp of surprise. Whatever his master was about to do, it was something he didn't know…


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