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Playing Matchmaker

Written by Becks Rylynn


Ben Winchester waved goodbye to his best friend, Lucas Barr - an odd boy with floppy red hair and a passion for crazy let's-make-money-quick schemes - and shifted his backpack, turning to the house in front of him with a small sigh. He really hoped Mia and her high voice weren't in there. If he was going to have to deal with her for however long this particular marriage lasted, he didn't want to deal with her now. He wasn't in the mood to pretend to smile at something she said. Actually, if he was being honest, he was never in the mood for that. Honestly, how did his father find these women?

When he pushed open the door, he opened his mouth to annouce his presence, but the distinct sound of arguing from the kitchen had him snapping his jaw shut so fast it made a small snapping noise and he grimaced slightly in pain.

His father and Ruby were arguing.

What a freakin' shock.

A true Winchester grin that lit up his face and as quiet as he could, Ben moved closer to the kitchen. It wasn't evesdropping, really, it wasn't his fault Dean and Ruby couldn't see him. Yep, that was his story and he was sticking to it.

In the kitchen, Ruby's blue eyes shone with frustration as she shoved a piece of paper at Dean, placing her hands on her hips and drawing her mouth into a thin line. ''What the fuck is this?''

''Uh...'' Dean looked down at the paper, scanning it quickly. ''You are cordially invited to....'' He trailed off and smiled sheepishly. ''Oh.''

''Yeah, 'oh','' she sneered and took a step closer. Dean had to force himself not to take a step back. Hey, she could be very scary when she wanted to be. ''Dean, I told you when you proposed to her, I am not going to another one of your weddings, you manwhore.'' She glared at him, and turned to go, fully prepared to stalk away but he grabbed her arm and spun her around, pulling her back towards him.

''Whoa, whoa, whoa, wait just a minute, Blondie. You can't just not go.''

''And why not?''

''''re Ruby.''

She blinked and thought over his words for a moment before frowning and shaking her head. ''I don't like the way that sounds, Dean.''

''Ben needs you there,'' he said finally, wincing at the slight desperate note in his voice. ''You know, make all the other kids jealous.'' He smirked and snapped his fingers, eyes lighting up like he had just gotten the smartest idea he had ever had. ''You could be his date.'' She narrowed her eyes, unimpressed and punched him in the shoulder, hard enough for his grip on her to loosen. ''Okay, ow. Watch the demon strength there, Rubes.''

''Do not call me that, you jackass!''

''Someone's testy. Is it that time of the month already?''

''Dean,'' she smiled, like she was actually happy and not seething in anger. He should have known not to trust that smile. That smile was the smile of danger.

Outside, in his hiding place behind the couch, Ben winced. He recognized that look. That look meant bad things for his father.

Ruby wrapped her arms around Dean's neck and leaned closer. ''I want you to know something.'' She bat her eyelashes and her sweet, nearly seductive smile became an ugly sneer. ''I'm thinking about maiming you right now.''

Dean let out a breath he hadn't known he was holding, but smirked anyways and pretended to be totally unaffected. ''Oh, you know you love me, baby.''

''Lucifer help me.'' And she didn't think he heard her, but he did.

The front door opened with a crash and a shrill voice rang out making Ben grimace. ''Yoohoo! Darling, I'm home!''


Barbie's back to the dreamhouse.

Dean and Ruby all but stumbled away from each other and pasted bright and fake smiles on their faces as Dean's young fiancee waltzed into the kitchen, teetering precariously on heels that had probably cost more then the house they were currently standing in. However, as soon as she saw Ruby the smile dropped off her face. ''Oh!'' Quickly regaining her composure she tried to smile and make it look real, but couldn't quite manage it. Acting was not Mia's strong suit. Shopping was. With the way that girl spent, they were going to be out on the streets by the new year. Mechanics didn't get paid super, you know. ''Ruby,'' the brunette's voice was practically dripping with venom. ''You''re here. What a wonderful surprise.''

Not one of Dean's wives had ever trusted Ruby alone with their husband.

Their concerns weren't exactly unfounded.

Ruby opened her mouth to say something undoubtedly negative, but one sharp look from Dean sent her just-for-Dean's-girls smile falling across her lips. ''Oh, I'm just here to see Ben, Mia, you don't have to worry about me stealing him away from you.'' She laughed and started to move out of the room, her heels clicking on the floor, breaking the silence between the three people stuck in a love triangle. As soon as she was behind Mia's back, Ruby turned and imitated shooting herself. Dean glared at her, and resisted the urge to roll his eyes. She smirked in response. ''I'll see you two horndogs later!'' She was out of the kitchen and halfway across the living room when she stopped in her tracks.

Ben slapped hand over his mouth to quiet his breathing, but it was too late. Damn. He should have known. He never could hide from Ruby. Actually, no one could ever hide from Ruby....

Ruby leaned down, grabbed his ear and hauled him to his feet. ''Hi there,'' she smiled pleasantly and cocked a perfect eyebrow. ''How's the evesdropping going?''

''I was so not evesdropping!'' Ben folded his arms across his chest and stuck his nose up. ''That would be rude. For your information, I was...looking for my contact lense.''

''Mmmhmm, Ben, you don't wear contact lenses.''

''I could!''

''But you don't.''

He silenced and blinked, trying to come up with something to say. Finally, he took a step forwards and grasped her jacket in desperation. ''Ruby, please don't make me go to this wedding alone! I can't stand these things! People I don't even know come up to me and pinch my cheeks. Do you know what it's like to spend an entire night getting your cheeks pinched? It's torture.'' He paused and Ruby opened her mouth to speak, sure he must have been finished, but he simply sucked in a breath and continued. ''Plus, Mia's parents are going to be there, they're flying in all the way from Conneticut you know, and from what I've heard they're really not happy that their fourteen year old daughter is marrying the big scary mechanic.''

''Okay, first of all, get your grubby little hands off of me, Ben Winchester, I don't know where those things have been.'' Ruby pried his hands from her jacket and crossed her arms. ''And second of all, Mia is not fourteen, she's twenty one.'' A giggle sounded from the kitchen and Ruby frowned, tilting her head to the side thoughtfully. ''Well, she's at least eighteen....'' Another giggle. ''....I think.''


''Oh, take a fucking pill, kid, I'll go to the wedding. Stupid Winchester's and their damn eyes.''

Ben smiled happily. ''If it makes you feel better, I think you look hot in those dresses you always wear to Dad's weddings.''

''It doesn't, but thanks,'' In a moment of vanity - very uncommon for Ruby - she smiled proudly and expertly flipped her blond hair. ''I think so too.'' At Ben's look, she snapped herself out of her second of vanity and sent a glance towards the kitchen. Ben could clearly see the longing that flashed on her face for half a second. But it was gone before he could say anything. The blonde demon who had become somewhat family over the years, sighed and pinched the bridge of her nose. ''I just know I'm going to regret this.''


Ben fell back onto his bed, holding his cellphone to his ear, eyes moving to the ceiling above him. ''Luke, can you please stop talking about your freakin' pimples and listen to me?''

''But I'm telling you, Benny, I have one that looks just like Mrs. Kransky's crooked nose and it's freaking me out!''

The thirteen year old Winchester rolled his eyes. ''Lucas Barr, this is important. My Dad is about to make the biggest mistake of his life.''

''All the other marriages weren't mistakes?''

''This is bigger. Ruby can't take much more of this crap he's putting her through. For god's sake, I can't take much more of this crap. You know, sometimes I'm embarassed to be associated with these morons. They were supposed to get together after Hailey left, but God knows they never do what they're supposed to. Oh no. Dad had to go and meet the underage ditz and decide ''oh yeah, this is the girl for me.'' I'm beginning to think there's something seriously wrong with my Dad. What are the symptoms of a brain tumor?'' He paused, to breathe, and then smiled, like he was trying to convince Lucas, even though Lucas couldn't see him. ''So, are you going to help me?''

''You practice that speech?''

''A little.''

''Well....what's your plan? You do have a plan right?''

Huh. A plan. Yeah, that might be a good idea. ''....My plan is to stop the wedding and get my Dad and Ruby together. Are you in or out?''

''Oh! Oh! That's what she said! That's what she said!''

Ben groaned and dropped his head into his hand, shaking his head. ''Oh, geez.'' Wasn't he supposed to be the Winchester here? Lucas definitely had a Dean-like sense of humor.

''Sorry. Sorry. It just called out to me. Let me ask you a question. Does this plan involve...mayhem?''

''Mayhem all around, dude.'' In all truth, Ben wasn't exactly sure what this plan was going to involve. But, come on, he was breaking up a wedding here, that had to have some mayhem, right?

''I'm in.''

''That's what he said.''

''Yeah, baby!''

Ben smirked. Most boys his age would feel at least some remorse for planning to break up their father's relationship. Ben Winchester was not most boys. ''Okay, phase one starts tomorrow night.'' Once again, he wasn't really sure what phase one was, but it sounded very cool. Very James Bond, don't you think?

''Oooh, phase one. Very official. Hey! Wait a minute, the play's tomorrow night. Ben, I'm not missing that play, it's my big break! I'm going to be discovered there! Do you know what that means, Benny?! Cha-ching, baby! I'm going to be famous and I'm going to be rich and I'm going to have babes hanging off my arms!''

''Dude, you're playing Snoopy.''

''Snoopy is a very complex character!''

''You're such a girl.''

''Whatever, Mr I-Take-Longer-In-Front-Of-The-Mirror-Then-My-Barbie-Doll-Step-Mom.''

''She ain't my step-mom yet, buddy, which means I still have a shot, and the plan starts after the play. At the after party.'' The after party. Ah, yes. Mia was quite clever when it had to do with partying. When she heard about Ben's play, she had immediately proceeded to insist on having a party for him afterwards. If you had any brains at all, you would realize that was her clever way of getting the engagement party Dean had forbid when he proposed. Ben rolled his eyes.

Yeah, Dad, she's a real winner.

''We have one week before the wedding, Lucas. That means one week to sabatoge an entire wedding and get the two most stubbornest people on earth together.''

''Is stubbornest even a word?''

''Lucas Barr, I'm gonna thump you!''

''Okay, okay, the plan starts tomorrow night after the play. Gotcha.''

And just like that....Ben got an idea that was all Winchester troublemaker gene.''Oh, and Luke? Bring your video camera.''

''You're an evil genius.''

''I try.''

Without another word, the teenager flipped his phone shut and sat up, grinning at his bedroom wall. Nope. No way. No way in hell was he going to let his father do this. He had destroyed his chances with Ruby one too many times and now, it was time for someone else to step in. Enough was enough. It was time for action.

It was time for Ben Winchester to take matters of the heart - specifically his father's and Ruby's - into his own hands.


...Breaking up a wedding?

Come on, how fun is that?

end prologue

AN: And there we have it. The prologue. The start of everything. So, once again, I'm not sure how soon I'll update, but I'll definitely work on it. Oh, and just some notes, I know Lucas and Andrea Barr didn't live in Lawrence (which is where the Winchesters have settled down) but for all purposes of this story, they do now, because I simply wasn't willing to give up that red headed little kid. He's too fun to write. Sorry if there are any spelling or grammar errors, I was way too tired to attempt to re-read this again.

Now, a question. So, we all know now that Ben is going to attempt to break up the wedding, and he's going to need a little help. Who do you think he should recruit? It's between Ellen, Bobby and Missouri.

Anyways, hope the prologue was good enough and I hope this story will be as good as 'everything and in between'.

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