Title: Song In My Heart
It was still strange sensation, thrilling, even, to be able to just touch him—his hair.
John/Teyla - Just like a song in my heart / Just like oil on my hands
Written for the lyric drabble meme. tielan requested moar, so this is what I came up with. It's a decidedly looser interpretation of the lyrics. I was thinking on John's relationship with his namesake.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

John lifted the wailing child from his crib, settling the toddler squirming body against his chest as stepped away, preparing to pace the well-worn path back and forth, trying to soothe Torren to sleep.

It would be a long night, John knew. He'd mentally prepared himself for it. Torren wanted his mother.

He always did. Maybe he was a glutton for punishment, John thought, as he remembered Teyla's dubious (and a little exasperated) expression when John volunteered to keep the little guy. She could have said no, anyway. John told himself it was no big deal.

He felt a lightness deep in his gut when she agreed.

Maybe the world had turned upside down or Rodney inadvertently activated a long-buried Ancient device that shifted his body in another dimension...whatever. John was only on the fifth lap (of a 20 minimum), and Torren began to quiet down. The crocodile tears ceased, with one last hiccup and a tiny sigh.

John stopped walking and glanced down at the body in his arms. Dark eyes shined back at him, and John couldn't help but wonder if the kid was in on some big practical joke.

Hours later, Teyla returned. He heart skipped at the sight of them, John on the bed, lying on his back with Torren curled into his side, chubby thumb disappeared into his mouth.

Something had changed. She wasn't sure what until she crossed the room, to the bed, reached down to pick up her son, and he snuggled closer to John.