This is in-between twilight and new moon with one more main character. Some parts of twilight are changed but the basic things are the same.

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Casey's POV

I stood on my balcony looking over my city. I was high up and could see almost all of it. In the city were smaller cities, villages, farms, parks, and academies. All of these were split up by the rivers that criss-crossed across the bowl that we lived in. My mother had once ruled this city with my father and my siblings Goodrand, Joy, Evol, Me and Hope. They were gone now, leaving me with my half-sister who had killed them. I didn't actually live with her but she was out there and when I found her I would kill her. She had uprooted my life five times in my lifetime. The city that I had been born in was now my sixth home and she hadn't found me yet here. I had changed my name to Casey but it didn't seem weird to change it because that was what everyone called me other than her, and that was only because she didn't know about it.

A tear escaped my eye something that hadn't happened since Shawn left me to find Cane. Cane was a top assassin and he told Shawn that he could help him kill Shawn's brother. Like me, Shawn's family was killed except it was by his brother not his half-sister. I didn't blame him because I wanted to kill my half sister Jeala too. But he had left me and hurt me badly.


I turned around to see my best friend Sam with tears falling down her face. I had to leave in the morning because I was being banished for a crime I didn't commit. Our city had a golden rule that no one dared break, don't bring an outsider in. One powerful woman accused me of it, I became enraged at my adopted father who was the king (ironic I know going from a princess, a peasant outside the city, then a princess again from the age of five to eleven) and then became banished. Once I was adopted I was sent to one of the academies here to learn how to fight and control my life energy so I could do almost anything with it. I was good, really good. I graduated two years early at the top of my class and became an assassin at thirteen. Then I led a team including my three best friends Samantha (Sam), Cameron (Cam), and Jamie (Jam). I'm the odd one out with Case.

"Ya Sam." Sam was cute. She was short with straight, short, brown hair and brown eyes. She was small and smart and specialized in what we called mind work or messing with someone's mind so that they couldn't protect themselves. Typically I had her stay behind and plan out battle strategies and tell me over our ear pieces.

"Are you scared to be leaving?" she asked worried.

"Not really. It's just America. Just across the ocean. Anyway I'll be in a tiny town where I'll be totally safe."

"What's it called again?"

"Forks, Sam."


At that moment Cam and Jam walked in. Cam was taller than Sam and she had loosely curled blond hair. She had a to die for body and light amber eyes. At times they were creepy but they fit her. Cam was our fighting expert. We all had to learn almost every type of fighting style out there but Cam was really good. Jam was same height as Cam but she had more of a supermodel body even though she was more tomboy than I was. She had short reddish brown hair and dark green eyes. She specialized in life energy. She was best at using it, controlling it, and rationing it.

"Case, we're going to miss you, "Cam said.

"Ya, our missions won't be as easy without you," Jam added.

I didn't have a specialty because I was good at the three separate groups. In each of their specialties I was equal to them so I could take all three of them in a fight and win.

"You guys just need to suck it up and work your butts off," I said jokingly. "Anyway don't you think that I'll write to you?"

"You're right," Cam said. She walked up to me and enveloped me in a giant hug, "See you when I see you! Luv ya!"

"See ya Case. Snag a couple of American boys!" she said referring to the song that we always listened to. She and Cam walked out together leaving me and Sam in the room.

"Be careful," she said quietly.

I breathed out slowly, "You know that's impossible for me right?"

"I do but try, please."

"I will."

We hugged and Sam walked out of my room. I looked over my bags, all packed. I walked over to my bed and went to sleep.

Bella's POV

"Bella!" Charlie called from downstairs.

"Bella you need to get up or Charlie will come up," Edward said quietly.

"Can I get a good morning kiss first?" I asked just as quietly.

Edward leaned down and simply kissed my forehead. "There now head downstairs I think it's important. It's bugging him and he doesn't know how to tell you."

"BELLA!" Charlie shouted.

"I'm coming!" I shouted back, I had never heard him so nervous.

Edward kissed me on the forehead again, "I'll see you in ten." Just like that he was gone.

I came down the stairs and found Charlie pacing in the kitchen. "What is it Charlie?"

He finally sat down and started drumming his fingers. "Well, it seems that a princess is going to be living here for a while." He looked up at me expectantly.

I stared at him for a minuet before laughing. It was the most absurd I had ever heard.

"Bella, I'm serious."

I immediately stopped.

"She is from Japan in a very respected city that is almost a country of its own. It supports itself and is self reliant. They have the best army in the continent but prefer peace. She was banished and for some reason the king of the city wanted her in a very small town that was close to a major airport incase of an emergency and he wanted it near the ocean. So Forks came up and the police station picked me to house her until she is welcomed back. She'll be here after you get back after the movies with Edward."

"Alright, do you need me to pick her up?"

"Nope Jacob offered."

Knock. Knock.

"That it Charlie?"

"Yep, have fun."

I walked to the door and found Edward outside as I knew I would and before he could even ask what Charlie wanted to talk to me about I said, "Don't ask."

Jacob's POV

I waited outside for the Japanese princess, I expected to see her immediately but I waited and waited until I noticed a girl with a lot of luggage looking around confused. If that was her, then she was not what I expected. She had dark brown loosely curled hair and piercing green eyes. She was wearing her hair up and wore sweats, a tank, tennis shoes and a jacket.

I walked up to her and smiled, "Are you Casey?"

"Ya, I am," she replied kindly.

"Sorry it took me so long to figure out it was you, I thought you would look-"

"Like I'm from Japan?

"Well, ya," I felt like a complete idiot, not everyone there looked like they were Japanese.

"I am Japanese I just don't look it. I have almost every other race out there in me. I'm a first class mutt."

I laughed, "You're going to get along great with Charlie and Bella."

"I hope so. I could rent an apartment, my father sent me enough money for a year."

She sounded like she hated her father, "How much did he send you," I asked picking up some of her bags.

"A million dollars," she said flatly.

I stared at her.

"What is that a lot?" she asked.

"Ya, a medium size house right on the beach is worth that much.

"Ok, that is a lot."

I laughed. "Lets get your stuff into my car and we'll get you to Bella's house."

"Ok," she sounded slightly sad.

"Are you alright?"

"Ya, I'm perfectly fine." All sadness was gone from her voice.

We walked over to my dad's car where he was waiting in the front seat.

"Hello, you are?" she asked with such grace and poise that I suddenly remembered that she was a princess and not just a teenage girl.

"I'm Jacob's father Billy and I'm guessing that you are Princess Casey?"

"Yes, but please call me Casey," she said with a slight smile on her face but her eyes acted as if they had seen my father before.

"It would be my pleasure Casey."

She smiled again and walked towards the back of the truck before I could be there to help her, she had lifted her luggage into the back and climbed into the back seat.

"You're quite self-sufficient aren't you, Casey?" Dad asked.

"I'm a very independent person so yes I am."

I smiled knowing that this girl was not like other girls in many ways.

Edward's POV

Bella could not sit still and kept fidgeting under my arm. "Bella, calm down. Everything will be fine."

Bella breathed out and I had to stop breathing for a second. "I know, I just bet she is going to be beyond beautiful and that she is going to hate me."

"Not all beautiful people are like Rosalie," I said trying not to laugh.

Bella laughed quietly, "You're terrible to your sister Edward."

"I'm just trying to cheer you up."

"It worked," she said as she cuddled closer to me and laid her head onto my chest to watch the movie.

I stoked her hair and breathed in her scent. It drove me wild but I would never give into it enough to hurt her. Soon the movie was over and I drove Bella back to her house. She still wasn't used to my driving and clutched the seat. We reached her house and I smelled a new scent that was sweet and natural but I didn't hear any thoughts other than Charlie's. That was strange.

We walked in and Charlie immediately jumped up, "Wait here," he said while he went to get the Princess.

Soon he came back down with a beautiful girl walking after him. When she saw me she glared at me but her face quickly went back to normal almost before I could notice the change.

"Casey, this is my daughter Isabella, Bella, and her boyfriend Edward Cullen."

"It's nice to meet you," she sounded completely sincere. I was impressed by her self-control. "It was good meeting you but I need some sleep so I will see you, Bella and you, Edward at school, or do you pick Bella up?"

"I normally pick her up. Would that be alright with you princess?"

"Yes, on one condition. You call me Casey, not princess."

"Of course," I said. It would be interesting in the car with her.

"Ok, uh, Charlie do you know if anyone else knows about me?"

"Not that I know of but this is a small town so there are no guarantees."

She took a deep breath and let it all out, "All I can do is hope for the best. Good night everybody!"

I stared after her thinking about how strange she was. I kissed Bella on the forehead and said goodnight. I walked out to drop my car off and then I would be back to be with Bella while she slept.

Jacob's POV

That night all I could think about before falling asleep was her. Even while sleeping she was there.

Casey's POV

There was a vampire and it was dating my host's daughter. Not to mention the fact that my family exterminated vampires and had instincts that told them that a vampire was near but for some reason I felt like I couldn't kill this vampire. It felt wrong and the name Cullen sounded familiar too but I couldn't place it.

Edward's POV

I was back with Bella in less than five minutes but it felt like an eternity for me. Bella was nearly asleep and the moment she crawled into my arms she was asleep.

"Edward," the voice said.

If I wasn't a vampire I was sure that I would have jumped a little.

The voice continued, "I know you're a vampire, and if you hurt anyone while I'm here, I will kill you."

When the voice stopped speaking I waited for steps walking away but I heard nothing except a door closing very softly and I knew it had been Casey.

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