Title: Replacement
Genre: Harry Potter, Post-HP7
Rating: PG14
Pairing: Angelina/George/Lee
Summary: Even if we're all broken, maybe we can line up those pieces and find a way to be whole together.


At first, it was all George could do to hold himself together.

Suddenly a half was missing, gone, nevercomingback

It hurt. It hurt so much.

You're gone, you're gone, you're gone…?


Angelina didn't know… she just didn't know how to…

To fix…?

To help…?

Neither was right. All she wanted was to forget.

She didn't want to see George everyday and find her lips curl into a smile as they prepare to ask Where is your brother? Only then to remember and crash down, back into the earth, like a bird who has lost its wings.

Where is your brother? Can you tell him I love him?


It was easy to forget for awhile. Lee was so busy, that everything seemed to be shunted from his mind.

Then… things began to calm.

People began to celebrate, to come back from the darkness and dance in the morning light. They would cheer for their hopes and dreams—love was in the air, and everyone was drunk with it.

That was when the memories returned.

My friend, my brother—I…


I don't know how to live without you.


Angelina would meet with the others at the pub every Saturday. Sometimes George was there—sometimes he wasn't.

Sometimes, when he was there, he would laugh and cheer with the others, as if everything was right again.

Sometimes he would sit and stare at the wall, like the world had left him.

After a while, he stopped laughing.

She tried.

She tried to comfort him—but the only way she knew was the same way she had comforted Fred.

Sometimes, she would forget and say something that she should have told someone else.

Sometimes, he would roll over and hold her as if he were holding someone else.

In the mornings, she would leave and he would stay.

There was never anything else to say.

Together, perhaps, we can be not so alone.


One day, Lee came home.

Hermione thought it was a brilliant plan to get Lee out of his house, and George laughing again.

"Please, Angelina?"

And she nodded, because she seemed to be able to do little other then comfort others.

So, she took George to see Lee, and left him there to remake their friendship.

I'll give up my comfort, if they can gain something more than what I can give.


The plan worked in small ways.

George gave Lee a job in the shop. Lee followed George around. It almost seemed like they were normal again.

But, George would turn to Lee sometimes and only then seem to remember who it was standing beside him. Lee's face would close and he would peel himself away to wander off by himself.

"Angie, I don't like to think we're just replacing him with each other." Lee said as he stared into his firewhiskey.

Angelina studied the ceiling's planks for a long moment, then said, "I don't think we know any other way to move on."

Lee was silent.

Please forgive us, but you left us so broken…


They were drunk.

It was one of those days where everything was hard to deal with.

Lee turned to George and kissed him.

It was hard, with clanging teeth and bruised lips. George's diluted mind didn't know what to make of it—but his instinct responded anyway.

There was a snarl and Angelina claimed him from the other man. Her lips were soft, but her movements harsh from years of Quidditch. She shoved him down, as she did sometimes late at night, and he didn't notice who he was shoved on top of until dark hands curved around his shoulders to pull the Amazon woman to him as well.

His mind bubbly from drink, he watched their kiss and gave a growl. He pulled her hips harshly to him and ground his own backwards against the other's as well.

And that was it.

Even if we're all broken, maybe we can line up those pieces and find a way to be whole together.