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Sequel to Finding Home


Home Again, Home Again, Jiggety-Jig


Several years later.

"So Dad," Hermione leaned over the back of the chair and wrapped her arms around him. "Time for bed?"

"I just can't get over this… this thing," he shook the parchment in his hand. "I don't approve of this. Not at all. They have barely had time to get used to each other. Hell and damnation woman, it took us years."

"It's not our place to say, now come to bed."

"Not my place? Who else would you suggest?" He strode to the door and grabbed his robes.

"Oh no you don't," she rushed over to pull the robes away from him. "You can't just waltz over there and tell them what to do. Severus, there are things they haven't told you."

"They told you?"

"They are getting divorced Severus. It is none of our concern. We can only be here to support her if she needs us."

"Support her? I will do no such thing. If she …"

"Severus Tobias Snape," She scowled.

"Mum?" Tobias called down the stairs, "You call me Mum?"

"No, Tobias, go back to bed," she glared at Severus.

"Sorry," he came thumping down the stairs. "Can't sleep anyway. Gee Dad, when she uses your middle name you're cooked."

"I am not cooked," he shot a glance at Hermione not sure if being cooked was a good thing or not.

"You going over to Angie's?" a blonde haired girl came from the kitchen and flopped down on the sofa.

"I am not," again he looked to Hermione and was relieved to see her shake her head that there was no need. "Lucy, take your brother and get to bed. Term starts tomorrow."

"Yeah, sure," she rolled her eyes and headed to the stairs with Tobias. "Just don't go putting your nose in Marcus' business. You know how he gets."

"Why does every one warn me about dealing with my own children?" he muttered. "And why would I be going out at this time of night to see Marcus?"

"Oh, I don't know. Perhaps because on occasion you like to make things worse."

"It is worse. Hermione, I do not approve of this. This is not a broken broom or an exploded cauldron. What did she mean about Marcus? Has he mucked up as well?"

"No, he is fine. Bridgette is spending the night with them again. She wanted to go over…"

"She leaves for Hogwarts tomorrow. She does not need to be over there, up to all hours."

"Yes Severus, you can tell her in the morning. Now, don't be disappointed if things don't go your way tonight," she said softly as she helped him on with his robes. "Do try Severus. Just remember that something is going on they don't want you to know about and for once you need to hold your tongue."

Severus walked the short way to Galen's house where he paused to look up at the house before climbing the stairs and knocking. The door opened and Julia stepped back to allow him in.

"Mr. Snape, I wasn't expecting you. Please, have a seat. I will tell Galen you are here."

"No, I think we need to talk first." He tossed his robes over a chair and headed for the liquor cabinet. Pouring himself a drink, he glanced back to see Julia standing nervously by the door, as if ready to run.

"So, I hear you are divorcing my son."

"We are divorcing each other."

"I see." He tossed his drink back and scowled at her. "Would you care to explain why?"

"No, Dad." Galen stood in the doorway with his arms folded looking at Julia. "She would not care to share, she barely shares with me. We married too fast, I didn't know her nearly as well as I thought. We are correcting that mistake."

"I see, so you are what is called the injured party in all of this," he spoke to Galen but did not take his eyes off Julia.

"Just say that we have grown apart and leave it at that."

"No, I don't think I will," he scowled. "What should she be sharing?"

"Nothing she has not shared with others," he sneered and pushed back his father on his way to the liquor cabinet.

"You have been married for two months, do you think you could wait until the ink is dry on the marriage license before you jump into this." He had seen Julia wince at Galen's words, and now watched her carefully.

"It's too late Dad." He knocked back his drink and poured another.

Severus raised his wand and sent the drink sailing into the floo.

"That's the first lesson I learned son, don't deal with your witch smelling of whiskey." He saw Julia's nostrils flare as she tried to force more air into her lungs without calling attention to herself. "What about it Julia? Does he often come home smelling like a distillery?"

"No," she whispered and lowered her head, turning her eyes to his. "He is a good husband. He…. not really, not until this week, no."

"Then what is it girl?" He frowned at her when he saw her hand hover over her stomach and then fall to her side. "Does he not want your child?"

She snapped her head up to his and again tried to calm her breathing. Looking over his shoulder to Galen who still stood at the liquor cabinet, she wiped her eyes with the heels of her hands.

"Stay out of it old man," Galen sneered.

"No, as I said I don't think I will." Severus looked at Julia from under his brows. "If that is my grandson you carry you are answerable to me. Do you understand?"

"I said stay out of it!" Galen raged.

"You are throwing her away. It is no longer your business," he sneered still watching Julia. "So Mrs. Snape, are you answerable to me?"

She shook her head and dropped her eyes to the floor.

"I … I didn't know. When we were married we only knew each other for a little over two months, but we thought we … you said it was too soon... that we shouldn't get married …you were right. I know…but I didn't know about this," she sobbed. "I thought it was just … the wedding and all… I really… you have to believe me."

"Why are you not with its father?" he spat.

"I … I met Galen…" She looked up at Galen's back. "I didn't see him after I met Galen. I promise, not once. He… he doesn't know."

"Do you plan on telling him?" Severus said a little kinder.

"No, I…just no." She turned her back on him, unable to take his stare. "Please, just leave it alone… I know what I've done to your son."

"Galen." He spun around to his son. "I take it that the two of you did not wait for the wedding night to experience each others charms."

Galen glared at him.

"You were aware that she was not a virginal bride."

"I didn't know she carried a child," he spat. "I didn't know she was a whore."

"Did you pay her boy?"

"Don't go there," he sneered at his father.

"Mrs. Snape, did you receive pay…"

"Oh, my gods," she brought up her hands to cover her face, and sat down heavily on the floor.

"I'll take that as a no," Severus muttered.

"Let me understand then." He stepped close to his son and glowered at him. "What you are complaining about is not her prior sleeping habits but the fact that the child may not carry your charming personality. I would expect better from my son."

Galen snapped his head up and looked at his father. "You wouldn't understand."

"Fuck understanding. It is overrated. I finished with understanding when I committed to your mother."

"You married knowing who and what…"

"I didn't say I committed to her at our marriage you idiot, and I am still trying to figure out who and what she is."

He strode to Julia and squatted down next to her, leaned over and whispered in her ear. She reddened and shook her head furiously, grabbed his wand hand and cried harder.

He smirked as he stood. Walking over to his son, he pointed the wand at his forehead and muttered Obliviate! He then leaned over and whispered the memory that would replace his old one.

Galen saw his wife scramble up from the floor and run after his father who was about to leave, as the memory of the visit quickly fled his mind.

"Prof…Mr…." she tried to talk between sobs.

"You will always remember this night." He lifted her chin making her meet his eyes. "That will be your burden. But this one, the one you carry will be a Snape. Leave my son if you must, but not for this, never for this."

Severus walked home wondering at what a fool his son could be. He thought to blame this on Elaine. Surely it must have been from the drop on his head. Hearing loud music and the children yelling in the house, he sighed as he approached the door.

"Severus?" Hermione sat on the steps waiting for him. "How are you doing?"

"You knew." He scowled at her.

"He told me. Severus, he was in tears. I didn't know what to say."

"Don't worry about it." He tried to step passed her and go into the house.

"What do you mean?"

"Just don't ever mention it to him and don't worry," he smirked.

"You arse, you didn't. Severus, you can't keep doing things like this."

"Hermione, none of the children match now. What will one more blonde or red haired, freckled, black, short or tall hellion matter?"

"We have three that match at least," she laughed. "Elaine, Galen and Tobias. Them and Hope and Angel, they are twins after all. And the two Shacklebolt thought I would give to him."

"One fool of a squib that would throw his wife away because of someone she was with before he even met her, one that could put Nymphadora, for that matter all the Black sisters to shame, and the one inside terrorizing his sisters? You call them a match?"

"Well, the twins then, and the last two," she giggled.

"Right, two that every one suspects are a little closer to your heart than mine, thanks to Kingsley's constant jokes."

She reached up, took his hand and laid it on her stomach. "You promised me a dozen. This one ought to do it. Maybe it will match at least one."

He raised his eyebrow and smirked at her before wrapping his arms around her and pulling her close with a loud sigh.

"Thank gods this will be the last one. Remind me never to make you another promise. This one is killing me."

"You love each one and you know it, but yes, I think this one should do it."

"I must admit that we have had enough practice, at least in raising them, perhaps this one will turn out better."

He pulled her away far enough to look into her face and scowled. "You do understand this one may have to pay his own way. We are broke. Again."

"Think of all the money we will save once we get Galen and Marcus' college paid off."

"I have never complained about that, nor will I ever think education an unwanted expense. It is the number of broomsticks, birthdays, and holiday gifts that we need to cut back on. My gods, if any one of them marries a Weasley I am leaving."

"Severus, you will have twelve children, that will make twenty four once they all marry, and if they each have…"

"Stop," he felt his lip twitch. "Elaine was right. When you brought Galen back she told you to put him back. Do you think it is too late for the rest of them?"

He then leaned down and captured her mouth to quiet her, the only technique he knew to work.

"Shite," Lucy pulled the curtains closed and pulled away from the window. "I was right. They are acting like teenagers again. It's disgusting."

"Again?" Tobias ran and pulled the curtain back to see his parents snogging for himself. "That's not fair. I got to pick the next one. It was my turn."

"No, Bridgette and I agreed we didn't want another baby. They're too much trouble. We wanted the older ones that no one else will take. Anyway, Dad says we'll each owe an eleventh of the mortgage when he dies, so this one will have to pay his share too."




The last boy they named Draco, Draco Percival Snape. The night he was born Severus visited the grave of his godson and for the first time in doing so felt at peace. He spoke softly, as if the silver-blond boy was still in front of him, telling him of the birth and in leaving, no longer felt the guilt he had carried each time he had come before.

Five years later, he and Hermione lead the prayers for Minerva as she took the place to the left of Draco, and on a hot summer night shortly after, they laid Filch in a small plot behind the school of the squibs. It was fitting, Hermione had said. It was fitting that all the children he helped find should know who he was.

The day that Draco finished Hogwarts, Severus took Hermione into the floo and turned to frown at her.

"You have never liked this house. It is time we moved." Then tossing down a handful of floo powder he called out, "Hermione's house."

She felt the tug and saw the flash of green light before stepping out into their old Hogsmeade house that he had bought when they first started living together.

"Severus? You bought the old house back," she grinned as she looked around. "How will we ever fit?"

"Once Draco leaves for his training we don't need a large place and this is where you always thought of as home."

"Oh Severus, sometimes you surprise me, but it was never this house that was home."

Severus looked around at the barren room and faded paint, wondering how he could have misunderstood her so utterly and completely.

"You fool," she reached up and pulled him down until she could reach to kiss his cheek. "You are my home."


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