A/N: This was inspired by Kroka-Refur's wonderful and insightful Episode Review of Doom for the season four episode titled The Monster at the End of This Book. The specific comment that inspired this ridiculous chunk of Crack!fic goes as follows: "HAHAHA OMG LARPING. You guys, SamnDean are larping! THAT IS AWESOME!"

Fractured and burnt earth showed the signs of struggle in tufts of singed grass and deep ruts dug into the ground. There had been no victory here, only defeat. One side decimated and laid to waste, dead and broken; the other lay on the ground across the battle field, exhausted and emotionally wrecked.

A shuffle

A cough

A laugh.

Dean sat up and glared at Sam. "Dude, you broke character." He said this in a way that made it sound like Sam had burned down a church full of nuns.

Sam rolled onto his side, laughing helplessly now. "Sorry, sorry. I know, it's just…"

Dean cracks a smile. "Yeah. I know."

Sam stopped giggling long enough to catch his breath and sat up. He grinned. "It's meta."

Dean barked his own laughter. "Meta-laughing? Dude, you can't meta-laugh in the middle of the tragic finale. That's like asking for a bathroom break mid-battle." He looked around, his smile dimming into a bit of confusion. "So… what now?"

Sam blinked. "I dunno. D&D?"

Dean cocked an eyebrow. "After this?"

"Yeah," Sam answered, still smiling. "Take a break from the really hard core stuff. Maybe hit some conventions as a couple of Klingons, Take some time to reset before we find our next big LARP."

'Dean' considered this and nodded, conceding to 'Sam's' reasoning. "Come on," he said, standing up and dusting his hands off on his jeans. He offered 'Sam' a hand. "Let's hit the road. If we work fast we can hit Comic-Con."

'Sam' levered himself up and rubbed at his eyes. "Man, these contacts are a bitch."

'Dean' laughed, leading the way up to the car. "I know, Right?"

'Sam' took a long look at the Impala before sliding into the driver's seat. He looked over at 'Dean', not quite pouting. "Dude, what am I gonna do with this thing now?"

'Dean' shrugged. "You could always sell it. But, man, I'd keep it if I were you."

'Sam' considered this. "I think about it." He started the car and they drove off. Too bad the series had ended so soon; this had been their best LARP yet.