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Booths Are Us

Susan H.

Chapter One

Angie entered Brennan's office, "Good Morning Brennan, hey Booth" she said to the back of Booth's head.

"Oh no Angie, this is," Bones started to say, but the man on the couch rose and turned to greet her.

"Good Morning, I'm Detective Tom Minks." He said.

"Oh Good Morning. I'm sorry, from behind you looked like someone else." Angie said.

"No problem. I take it you're Angela. Temperance has told me about you. It's good to meet such a wonderful friend of hers."

Angie continued staring at the man, "Oh, I'm sorry, yes, I'm pleased to meet you. So how did you two meet?" she asked.

"Well, after Kyle Lester was arrested, I went to the Metro station that Sergeant Peyton worked from. I wanted to thank him, I mean not only did he save my life, but his cooperation with the FBI was exceptional. That's where I met Tom."

"I see. So you're in law enforcement too?" Angie asked.

"Too?" Tom repeated.

"Oh, Uh, I mean like Sergeant Peyton, and Brennan. Well, she's not exactly in law enforcement, but she does contract with the FBI, so she ends up doing some enforcing," Angie stammered.

"I'm sorry. I think I need another cup of coffee. Sweetie, I'll talk to you really soon." She opened the door to leave but turned back and said, "Really, really soon!"

"Don't mind Angie. She's an artist," Brennan said and shrugged.

"Temperance, I have to go. I have an appointment with a source that I hope will lead me to the bad guy."

"Of course," Brennan smiled. "Oh, I got you a small gift. I hope that's okay. I mean, I really don't understand the dating ritual very well, and I'm not sure if there is an acceptable "gift giving" milestone we should reach. You know, you'd think as an anthropologist, I'd know these things."

"Temperance, I'm tickled that you got me a gift. Now I have an excuse to get one for you. And then the cycle can continue," He laughed.

Brennan opened her desk drawer, and pulled out a small wrapped box.


Tom opened the box and said, "Cologne?"

"Yes, is that okay? I just liked it, and thought I'd like it on you. I suppose in that sense, it was a gift for me, which actually supports my theory that gifts are selfish in nature."

"It's wonderful," he said and put a few drops in his hands, rubbed them together and smoothed it on his face, neck and hair.

"Well, goodbye then," Brennan said and wrapped her arms around his neck to kiss him goodbye. After the kiss, she held on a little longer, closed her eyes, and inhaled deeply.

As soon as he was out of sight, Angie rushed in.

"Sweetie, what are you doing?" She asked.

Brennan was reading a file, and looked up, "What are you talking about Ang?"

"Tom! Where did you really find him, at Booths Are Us?"

"What are you talking about?"

"Look, that guy could be Booth's twin separated at birth. We should run a DNA test."

"Come on Angela. They share similar physical traits, but that's coincidental, and they aren't that alike."

"Okay Sweetie, but let me offer you advice from my vast experience. Sex with Not Booth will never be like sex with Booth."

"What's going on here?" Booth asked.

"Hi Booth. Angie's just sharing one of her crazy theories."

"Yes, but I distinctly heard "sex", and "Booth," he said.

"So have you ever had sex in a booth, Booth?" Angie covered.


"I was just telling Brennan about my most excellent date last night," Angie said and walked out.

"You know, I really miss when she and Hodgins were together. She was more predictable," Booth said.

"Yeah, well, that's just because you have no knowledge of the security DVD."

"You know, I don't even want to know about it. Do you have the DNA results back yet?"

"Yes, it's a match."

"Then would you like to come with me and speak to the wifey-poo."

Brennan grabbed her bag and they walked out together.


Brennan reached to ring the doorbell of the log cabin, but Booth beat her to it. A woman with long brown hair, dressed in cowboy hat, a midi-t, cut off jeans and hiking boots answered the door.

"Hello Mrs. Samson, I'm Special Agent Booth, and this is my partner Dr. Brennan. May we come in?" He held out his badge.

She turned to lead them into the house, and Booth stared at her back-view. Brennan elbowed him, "Booth," she half whispered.

"What?" he asked, but didn't break his gaze..

Mrs. Samson turned around and said, "Y'all can call me Delilah."

"Delilah, really?" Booth said, "Delilah Samson. That's fun---er interesting."

"Yeah, it's what brought me and Sammy together. You know, irony and all."

They sat at the kitchen table.

"Would y'all like to try some deer jerky? It's Sammy's pride. He was huntin' for deer when he disappeared."

"I thought your business sold beef jerky, Delilah." Booth said.

"Oh yes exclusively. Sammy says it's easier. There's a lot of regulation on wild game. But, you know, he loves the outdoors, so he shoots game and smokes some jerky. We mostly sell jerky that is processed by ovens and dehydration, but Sammy likes to smoke his wild jerky. Then at Christmas, you know, he gives it to all his friends, family, business associates and the like."

"I understand his jerky is extremely popular in farmers' markets around the area." Brennan said.

"Yeah, that's true. 'It's all in the marinade' Sammy says. He'd work for hours in the kitchen mixin' spices and such. He really has a knack for it. Huntin' groups order direct months in advance. Sammy makes every kind of jerky you can imagine."

"Delilah, hunters found a hand in the national park," Booth said softly.

"What? I don't understand Agent Booth,"

"Mrs. Samson, I tested the hand, and it belongs to Eugene Samson, your husband," Brennan said.

"Well what does that mean? Is Sammy hurt? Are they lookin' for him?"

"Mrs. Samson, I so sorry, but the hand was severed post mortem," Brennan said

"I still don't understand," tears glossed her eyes.

Booth reached out and put a hand over hers, "Delilah, Sammy is dead. The hand was severed after death. I am so sorry for your loss."

"Why? Everyone loves Sammy. What am I goin' to do? I don't know the recipes."

"Delilah, is there someone you can call to be with you right now?" Booth asked.

"I can call my mama. She can be here in an hour."

"Can someone sit with you until then?" Brennan asked.

"Bobby is working in the jerky shop. I can call him in," she dialed her phone, "Bobby, can you come up to the house for a while. I have some bad news."


Later, on the drive back, Brennan said, "So on the way out there, you suspected the wife. Now you don't seem to think it's her."

"Yes, well, the spouse is always the first suspect. Now that I've met her, my gut tells me different.".

"Gut isn't code for something else is it Booth? I mean, she was quite sexy, and she had that little drawl. I hear some men find that quite hot."

"Bones! Do you really believe what you are saying?"

"I don't know, I'm just asking."

"Look, she referred to him in the present tense, like she expected him to be alive. And she called him Sammy. Her grief felt genuine to me."

"I'm sure her cute little costume didn't hurt."

"What's with you Bones? You are out of line to accuse me of such a thing. I am a professional. I have interrogated, charged, and arrested, many beautiful women."

"You're right. I was out of line. I don't know what got into me."

"Nice admission Bones, but I didn't hear an apology."

"How can that make any difference what-so-ever? I said I was wrong. I will refrain from that behavior in the future. Isn't that better than an apology?"

"If you forgot the words Bones, they are, I'm sorry."

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"Fine, I'm sorry. Are you happy that I repeated your silly little incantation?"

"Yes I am."